How astrology helps if marriage is delayed?

By: Future Point | 27-Jul-2022
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How astrology helps if marriage is delayed?

In Indian society it is always considered better to get married at the right time. Marriage is a blissful feeling that gives a sense of completion to the person getting married. But it is equally important that the marriage happens at the right time else biological factors take their tolls in the couple’s life. There are people who don’t get married at the right time for one reason or the other. What are the factors that contribute to delay in marriage? Let’s understand astrologically.

Delay in marriage

The birth chart of the native contains all information about his/her life including marriage. The planetary placements in the birth chart may indicate possibilities of troubles in someone’s marriage. All problems like delay, separation and divorce can be seen from the birth chart of a native. The 7th house in the horoscope is called the house of marriage and spouse. Any afflictions to this house by the bad planets and bad Lords may indicate troubles like delays, break or no marriage.

One should consult an astrologer to understand the afflictions and planetary effects to get the true picture of one’s married life. It is important to know that any problem can be cured with correct analysis and astrological remedies. The afflictions are the result of our past karmas which are present in our life in the form of bad astrological yoga or combinations. The planets can be pacified with correct remedies like puja, donations, karma rectification and wearing gems and rudraksha. After doing these remedies, one may get married soon!

What are the reasons for delay in marriage? 

The planet Saturn is called shaineshcharay i.e. a slow moving planet in astrology. If it is placed or forms any connections with the seventh house or it’s Lord there are chances of delay in marriage.

A weak, retrograde or combust 7th Lord is also one of the major reasons of delay in marriage

It is said even exalted planets like exalted Saturn and exalted Jupiter also create problems in marriage. Jupiter may create other problems than delays but Saturn majorly causes delays and separations.

The karaka of marriage like Jupiter and Venus if are in a weak position or is combined with the trik bhava lord then also there are chances of delays and other problems in a married life.

Mars as a malefic planet if placed with Saturn in the 7th house, then the person faces delays as well as quarrels in married life.

Saturn alone may not create that much a problem than if placed with other malefic planets like Rahu, Mars, Ketu and Sun.

If there is no planet in the 7th house and also no planet is casting an aspect on it, then also the person faces delays in marriage. 

The ascendant lord and the first house should not be under affliction. The ascendant Lord if weak and under influence of the planets with separating tendencies, the person becomes reluctant to marry or loses interest in sexual relations.

The dasha period is also very important. Sometimes marriage yoga is there, transit may also be good but until and unless, the right dasha operates, the person can’t get married.

The dasha period of the 7th lord, the planet occupying the seventh house or the planet in conjunction with the 7th lord brings positive results for occurrence of a marriage. The dasha of Venus is also very helpful in getting the person married.

Why should one visit an astrologer to solve marriage related problems?

An astrologer is the person who can see the unseen! We as normal beings remain unaware of the effects the planets may bring in our lives. An astrologer looks at the things from a totally different point of view. He/she can correctly estimate every event in a person’s life through the placements, dasha and transits of the planets. An astrologer is capable enough to tell you the forthcoming results in the years to follow. 

The horoscope certainly indicates all the problems and bliss of life. If you are facing any kind of problem related to your marriage it is always advisable to visit an astrologer. Sometimes, in greed of a small fee, we tend to spoil our lives which should not be done at any cost. One should go straight to the best astrologer like Dr. Arun Bansal ji to understand what actually is happening in someone’s life. Why marriage is not taking place? Why problems are coming in your married life? 

Break the illusions and get the clearer picture of your present and future times with the best astrological consultation at Future Point. A good astrologer will ask you to stay careful while marrying if-

  • The bad dasha is operating in your birth chart.  
  • Shani sadesati or dhaiyya is operating while marrying or it is just about to start after marriage.
  • Any separating planet dasha is in operation.
  • Bad transits are witnessed at the time of marriage.
  • The position of the 7th Lord in transit doesn’t support the marriage.
  • Rahu and Ketu are creating troubles to the 7th lord or 7th house.
  • The 7th Lord is under major afflictions at the time of marriage.
  • Astrological yoga for denial, delay or break of marriage has been identified and activated in the horoscope of the native.          
  • Saturn in transit is influencing the 7th house or its lord etc.

There are several other combinations and reasons to check and identify which only the best astrologer can do perfectly. Planets are big powers and they 100% put significant effects in our life. If you are facing any kind of problem in marriage or other areas of life they are surely due to the malefic effects of the planets. These need to be rectified timely with the help of the astrological remedies. 

There are end numbers of cases when people got married within short span of starting the astrological remedies as suggested by Bansal ji. The planets when pacified start giving good results and only an experienced astrologer may suggest the best ways to pacify them.

Matching of kundli

Our readers must have understood how important the kundli analysis is when it comes to solve any marriage problem. It is also important to remember that kundli or horoscope matching is another astrological process to follow to affirm a happy married life! But again mere online kundli matching is not sufficient and more efforts are needed. 

Sometimes after making too much efforts even if we get married but what is the fate of such marriage if you get a partner just opposite to your nature and temperament? Here, the process of horoscope matching comes to the centre stage. 

Matching of kundli is an elaborate process only to be done by the best marriage astrologer after deep analysis of the horoscopes. The Ashtkoota Milan is just the starting point which gives shallow reading about the kundli matching. The real essence lies in the expertise of the astrologer who checks every bit of both the kundli. The rashi lords, nakshatra lords, 7th lord, karaka of marriage, D-9 chart, birth chart, janm nakshatra, the position of Moon in both the charts and many other things need to be checked for a perfect matching of kundli. 

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