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Prosper in Life by Renovating Your House the Vastu Way!

By: Future Point | 10-Nov-2020
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Prosper in Life by Renovating Your House the Vastu Way!

A house or home is a place where the destinies of the people residing literally take shape. This is because extremely powerful cosmic energies both positive as well as negative cast their life altering effects upon the house and thereby in turn, upon the lives of people residing in that house. The type of energies that would play a dominating factor in the house depends upon the architecture of the house.

Vastu is a sacred science that deals with the play of cosmic energies upon a structure as per its architecture and reveals the best architectural practices that if adopted while constructing a structure, could attract the energies that bring growth, sound health, joy & bliss in the lives of people dwelling inside that structure.

But what if a house is already constructed and is not built as per the rules of Vastu?

Well to address this very common issue, the science of Vastu recommends highly effective Vastu Tips for Renovating Your House. These tips ward off the ‘Vastu Dosh’ from the house which is basically the flaw in the Vastu energies of the house that arises due to the house not being Vastu compliant.

Renovating Your Home based upon the ancient & divine wisdom of Vastu is the best way to make it conducive to attract the prosperous energies that are out there in the cosmos inside your home and at the same time ward off the malefic ones from your home that are actually responsible for creating multiple problems in your life.

Signs that point out towards Vastu Dosh in a House 

When a house is inflicted with a Vastu Dosh, the people residing inside that house face a lot of troubles pertaining to various aspects of their lives.

Some of the common problems that arise in the lives of people living in a house that is not Vastu compliant are:

  • Frequent illnesses and chronic ailments.
  • Low immune response.
  • Repeated obstacles in life.
  • Financial losses and lack of financial stability.
  • Career related problems such as joblessness or lack of growth in career.
  • Sudden professional setbacks in life.
  • A weak educational graph in the academic domain of students.
  • Untimely death or a major accident in the house.
  • Lack of peace and harmony among the family members.
  • Unstable relationships.

How Exactly a Vastu Based Renovation Helps in attracting Success & Prosperity in Life?  

Well, house renovation is of two kinds. One wherein you make physical changes to the hard structure of the house which by the way is very difficult as there is only a limited scope of making physical changes to the structure and the second one wherein you make ‘soft changes’ by incorporating certain Vastu based remedies that do not necessarily required you make serious changes to the physical structure of your house.

The Five Primordial Elements have an enormous role when it comes to Renovating Your House. As per the science of Vastu, each of the five primordial element i.e. Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space are associated with specific directions and it is utmost important to have a functionality installed in that place/direction inside the house that is in harmony with the element that is associated with that particular direction.

For example, having Kitchen in the North-East direction which is associated with the Water element attracts negative energies that promote ailments and nutrition related problems in the lives of the residents. The best place to have a kitchen is the South-East as this is the direction that is associated with the Fire element and attracts energies that are healing & revitalizing including that of the planet Sun which promotes good health & healing.

However, establishing functionalities or places like the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, drawing room etc. in the house in compliance with the principles of Vastu is possible only at the construction stage. Once the house is constructed or purchased in a ready to move stage, one cannot make major structural changes to it. 

So, what is the solution for correcting the Vastu of such houses where making big physical changes to the structure is not possible?

Well, the science of Vastu gives you the scope of Renovating Your House in ways that bring subtle yet highly positive changes to the overall Vastu of the house which results in attracting & establishing a flow of positive cosmic energies into your house.

Following are the ways in which you can ensure a correct Vastu ambience and a flow of positive & prosperous energies in your house:

  • Get rid of all non essential or malfunctioning electronic items as they attract the malefic energies that create roadblocks in the career & professional domain of your life.
  • Make sure that the main door of your house is in a direction that is Vastu compliant else put up a suitable Yantra on the front door after consulting with a Vastu Expert as the front door of a house is the main entry point of all cosmic energies, hence, it must be 100% Vastu compliant.
  • Avoid having dark coloured walls in your house as such walls attract & reflect negative energies that disturb the peace within the house. Light shades on the walls promote harmony among the family members.
  • Heavy furnitures should always be placed in the South direction as they block the malefic energies that come from that direction and bring health problems in the lives of residents.
  • Students must not study while sitting beneath a beam or pillar as it creates confusion in their minds. They should rather study while facing the North or North-East direction as such a studying position brings clarity of thinking and focus in their lives.
  • Placing an aquarium or a painting that represents calm waters in the North-East direction brings stability in relationships.
  • Hanging a painting of an artwork that represents a rising Sun in the East direction ensures vitality & sound health among the residents.
  • If a person is falling ill frequently in the house then a set of wind chimes must be placed in the West direction of the house as it brings in healing energies into the house and dispels malefic energies that are responsible for creating disturbance in health.

These were just a few tips for Renovating Your House on Vastu grounds. If you want tips that are specifically based on the architecture of your house and address directly to the current Vastu situation of your house, then go for a professional Vastu Consultation.

Also, Talk to Astrologer to know how the planets are affecting various aspects of your life and what remedial measures can you adopt to enhance the strength of positively placed planets in your horoscope and ultimately bring growth & success in your life.

The highly experienced Vastu Professionals of Future Point provide the Best Vaastu Tips for Buying Commercial Property as well as Residential Spaces along with providing phenomenally effective Vastu Tips for Renovating Your Home to ensure a steady flow of positive energies in your house.

Those who wish to become a Professional Vastu Consultant must enroll into the Online Vastu Course offered by Future Point and learn the science of Vastu from instructors who not only hold a mastery over even the most intricate concepts of Vastu but are highly experienced practicing Vastu Professionals as well.

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