Best Vaastu tips for buying commercial property

By: Future Point | 05-Dec-2018
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Best Vaastu tips for buying commercial property

Some commercial properties are proved to be very prosperous and fortunate for the buyers whereas few properties are so unlucky to run a business. In this type of cases, owner of the property tries too hard to grow his business and earn profits but still, he faces loss and failures, eventually, you will end up in a loss.

Many times, people think about the reason behind their failure but did not find the suitable factor of it. If you believe in divine powers then you must consider Vastu Shastra while buying a commercial or any kind of property. Commercial Vastu Services are available to make your business successful and prosperous.

While buying the properties for business purpose, it is important to take consideration of Vastu Services for Small Factory or large factories. It will ensure the success of your business. To grow in your business and increase the luck and fortune of your commercial property, you need to know about some Vastu tips for Purchasing commercial property.

In spite of the fact that you can try for Vastu Consultation. It would be an unquestionable idea to know about the problems of your business and your failures. If you are facing frequent problems and failures in your business then you can opt for Factory Vastu Services. It will definitely help you to attain success in your business.

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Let’s know about the Vastu tips for purchasing commercial property.

For stability in business

For business related matters, northeast and south-west directions are best. It gives stability to the business. It is strictly advised to not to construct toilets in the said direction. Try to avoid making your office near to elevator because it is not stable and keeps moving up and down. It can reflect instability in your business.

Corners of office

Make sure that all the four corners meeting at 90 degrees. Entrance door would be best at the north, east or northeast direction. It is believed that having an entrance in this direction will shower immense wealth, opportunities and success in business. East is the direction of the rising sun and having the main entrance in this direction will give you infinite growth and new opportunities. People who own small or big factory should consider Factory Vastu Services. It protects them from sudden losses.

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Stairs in the office

The entrance door of the office should not face the stairs that are descending. You can purchase an office with a southern line or south-west direction.

Interiors of the office

You must also consider the interiors of the office. The dimensions of the door should neither be too large nor too small. According to Vastu Shastra, large doors would mean leakage of wealth whereas small doors prevent the flow of money from the business. Large doors could be considered blockage in your luck and progress.

Temple in the office

There should be a place for the temple in the office. It spread positive vibes and energies into the office and make the environment more prosperous and positive. Organise a divine place at home is also very important in Vastu for home. Do not neglect place of the temple at office or home. The temple should be built in the east of northeast corner. This is the auspicious direction for placing the temple.

Keep water fountain in this area would work best for you. It will give you immense wealth and success. Apart from that, the boss cabin should be in the south-west direction of the office.

People who are facing Vastu related problems in their offices or house can opt for Vastu Services for Stand Alone House. Our best Vastu experts will help you to resolve your problems and make your life peaceful and prosperous.

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