How Astrology impacts our life?

By: Future Point | 05-Dec-2018
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How Astrology impacts our life?

Astrology is the concept of planetary influence on our lives. Planets are considered as celestial bodies of our solar system and these celestial bodies had established an association with human since the commencement of civilization in many ways. We have numerous instances and examples which prove the impact of astrology on our daily life. The most important thing about astrology is that it affects all the aspects of our life like Love Astrology etc. In today’s world, astrology is still a significant source of guidance and information about the future. Especially, it is helpful in distressing circumstances. Astrology is beyond from the solutions to problems in life.

Marriage predictions are the most important part of astrology. In India or Hindu religion, people consult to the best astrologer for marriage for Kundli matching of both the individuals. According to astrology, planets placement never remains the same and they often transit and change their position from one place to another. Sometimes, planets placed weakly of badly but many times they would position in the favourable position. All these movements of celestial bodies or planets have a considerable impact on our lives.

The concept of astrology might vary for each individual. For some native’s astrology is a pure science, several others perceive it as divine guidance and for some, it is sacred. There are many tools and techniques are used under the astrology and there are also many variables of it are available but astrology is considered as the king of all science. We can say that astrology is a wonderful combination of spirituality, divine guidance and science. For non-believers, astrology is nothing but a reminder for human insecurity. Astrology holds a prominent and significant position in our lives.

How does astrology work?

Astrology is widely depending upon the movement of planets. It predicts about the future, past and present aspects of our life after analysing the movements and placements of planets. By keeping the earth’s orbit around the Sun as a set point or reference and with specific astronomical scheming of planetary placements or movements.

On the basis of planetary movements and position, astrologers prepare kundli of a person that reflects all the aspects of life. For marriage horoscope, astrologers suggest Kundli matching or online Kundli matching. It will help us to know about life after marriage.

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What are the benefits of astrology

Astrology is a priceless treasure of a science that helps us to make our lives better and prosperous. If someone is suffering from marriage-related problems then with the help of astrology people can solve their married problems. To resolve the problems related to relationship best astrologer for marriage are analysing the marriage horoscope of both the partners.

Astrology reveals the purpose of life and the person’s destiny. It can tell us about our love horoscope, education, career, health, finance and relationships. People who are facing failures in the field of career and their all the efforts become fail then they brighten up their career or profession with the help of astrology.

Bad karmic patterns can be transformed through remedial measures and hopeless situations give new ways of hope. By comparing the natal charts of two individuals their future life can be predicted that is based on the positions and aspects of the Sun, moon and all other planets. Astrology helps us to make our future brighter and it also suggests some remedies to deal with the present problems and hindrances of life.

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Effect of Astrology

All the planets of the solar system are affected us astrologically in some way. But each planet also signifies a particular part of our human body and the few ailments associated with it. Sun is the significator of energy, light and abundance. It gives success in our lives and works. Saturn is the planet of justice and it gives results of our karmas. Mercury refers to wisdom, brain and intelligence. It makes a person intellectual and it improves the ability of decision making.

Moon provides us with mental strength and coolness. Venus is the planet of comfort, love and all the luxuries in life. If Venus is placed in a positive position in the birth chart then the individual enjoys all the comforts and luxuries in his life. Jupiter is the positive planet and it affects our married life and influences the love and bond between the spouse. Mars is the planet of action, energy and desire.

Astrology is widely depending on the position and placement of these above-mentioned planets. Planets are often transiting and change their positions from one place to another and it affects our lives. Astrologers predict the future of an individual on the position of planets in his/her Birth chart.

Today, many people are suffering from different kinds of problems in their life. Some are facing problems in their love life while several individuals are stressed due to the obstacles of their career life. Our best astrologers can help you to remove all the hindrances and obstacles of your life.

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