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8 Common Marriage Problems that can be Resolved with Astrology

By: Future Point | 06-Dec-2018
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8 Common Marriage Problems that can be Resolved with Astrology

Marriage is a beautiful and glorious relation but sometimes this bond becomes problematic for both the partners when disputes arise in between them. First few months of marriage seem to be very beautiful, blissful but with the passing time, there comes problems and conflicts which create a lot of clashes between the two partners.

With the aid of astrology, you can change the situation of your marriage and your efforts on it together to bring peace and happiness in life. By online kundali matching, you can foresee problems in your impending days and provide the required advice to avoid conflicts in marriage.

We all want and desire for a happy married life and free love marriage astrology can help you to harmonize your relationship. If you also want to make your married life prosperous and peaceful then you must be aware of the problems which commonly afflict most married couples.

If these problems are not solving at the right time then it may create a state of war in the marriage relationship. Marriage Astrology helps those people who are suffering in their love relationship. These are some common problems that occur in a marriage and can be easily resolved with astrology.

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8 Common problems every married couple faces:

1. When two partners are not ready to understand each other’s thoughts and do not respect the feelings of their partners then misunderstandings will occur and it might destroy the love between them. One can easily check the compatibility with their partner through love compatibility horoscope.

2. Many times, financial differences, familial or other issues may also create problems in married life. It affects the love and bond of the couples. Through Marriage Astrology, you can resolve the problems of your love life.

3. Extramarital affair and negligence of one’s partner could also become the reason of conflict in marriage. With the help of marriage horoscope, one can know about the problems and solutions for their married life.

4. Misunderstandings or money related issues might create distance between the two individuals. Astrology marriage prediction can resolve this problem of married life. With the help of expert astrologers advice, one can decrease the distance from their partner.

5. Lack and absence of intimacy could also create a problem between partners. People who are suffering from a lack of intimacy in their love marriage should give astrological love marriage solutions a try.

6. Bitter relationship between husband and wife, resulting in a split or divorce.

7. In some cases, girls have problems with their in-laws and this reason causes a difference between the couple.

8. The absence of chemistry or compatibility also acts as a cause of disharmony in relation.

There are numerous problems that can occur in a marriage. But, consulting the best astrologer for marriage problems can help resolve the conflict in a nuptial bond.

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How astrologers can help you lead a happy married life?

If you are facing problems in your married life then it is essential to address the issues that destroy the love and affection of your relation. However, nowadays few people are ready to make efforts to save their relationship. They always expect their partner to take the first step in saving their relationship. In such cases, it is best to turn to the planets and the divine power of vedic astrology and kundli making to redress the problems of married life.

Love marriage solution can cease your problems and bring prosperity to your life. An astrologer can be consulted to renew estranged relationships. After analysing the marriage horoscope of two partners, astrologers suggest the best remedy for married life.

An Astrologers’ advice will also help to manage relatives. The astrologer collects the required data of you and your spouse e.g. date, time, and place of birth to perform an analysis of your marriage. In this marriage prediction by name can also be done.

Tips for a successful Married Life

  • The wife should observe fast on Thursday. It will increase the understanding between two partners. You can free birds from the cage on Saturday.
  • If the wife does extramarital affair then the husband should do fast on Friday. It makes your married life happy and your partner loyal and honest to you. For this, you can consult an astrologer for love problems.
  • Regularly wear pink colour clothes and avoid wearing black colour clothes. A husband should wear crystal pendant and yellow colour clothes. Do not eat less sour and spicy food.
  • Do fast on Monday and offer 27 bel patra and water to Lord Shiva every morning.
  • Feed urad vades to poor people on Saturday.
  • To avoid fight and conflicts between husband and wife, donate black sesame or black urad dal for three Saturdays. To avoid conflicts between husband and wife, you should consult love marriage specialist astrologer, professional astrologer.

These astrological methods prove to be effective in transforming a bitter relationship into a strong and peaceful bond between the couple. These astrological remedies will prove very helpful for an unsuccessful marriage. You can consult our best astrologers for marriage problems. Their guidance and advice will surely help you to harmonize your relationship.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question- Is there any astrological remedy or any way I can get married to the person I want to marry?

Answer- There are phenomenally powerful astrological remedies that have the potential of successfully addressing the root planetary cause of a problem that you face with respect to any domain of your life. Once the root planetary issue that is creating obstacles for you is solved, things slowly and eventually start to move in your favour.

However, to identify the right kind of remedy that would serve your goal, you need to get your personal horoscope as well as that of the person with whom you wish to get married, analyzed by a professional astrologer. This is because only a remedy that is aimed at solving the particular problem that you are facing as per the planetary positioning in your personal horoscope as well as that of your love interest, would yield the best result for you!

Question- In a dream I asked an astrologer if I will get married to him he said no what does this mean

Answer- This means that you are anxious and hence were witnessing a weird dream. If you are in love with a person and want to marry that person, then simply get your horoscope thoroughly analyzed by the professional astrologers of Future Point to know whether your horoscope has the planetary placements as well as combinations that promote love marriage or not!

If your horoscope lags behind in planetary positionings that promote love marriage or the state of certain houses of your horoscope that favour realization of desires as well as love marriage is weak, then remedies that are specific to your horoscope and goal will be provided to you accordingly.

Question- Was it good day for marriage according to the astrology?

Answer- The only way to tell whether a given day is good or bad for any particular event in life is by performing ‘Muhurat Analysis’.

A Muhurat is simply a time period that has certain celestial characteristics attached to it that makes it either favourable or unfavourable for a particular event of life. 

In order to derive a Muhurat that is favourable for a person for performing a particular event of life, an experienced astrologer takes into account the current planetary transits as well as the inherent planetary positions in the natal horoscope of that person.

Events such as marriages, if performed in a favourable Muhurat, attract the positive energies from various celestial entities that assist in the smooth functioning of a marriage and bring in happiness, bliss and harmony in the married life of the couple! 

Question- In astrology marriage age how to find

Answer- It depends upon the placement of certain planets in the horoscope of the native as there are planets that cause delay in marriage or even negate marriage as well as there are planets that are auspicious for marriage and hence promote timely marriage in the life of the native.   

Apart from that, the overall condition of certain houses that facilitate/signify marriage in the life of an individual are also analyzed and taken into account before deciphering the overall state of the marital aspect of an individual’s life including marriage age, post marriage harmony with the spouse, childbirth etc.

Question- Same gotra marriage then what is astrological effect

Answer- As per the ancient cultural traditions of the Hindu society, same Gotra marriages should be avoided as they violate the fundamentals of the concept of Gotra. 

Speaking from an astrological point of view, the planetary state in the horoscopes of people who go for same Gotra marriage gets seriously aggravated and such people lose the positive effects of the planets that are favourably positioned and the malefic effects of ill positioned planets in their horoscopes get seriously amplified and as a result they face multiple obstacles & problems in their lives.  

One very common problem that couples who go for same Gotra marriages face is complications in childbirth and unfortunately it is seen that often children of such couples have issues related to their mental health as the 5th house of the horoscope that signifies children as well as comprehensive intelligence, starts giving negative effects when people of same Gotra marry each other.

Therefore, same Gotra marriages are best avoided!

Question- According to Indian astrology house construction is auspicious immediately after marriage

Answer- No, there is no such hard & fast rule! House construction or purchasing a property depends upon positioning of Saturn and Mars which are natural significators of property in the horoscope as well the ongoing Vimshottari Dasha in the life of the native.

The state of the 6th house of the horoscope which represents Debt/Loans is also analyzed if the house/property is to be constructed by taking a Loan. The 4th house of the horoscope is the primary house that signifies house/property, the 11th house of the horoscope signifies gains and the 12th house of the horoscope points towards expenditures.

Therefore, there are multiple angles which are looked at in the horoscope of a person or the horoscopes of both the husband & wife who plan to buy or construct a house/property post their marriage.

Question- How to find out in astrology one respective person got married or not married?

Answer- There are specific houses in the horoscope that deal with the marital aspect in the life of a person. The state of those houses with respect to the planets that are positioned in them, planets that are casting their aspects on those houses, the signs that are present in those houses, the positioning of the Lords of those signs in the horoscope etc. are cumulatively analyzed to decipher what the planets & stars are saying about the marital domain of that native.

Then there are Saturn, Rahu and Ketu which are naturally malefic planets and their placements in the natal horoscope are also analyzed and so are the placements of naturally benefic planets such as Jupiter and Venus before coming to any concrete conclusion.

In order to arrive at a genuine prediction, the horoscope of the person in question must be carefully & comprehensively analyzed!

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