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What your birth month says about your married life

By: Future Point | 12-Nov-2018
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What your birth month says about your married life

Our birth month says a lot about our behavior, future and various aspects of life. In numerology, one can determine a person’s character by using his birth month detail. It is said that birth month affects everything from chosen career to the life partner.

As per numerology, your birth month can tell about your marriage prospect also. It affects the various factors in married life like how long will your relationship go, chances of conflict between husband and wife, fertility or sexual problems etc.

The month you were born in can reveal to you how others see you, your feelings and thoughts about life, and just your overall personality.

Let’s know what your birth month says about your marriage?


Your love life is pretty kinky for the most part. You are very persistent for the person you crave. Somehow you manage to convince your life partner. They are hard working people with strong opinions. They have trouble listening to directions.


People who born in February month, enjoy an adventurous love life. They are extremely passionate about the person whom they love. You just love to explore new things in life. They are very creative and imaginative kind people. They enjoy dedicating themselves to big projects and love deep. Shallow people are boring to them.


They are a very spiritual person that feels a special bond the person you are with which makes you want to spend as much time in bed with them as you possibly can. You are a person who can take sex to an entirely new level of intimacy.


April born people are the most intimidating people. If you like a person then you just becomes unstoppable. You just give your one hundred percent of your performance in bed. People love to have sex with you but it can be pretty competitive sometimes.


If you born in the month of May, then it means you are a sex god. You like to make sure that your partner is comfortable with you or not. You are a crazed sex machine that simply can’t get enough.


Your sex life is very experimental. You like to try new sex positions with your partner during lovemaking. They are very intense in bed and like phone sex also. You do not hesitate to try new things in the bedroom. It makes your married life energetic and full of love.


For June born people, their sex life is satisfying for them. You crave the emotional connection to a person when you are in bed with them. You are very loyal to your partner. If your expectations are fulfilled then you make your partner happy.


Your sex life might be a little mess. You are extremely generous to your partner but on the other side, you could be extremely selfish to them. You always try to do as much as possible to impress your partner.


September born people are amazing partners. Their sex life is just a too amazing thing on the planet. They are very passionate about their love, sex and romantic relationships. You are very caring and mindful person. Anyone feels lucky to have you in his/her life.


They like sex and goes beyond the lines to achieve satisfaction in this. They are extremely good at seducing the person you are enamored with. You are never in rush to make things easy or appropriate. You are a person who most enjoys the sex.


Their sex life is pretty kinky. You like being possessed by your significant other almost as if they owned your body; you are more than willing to try anything for the first time. You are an adventurous person in terms of love.


People who born in December, enjoyed their sex life too much. They are very creative to impress their partners. You love to try new things in life. You are a lot of fun in bed. Your partner really enjoys your company.

Tips for blissful married life

  • Pick some beautiful and most memorable images and hang it on the eastern wall of the house.
  • You should place your bed in the south-west or North West direction of the house.
  • Avoid office work in the bedroom as it could spoil your relation with the partner.
  • While sleeping your head is in the south direction.
  • Make sure that your bedroom is built in square or rectangular shape as it brings peace and love in married life.
  • Try to avoid computers and television in the bedroom. If it is in your room then cover them with a cloth while sleeping at night.

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