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Pitru Paksha Puja Vidhi & Procedure

By: Future Point | 12-Sep-2018
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Pitru Paksha Puja Vidhi & Procedure

In Hindu religion, for every occasion, a certain ritual is attached. These rituals are meant to please the almighty or one’s ancestral relatives who are deceased. This is because in Hinduism, the importance is given to both the almighty and to one’s deceased ancestors. In fact, this is because one must gain the blessings of both mentioned above. Since if there is any shortfall of any one of the above, then this leads to a certain dosha, especially if not sought the blessings of ancestors. One such dosha is Pitru Paksha dosha.

What is Pitru Paksha dosha?

In Sanskrit, Pitru means, one’s ancestors. In Hinduism it is believed that people who leave their bodies after death enter the world of ancestors known as Pitru Loka. Those residing in the Pitru loka feel extreme pangs of hunger and thirst. They cannot however eat anything on their own and accept the offerings given to them during Shraadh ceremonies. It is therefore highly important for the children of the deceased to propitiate them through the regular observance of the Shradh ceremony. Faults in this can invite the anger of the ancestors and result in Pitru Dosh. Therefore, the Pitru Dosha rituals are conducted during the Month of Pitru Paksha.

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What is the Calendar of Pitru Paksha?

The Pitru Paksha calendar would slightly vary in the Southern and Northern Part of India. Accordingly the ritual of Shraddha or Tarpan also varies. Though the date can vary every year, however In southern and western parts of India, it falls on the Krishan paksha (dark side of the fortnight) of Hindu lunar month of Bhadrapada (September) and then follows right till the fortnight immediately after the Ganesh festival ends.

In fact, it begins on the Pratipada (first day of the fortnight) ending with the new moon day also known as Amavasya. In the state of Tamil Nadu in India, it is also called as Mahalaya Paksha Amavasya or simply Mahalaya Paksha. Most years, the autumnal equinox falls within this period, i.e. the Sun transitions from the northern to the southern hemisphere during this period.

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However, in the Northern parts of India and Nepal, and cultures following the purnimanta calendar or commonly known as the solar calendar, this period may correspond to the waning fortnight of the luni-solar month of Ashvin, instead of Bhadrapada. But in the present day, most of the native follow a common time line and accordingly, in 2021, the Pitru paksha 2021 dates would start from 21th September 2021, and end on 6th October 2021.

Pitru Paksha Puja Vidhi.

- Native should visit the place where common Pitru Paksha Puja Vidhi is performed. Since this puja is not done at one’s residence.

- Ensure that you carry cooked rice Pedas (rice balls) at least 5 in numbers without mixing the same with Salt for the Puja.

- However, one should take Til along with these rice Pedas which shall be used to perform the Puja.

- Follow the instructions and the Mantras chanted by the Purohit or Panditji.

- Also, one should not forget to distribute clothes or grains. This will make souls of dead ancestors happy.

- Shradh ritual should be performed in later part of afternoon. It should not be done in morning or in early part of the afternoon.

- After completion of the Puja, ensure you arrange Brahmin Bhoj (for the Pandit ji or Purohit). Since, they should be offered food to peace one’s ancestors.

- If the Purohit prefers plain rice instead of Brahmin Bhoj, then please serve them accordingly. Make sure you serve them with your two hands.

- Finally, do offer them Dakshina for the service that they rendered.

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By ensuring this, you will certainly please your ancestors. To know more about Pitru Paksha or Pirtu Paksha Dosha or any other Rituals, readers can write to us at mail@futurepointindia.com or visit us at www.futurepointindia.com. We at Future Point are a team of expert astrologers for the past three decades. Our team of astrologers can also provide you more special details based on one to one consultation.

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