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How to start Learning Vastu Shastra?

By: Future Point | 12-Sep-2018
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How to start Learning Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science dealing in the study of architecture. Though this science is ancient, the science of Vastu Shastra is given much importance even today, especially while constructing a house, a hospital, an auditorium, a factory etc., Hence the science of Vastu is given importance to enhance peace of mind and satisfaction in human life residing in that place.

Therefore, the article here is an attempt to provide the basic details of Vastu shastra and its benefits to the mankind. To know more, the readers are requested to visit our website Or write to us at

In fact, we at Future point are a team of expert occult science experts for the past three decades. We have been providing services and offering courses in occult science, mainly Vastu for interested candidates. The details given below are a brief introduction on Vastu and how to learn Vastu Shastra.

Why the study of Vastu is so important?

The study of learning Vastu Sastha is very important since the science assembles the five elements of the nature. These five elements are: Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Space. When the energies of these five elements are brought under one umbrella, the native residing in the same place enjoys the benefits of the positive aura emanating from these natural elements. These five elements are balanced by Vastu Shastra, proportionately.

Therefore, by learning the science of Vastu Shastra, one is able to understand the nuances of this science and better applicability will be seen once they learn the same.

Is Vastu Shastra a divine subject?

Before, one start learning Vastu shastra course, one must understand that Vastu has only one objective. That is: people should lead a happy life. There is no cast, colour, sex or any other identity here. Therefore, unlike to that of astrology, Vastu shastra shows the definite way for getting all the material and spiritual wealth benefits since the birth of a native. Since, these teaching or tenets of Vastu shastra directly come from the great sage Narada, one can safely say, yes Vastu Shastra is a divine subject.

Sage Narada further indicates that the Vastu Purusha (divine Vastu lord) will surely bring the benefits of enjoyment to the native who would follow this shastra while constructing a house or any other palace of importance. Therefore, there is a tenet and direction assigned on each and every type of place that shall be constructed.

How to start learning Vastu Shastra?

Apart from understanding the five elements in Vastu Shastra, one should also know the directions in Vastu Shastra. In Vastu Shastra, there are eight directions. The below diagram will provide you the details.

North NW NE W E E A S S T T SW SE SouthNow, each of these directions have their energy which has to be balanced with the Five elements of Air, Water, Space, Fire and Earth. When these elements are balanced with the cosmic energy, along with their respective directions, then there is peace and prosperity.Along with these directions, one should also consider the lord of that direction. Since, each direction has a deity, their respective deity should also be pleased.Following are the directional lord in Vastu Shastra. Once these basics are clearly learnt, then the Vastu course can be easily understood. The Vastu courses online or Vastu courses in Delhi centre are specially designed for the students who are interested to learn in depth. This will also include the learning of the course for professional practise of the same.

Sr No Direction Lord of Direction
1 East Indra
2 South-East Agni
3 South Yama
4 South-West Raksha or Niruthi
5 West Varuna
6 North-West Vaayu
7 North Kubera
8 North-East Eswar

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