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Moon transits into Cancer on January 7, 2023

By: Future Point | 04-Jan-2023
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Moon transits into Cancer on January 7, 2023

Year 2023 started with Mercury retrograde in Capricorn. The planet of intellect and communication going retrograde is going to stir your communication style. But with the full Moon (Purnima) in its own sign in Cancer will give sufficient brightness to everyone’s thoughts. The Moon will enter into its own sign, Cancer, on January 7, 2023. The Moon loves to be in its own sign, Cancer, and it provides some extra healing for us dwellers on the Earth. 

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What does it mean to have the Moon in Cancer?

The Moon rules the zodiac sign of Cancer. So, when it is in Cancer, it is at utmost peace. It’s just like feeling at home! The Moon represents emotions, softness, motherly love, sentiments, etc. The sign of Cancer falls in the fourth house of the kaalpurush kundli, which signifies homeland, domestic environment, heart, and mother. The combination of the Moon in Cancer makes the person highly emotional, giving him a lot of feelings. The person is very caring and expects others to take care of him. The person always looks for somebody who understands his emotions and viewpoints. With the Moon in Cancer, the native is highly impacted by the cycles of the Moon, so he needs to pay attention to the phases of the Moon and his mood swings. 

These natives find it difficult to move out of a relationship. They just can’t waste all their emotions and energy they put into them. It is painful for them to let go of any close relationship. They always desire a home where they feel comfortable and surrounded by family. So, you can expect these traits to gain highlights when the Moon transits Cancer on January 7, 2023.

Let’s understand what people with different zodiac signs can expect from eh transit of the Moon in Cancer:


The Moon will provide fruitful opportunities in property dealing. You can invest in property or gain through them. If you desire to make a long-term investment, then this is the best time. Saturn and Jupiter will be casting their aspect on the Moon at this time. So, your mind may remain under stress, but you will surely gain through your decisions. It’s a beneficial transit for your career, health, and finance. Read in Detail Aries Horoscope.


For Taurus natives, the Moon in the third house will bring positive results. You will share good relations with your siblings, but little arguments may follow due to Saturn’s influence. The aspect of Saturn on the Moon creates vish-yoga, which may spoil your speech. So, take care of your rude words, and everything will be fine. The transit can send you on a short journey as well. The transit is good for your career, business, marriage, love, and health. However, arguments with the father or some elderly person may follow. Read in details Taurus Horoscope

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It is a wonderful transit for the Gemini natives. The lord of wealth in its own house is forming “dhan yoga” for you. The Moon has full strength as it is very close to the full Moon. There can be mental stress due to the influence of Saturn, but with Jupiter’s blessings, all your work will be completed. Keep patience even if you face any hurdle or delay in your work, as everything will be better than expected. However, take care of your eating and drinking habits this day. It is a good transit for your finance, business, and health. But take care of your harsh speech while communicating with others. Read in details Gemini Horoscope


The full Moon in the ascendant will give satisfaction and peace. However, Saturn will create a disturbance, but with a balanced approach, you can manage it. The transit is good for your married life and business. If you were awaiting any business decision or are stuck with money, this is the time to fulfill it. Your love life will flourish. The elder siblings will come in your support toward any important decision. You may invest somewhere and will also get recognition in society. Read in details Cancer Horoscope


If you are involved in foreign trade or working in MNC, this is the best time. The Moon in the twelfth house under the influence of Saturn, which is again a negative planet for you, will create troubles. Stress will be more, and office politics will trouble you. Jupiter will be of less help from the eighth house. Your children were already suffering from health and other issues, and they needed extra care for these two days. The transit is not good, and you should donate rice and milk to an elderly lady. However, your expenses will be in control, and it is a suitable period to travel abroad. Read in details Cancer Horoscope

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For Virgo natives, the Moon will be transiting in their eleventh house. Here, we can expect gains of wealth and respect. Time is good for making new social contacts to help you in the future. There will be many opportunities for you to achieve success. Students will be able to focus on their studies. If you are awaiting a child, the good news can come today. Your relationship with your love and life partner will be excellent. You can invest somewhere. Overall, this is an excellent transit for you. Read in details Virgo Horoscope


You will shine in business and at your workplace. This is the time to get the support of your seniors after a little hard work. Don’t attract negativity as the Moon is here to fulfill all your desires at the workplace. You will get the due rewards for your efforts and hard work. The Moon in the tenth house also makes you wander a lot, but here, your visits will bring fruits. Drive and talk carefully. Avoid emotions while making an important decision. The family atmosphere will be healthy. Read in details Libra Horoscope


For you, the Moon is the lord of fortune. It is in its own sign in your house of fortune. What better position can you ask for? Luck will support you throughout, and you will achieve what you wish for. There will be religious inclinations. You can take part in charitable activities. The Moon here creates yoga for long travels. Overall, it is a good transit for your luck, health, love life, marriage, and career. But here we suggest talking nicely to your seniors, or else problems may follow. Read in details Scorpio Horoscope

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You will receive good news from the children during this transit. The Moon in the eighth house can bring gain through inheritance or other sudden sources. It would help if you took care of your eating habits and health. Drive carefully, as the Moon in the eighth house can make your mind restless. Students will get good results from their hard work. The love life and career will be excellent. Business people will get new business opportunities. Married relations will be blissful. Read in details Sagittarius Horoscope


The strong Moon in the seventh house will bless your married life. The transit is good for business and career. You will get good news from your children. You will be at peace and enjoy every moment of life. You will spend quality time with your spouse and love partner. You will feel more intelligent and sincere at work. You can invest in land or property. Students need to focus more on their studies. Those in the job will get the benefits of a salary hike or promotion. Read in details Capricorn Horoscop


The transit of the Moon will bring an atmosphere of peace, harmony, and happiness to the people. Time is excellent for a job, and you will get long-due benefits today. However, take care of your eyes. Buying a property will prove fruitful today. You will enjoy a blissful married life today, and your spouse will support you in all your decisions. There are chances of going abroad for those who aspire to it. Read in details Aquarius Horoscope


The Moon in the fifth house will enhance your creativity and intelligence. You will get what you desire during this transit. It would help if you worked hard due to Saturn’s influence, but Jupiter will give you what you ask for. You will show immense courage and accomplish your goals. Read in details Pisces Horoscope

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