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Mars transit in Aries, June 27, 2022- What can Happen?

By: Future Point | 13-Jun-2022
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Mars transit in Aries, June 27, 2022- What can Happen?

Mars is an important planet in Astrology. The planet signifies passion, energy, enthusiasm, zeal, aggression and fiery tendencies in humans. Mars also signifies land, army, police, electricity, fire and spices. Mars brings significant changes in a person’s life with its placement and transit in the sky. We as humans tend to get noticeable changes in our lives based on the placement of Mars in different houses of our birth chart. Mars stays in a zodiac sign for 45 days depending upon its movements. Mars owns two signs i.e. Aries and Scorpio. Now, the fiery planet Mars will transit into its own sign Aries on 27th June 2022 at 5:39 a.m. 

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Let’s understand what effects the transit of Mars in Aries 2022 will bring to people belonging to different zodiac signs-


Mars owns the first and eighth house of your zodiac. It will transit into the ascendant of your horoscope. The first house is a house of your personality, looks, temperament and nature etc. mars in the ascendant will make you more energetic and you will be doing your work with strong determination. Here, Mars is forming a Ruchak yoga which is known to bring beneficial results to the native. You will feel a thrust of energy and kind of passion inside you. Since, it is also the Lord of the eighth house you may undergo transformation in your body. There are chances of building your body or joining some exercise schedule during this time. There are chances of making gains through property and the time is favorable for earning through property related deals. However, certain disappointments and arguments in the family life may follow. Take care of your mother’s health during this time. You may face aggressive moments with the spouse which can be handled through proper communication. But the intimacy between you and spouse will also grow. Love birds will have good time too and there would be enhancement in your love relations through effective communication and spending good time together. Time is good for your career and business as your determined efforts will bring you gains and recognition in the society. There are chances of promotions in job too. There are bright chances of gaining through inheritance. If you were facing any land dispute or family dispute related to inheritance. Then the same will be solved during this transit period. 


For Taurus natives, Mars rules the seventh and twelfth houses of the zodiac. During the transit it will stay in the twelfth house of your horoscope. Now, seventh Lord in twelfth may cause disharmony in your marital relations. However, in its own sign it may increase your sexual happiness from the partner but expenses will be more too. You need to control your undue expenses else you may face financial crunch. The transit is very good for the health and wining competitions. If you were facing any legal trouble, the verdict may come in your favor. Your competitors might plot conspiracies against you but you will turn victorious. Take care of your words while talking to your siblings as there are chances of arguments with them. You may plan some short distance travel as well. Overall, you need to take control of your spicy diet and harsh words to gain benefits through this transit. Take due care while taking important business decisions too. Stay away from any kind of fights at the workplace else bad results will follow. You need to worship Lord Hanuman to safeguard yourself against the bad effects of the transit.


For Gemini natives, Mars rules the sixth and eleventh houses. The transit will take place in the eleventh house of gains and fulfillment of desires. The transit of any planet in the eleventh house is considered good and with Mars as sixth Lord in the eleventh house shows great possibilities for people in job. There are bright chances of promotions and you may also receive some award for your strong determination at work. However, take care of your relations with your elder siblings and friends with sweet speech. Love relations too may land in trouble if you show over possessiveness and aggression in your love relation. Students need to focus more in studies. If you were looking for some loan then it may get sanctioned for now. You will make handsome monetary gains for this time but you have to take care of your harsh speech which may cause differences with your loved ones. Talk sweetly with everyone you meet to maximize your gain during this transit.

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 Mars is a yogkaraka planet for Cancer natives. Now, in transit it will stay in the tenth house and will also form ruchak yoga there. The position is particularly beneficial for the business and career. Your long hauled work will pick up speed and you will work towards your goals with great energy inside. You will be recognized for your hard work and effort at the workplace. Your seniors will appreciate you. There are chances of playing some sports as well. The transit may bring discord in your family and marital relations. The only way out is to use sweet and soft speech. You may get into debate with anyone but are suggested to avoid that. There would be increase in your creativity and productivity at work but at the same time, your aggression and irritation will also rise. Take care of your frustrating nature for this time. Passion will take your love relations to the next levels. The students will do well in their studies. You may get some good news from your children making you happy and take pride in them. 


For Leo natives also Mars is a yogkaraka planet owing the ninth and fourth houses. The transit will take place in the ninth house of fortunes. The transit is very good to get all round success. Since, your luck will support you which will give success in all your endeavors. There would be increase in your religious and spiritual inclinations. The transit will make commendale improvement in your courage and you won’t hesitate going to any limits to accomplish your goals. Students pursuing higher studies will also get excellent results. The position is very good for making gains through your father who will remain in good health during the transit. Your father may favor you above your siblings. You may go for short distance travel but that will not yield fruitful results. Chances of arguments with the siblings and friends are there. Take care of your expenses as you are likely to spend unnecessarily during this transit. There are chances of foreign travel as well. The time period is particularly good for making financial gains. You may invest in property and the deal would prove beneficial. Love relations would be fine.


Mars rules the third and eighth house of your zodiac. The transit will take in the eighth house. The transit is not at all benefic for you except good chances of gains through inheritance or other sudden resources. You need to watch your health as mars in th eighth house may create trouble in your health. You may face blood related diseases, accidents or surgery depending upon the placement of the natal planets. Drive carefully and eat moderately and sensibly. Spicy and junk food might create constipation and other digestion problems. The career and family life will also remain unstable for this time. Those in the field of law and medicine may grow financially during this time. The relations with in-laws would be improved. You will gain support of your siblings but take care of your harsh speech else you will disappoint them. There are possibilities of making gains through your elder siblings and social circle as well. 

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For Libra zodiac, Mars rules the second and seventh house. The transit will occur in the seventh house. Mars in seventh will definitely cause problems in married life. Your partnership business may flourish but there would be differences in opinion with your business partner. You will remain angry and frustrated most of the time. However, you will feel energetic but your efforts will not fetch fruitful results. You may not get results of your hard work. It is advised to take out your aggression in some sport or gym. Your language will become bad and would cause fights and arguments in the family. Also, take care of your eating habits else health will deteriorate. The period is good career wise but in relations you need to take extra care.


Mars is your ascendant Lord and thus its transit is particularly important for your sign of zodiac. Mars rules the first and sixth house and the transit will occur in the sixth house. The placement of Mars in the sixth house is considered good for making gains through competition and job. If you were struggling under a legal case then chances to win the case are very much higher. You may get rid of your past loan and diseases for this time. Your colleagues may feel aggressive and quarrelsome towards you but you will win over them. Students will do well in competitive exams and it’s time to shine in their field for the sportspersons. You will feel energetic throughout and will work harder to achieve your goals. Take care of your expenses though.


For Sagittarius natives, Mars rules the fifth and twelfth house and the transit will occur in the fifth house of your zodiac. Mars in the fifth house in its own sign will increase your creativity and productivity. The students and sportspersons will flourish in their respective fields. If you deal in share market, then also the transit is auspicious for you. Your love relations will remain troublesome due to aggression and over possessiveness which you need to take care. You may also face disharmony in relations with the kids. They may argue or quarrel for no reason with you which will disappoint you a lot. You will get rigid in nature and will show strong determination towards work. Some sudden news may bring sadness too. It is the time to gain success in your job and business. You will be recognized for your hard work and efforts at work. Some perks will follow too. Talk nicely to retain harmony in relations. Also, take care of your expenses and health.

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For Capricorn sign, Mars owns the fourth and eleventh house and the transit will occur in the fourth house of your zodiac. Mars in fourth house will make you earn through property. Time is very good for those indulged in real estate business. Also, it is favorable period for making any property related deal. There would remain disharmony in family life and the health of your mother should be taken care of. Talk nicely to maintain peaceful environment at home else difference in all relations is possible including married and love relations. 


For Aquarius, Mars rules the third and tenth house and the transit will be in your third house. The transit will make you extremely courageous and brave. Your siblings will support you and you will make gains through them this time. Time is good for career and business. Some may change their jobs to get a better job. You may have fights and arguments with you father or teacher. There are chances of long travels as well. You may turn religious and those pursuing higher studies will do well. Transit is favorable for job, career or business but natives only need to talk sweetly to take maximum benefits of the transit. 


For Pisces, Mars rules the second and ninth house of your zodiac. The transit will occur in your second. Mars in second will increase your savings and you are likely to gain benefits from your family. You will talk nicely but will get abusive sometimes. Students will get good results. Take care of your partner’s health and there are chances of arguments with children as well. Your children may give you stress for this time. Sudden instances may follow. Take care of your food and drive carefully. Religious inclinations will be more during this time. 

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