Venus Transit in Taurus- Houseful of Luxuries and Wealth!

By: Future Point | 11-Jun-2022
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Venus Transit in Taurus- Houseful of Luxuries and Wealth!

In Vedic astrology, the planet Venus signifies fortune, wealth, beauty, attraction, love, opulence and materialistic pleasures. The natives with a well paced Venus enjoy luxury in life. Not just the natal placement but the transit of Venus in a favorable condition may bring immense gain of wealth, luxuries and prosperity in life. Similarly, if it comes in a bad house it may create problems in attainment of wealth and lack of romance in love and married life of the natives. 

Venus bestows charismatic appearance to the native so that people naturally feel attracted towards them. The transit of Venus keeps a very important place in people belonging to different signs of the zodiac as it may bring noticeable changes in their lives with its good or bad effects. Venus will transit in its own sign Taurus on 18 June 2022 at 8:06 A.M. where it would be considered strong and will bring auspicious results to most of the natives depending upon its placement in various houses. Let us understand what effects can be expected through the transit of Venus in the lives of the people of each zodiac sign:

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For Aries, Venus rules the second and seventh house and will be placed in the second house of wealth and family during the transit. This is an excellent position as Venus placed in the second house in its own sign bestows wealth and auspiciousness to the natives. There would be harmony in relations with your family and you will see great increment in your wealth and savings during this time. Your speech will turn sweet and attractive and you will achieve matchless glow at your face. Family members will co-operate with each other and there would be pleasing environment in the house. During this time, some auspicious activities may happen in your house and you may welcome arrival of a new member in the family. Time is excellent for business partnerships and marital bliss. There would be new business opportunities bringing long term gains to you. You will also share sweetness in relations with your in-laws with bright chances of making gains through inheritance. 


For Taurus natives, Venus rules the first and sixth houses and will transit through the ascendant. Presence of venus in the first house will give you charismatic personality. People will get influenced by you and you will make great benefits through it. There would be considerable improvements in your nature and characteristics. You will take care of your bodily appearance and outlook for this time. The transit is excellent for the married life and love birds will enjoy romantic moments together. But the transit may bring health issues giving mental stress and problems from the competitors and colleagues at the office. Thus, it is important to calm yourself during this time. Also, take care of your undue expenses and losses during the transit period. Those awaiting loans will get it sanctioned during this time. 


For Gemini natives, Venus rules the twelfth and fifth houses and now in transit it will stay in the twelfth house of the zodiac. The transit will increase your expenses and you may spend unnecessarily on apparels, cosmetics, beauty products and other materialistic things in life. Those awaiting for admissions in foreign education institutes will also get it. Alternatively, your children may go abroad for studies as well. Time is good to enjoy life with friends and family. Unforeseen and unplanned expenses may exaggerate financial crunch and thus stress in your mind. So, plan everything wisely by not getting attracted with materialistic pleasures. The transit may create problems in marital relations and harmony in life. Your love partner may remain dissatisfied and chances of break up are there. Take care of health issues and take timely medical advice related to diabetes and other nerve related problems.

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For Cancer natives, Venus rules the eleventh and fourth houses of the zodiac and it will transit through the eleventh house of your horoscope. Venus in the eleventh house will enhance your social circle and monetary gains. There are chances of gaining through several resources and means during this time. This is very good period for career and business and the natives may get new opportunities of promotions and salary hikes. You will get your long dues for now and there are chances of gaining great amount through stock market and speculative activities. Love relations will flourish and married life will remain blissful for this time. Also, all desires will be fulfilled with the blessings of Venus I the house of desires.  Your friends and elder siblings will help you in your decisions bringing long term monetary gains to you. Overall, this is a good time period for your studies, children and love life. 


For Leo natives, Venus rules the tenth and third houses and during the transit it will be placed in the tenth house of your zodiac. Venus in the tenth house will give you great success in your work and career. You will add a feeling of love in whatever you do. This quality will help you gain support of your seniors and elders.  The transit may give good news related to your job or profession. Those awaiting promotion will get it now and changes in line of business is also possible. You may find someone special at your work place or fall in love with someone at work. Venus will attract positivity and happiness in your domestic environment. Your family members will support you throughout. But there may be separation for some time from your spouse with the effect of Venus at the tenth house. The health would remain fine. 


For Virgo natives, Venus rules the ninth and second house of the zodiac and during the transit it will remain in the ninth house of the horoscope. The transit of Venus in the ninth house will send you on a long travel bringing long term gains in future. Your religious inclinations will improve and you will find enhancement in your social image. Now talking about love relationships, the transit will bring positive results. In such a situation, You will get support of your family and relatives. Along with this, there is also a possibility of making great financial gains for this time. You will see improvement in your relations with your younger siblings and chances of going on short distance luxury trips are also there.

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For the Libra natives, Venus is the lord of their eighth and first houses and will be transiting through the eighth house. With the presence of eighth Lord in the eighth house is good for making gains through the specifications of the 8th house like occult, legacy, research and insurance. The transit may welcome health issues in life with its placement in the eighth house especially related to your nerves and eyes. Also, chances of sudden accidents or injuries are there. Therefore, during this transit, take special care while driving, take medical advice immediately even if any small health issue surfaces. You will participate enthusiastically in the religious and charity activities. Family life will be good with chances of auspicious ceremony in the house. 


For Scorpio natives, Venus rules the seventh and twelfth houses and now will be transiting through the seventh house of the zodiac. Venus in the house of spouse promotes harmony in the married life. those awaiting marriage may tie the knot for this time. Business partnership will flourish with great amount of calmness in mind. You will influence people with your charismatic personality and get benefits of your positive influence on them. Love relations will grow stronger with better understanding in relations. Career and profession will flourish with bright chances of monetary gains through profitable business deals. If you were awaiting promotion then this is the time to get that. Many may go abroad with the settlement plans there. Others may undertake a pleasure foreign journey. Take care of excessive expenses else losses and drain in savings will follow. 


For the natives of Sagittarius, Venus rules the sixth and eleventh houses and now will be transiting through the sixth house of the zodiac. Venus here will give good results in job. There are chances of salary hikes or promotion. You will share harmonious relations with your co-workers and they will support you in all your decisions.  Do not mess with your loving partner else things may become bitter. Financial crisis may follow due to the unplanned expenses. The loans will be sanctioned but chances of diseases will rise. Many may get afflicted with nerve and eye related problems. However, the transit will invite gains and support from the maternal side. Also, married couples will enjoy life together. Students will do fairly well in their competitive exams and get desired success in it. Health needs to be taken care and avoid eating junk food to avoid stomach related problems. 

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For the Capricorn natives, Venus rules the fifth and tenth houses and now will be transiting in your fifth house of the zodiac. This placement of Venus is particularly good for love relations, making gains through speculative and stock market activities, children, studies and getting materialistic pleasures through partying or social relations. You will be supported by your elder siblings and friends for this time and will enjoy life to the fullest. Harmony in married relations will make you happy and relaxed. Time is fruitful for those awaiting child in their life. students will do extremely good with complete focus in studies. However, they will also hang out with friends. Time is good to gain recognition and money as well as spiritual gains in life. 


For the Aquarius natives, Venus rules your ninth and fourth house and will be staying in the fourth house of the zodiac. Venus will give immense pleasure in your domestic life. Your mother will remain in best of her health and chances of reconstruction or buying a vehicle are there. You may spend on upgrading the lifestyle or comfort in your house. Many may move out of their house to settle at a better location. Take care of the health of your father as some discrepancies in his health may follow with the transit. However, time is very good to gain fame and recognition in your career. Those in fashion and beauty industry will be benefitted a lot with the transit. You will enjoy support and praises from your colleagues and senior officers at the workplace. There are bright chances of promotion or salary hikes as well. 


For the Pisces natives, Venus rules the third and eighth house of the zodiac and its transit will take place in the third house of the horoscope. Venus will definitely take you on a leisure short trip with its placement in the third house. Those in acting and communication line will flourish for this time. Your luck will support you and there would be increased inclinations towards religion and charity. Luck will shine for people engaged in the field of media, art, dance, music and acting.  You will impress people with your excellent communication skills and will be benefitted through effective communications. People will get attracted towards you for your charismatic appearance. This will help you gain support and praises at the workplace. Your determined efforts and hard work will bring huge profits to you earning accolades and praises all over. Family support would be there especially of your younger siblings. You will perform all tasks easily with immense grace attracting success and fortune for you. Overall, it is a very good transit for you with strong support of your father, wisdom and luck.

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