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Mars in Astrology- Your Ultimate Source of Energy

By: Future Point | 27-Dec-2021
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Mars in Astrology- Your Ultimate Source of Energy

Every Astrology enthusiast must have heard about the planet Mars, it is common to hear the mention of planet Mars whenever you visit an astrologer to get consultation about the problems of life.

It seems that the planet creates negative influence in our lives but that is a half picture. In reality the planet Mars is responsible for our energy and enthusiasm in work or other things.

You must have noticed few people doing nothing but just sitting idle, a weak Mars in their kundli is probably the reason behind their laid back attitude. Mars is the commander in chief in planetary regiment and is the one to take the first step forward. It is known to act instantly rather than thinking too much.

Physically it causes low metabolism leading to problems in digestion. Mars is considered weak in the horoscope when positioned in cancer, when aspected by malefics, when combust, or when it occupies eighth and twelfth houses. If it is sitting in the 1st, 4th, 7th and 12th house in the horoscope of a person, then it causes Manglik Dosha in the horoscope.

In Vedic Astrology, Mars has been considered a malefic planet but as every planet has so many significations attached to it, they have both positive and negative traits. In this article we will try to understand what actually Mars is and what effects it may bring to different ascendants based on the placement and associations of the planet Mars.

Mars in Vedic astrology signifies passion, enthusiasm, energy, anger, war, frustration, blood, assertion and separation. Mars is known as bhaum putra i.e. Earth’s son that is why a person having strong Mars is generally endowed with abundant land.

Mars is represented by fiery red color which is a color of energy and aggression. It is believed that Mars creates problems in the native’s life when it has been placed in a malefic position in the chart.

When Mars is strongly placed in a horoscope, its fiery qualities are accentuated and it brings forth the native’s dynamic qualities. On the contrary, it also creates evil, delay in tasks, obstacles and disappointing events at every turn.

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Fundamental elements of Mars:

Color: Red

Element: Fire

Day of the Week: Tuesday

Metal: Copper

Gemstone: Red Coral

Friendly Planets: Sun, Moon, Jupiter

Neutral Planet: Venus, Saturn

Enemy Planets: Mercury, Rahu, Ketu

Ruler of Signs: Aries and Scorpio

Some interesting traits of the Planet Mars

  • Masculine by nature, Mars as we already know is associated with courage, stamina and enthusiasm. A person influenced with Mars doesn’t think too much and believes in immediate actions. Next time you see a person always coming forward without giving a single thought, you immediately understand that the person has high influence of the planet Mars.
  • Strong Mars gives radiant health to the native and he/she is blessed with muscular energy, athletic abilities, heroic valor and stardom. It is known to rule over the animal instincts of humans as well.
  • The strong presence of Mars in a horoscope adds charisma, attraction and charm to the personality of the native. The person becomes sexually attractive to the opposite gender. When Mars is positive, the native is quick in decision making and remains full of energy. They face every challenge and struggle in life with bravery. The natives always stood in support of his/her siblings and family.
  • The fiery red planet Mars adds aggression to the native and makes him/her jealous and frustrated if not placed well in the chart. Such natives want things to happen their way else they get angry.
  • A badly placed Mars in a horoscope may also put a person in massive debt. This is why it is important to know about your Mars in the horoscope so that you can take astrological measures to reduce the ill effects of Mars in your life.

Effects of Strong Mars

The best astrologers suggest that a well placed Mars states prosperity and wealth for a native. The person is endowed with great leadership skills and gets success in all areas governed by Mars. Being courageous, hard-working, and passionate are the attributes of a benefic Mars.

A strong Mars may give you senior position in army and police. The native may be a good surgeon, doctor, healer or law official.

Effects of Weak Mars

A weak Mars can bring miseries and adverse results for the native.

  • First of all, a weak Mars in a horoscope may create problems in the digestive system of the native, especially from spicy and hot food stuff.
  • The native faces messy emotional conditions for longer durations.
  • It may cause delay in marriage, though other things will also matter here.
  • A weak Mars also leads to obesity as the metabolism rate is quite low.
  • A malefic Mars also gives arrogance and jealous nature.
  • One gets tired and exhausted easily.
  • Low resistance to pain and diseases might follow.

Remedies for Mars in Vedic Astrology

  • On Tuesday, the native suffering from Mangal dosha should recite Hanuman Chalisa to appease Lord Hanuman.
  • Install Mangal Yantra (Mars Yantra) at an auspicious place in your house and chant mangal mantra before it.
  • Red coral is the gem of Mars for positive energy and can be worn to curb the evil effects of it. A talk to astrologer is required before wearing any astrological gem.
  • It is advisable to control your anger and avoid any kind of dispute.
  • Talk sweetly to your family members and spouse to get positive results of the planet.
  • Making donations of Mars related articles like copper, masoor lentils, Batasha, rewri etc. are considered effective for removing ill effects of the planet Mars.
  • Share sweets with your brother to improve the harmful effects of Mars.
  • Chant the mantra Om Bhaum Bhaumay Namah to reduce the harmful effects of Mars.
  • Donate blood to calm the evil energy of Mars.
  • Donate red-colored Bel fruit (a native Indian fruit) to strengthen Mars.
  • Plant red flowers in your house to make your Mars positive.
  • On Tuesday, feed monkeys with jaggery and gram to appease Mars.

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