Grow Business with Help of Astrology

By: Future Point | 28-Dec-2021
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Grow Business with Help of Astrology

Today we are living in a highly competitive world where getting your Business to the topmost level is a herculean task. Forget about the topmost position even running your business smoothly without any obstacles is a difficult task today. 

Growth in business demands great amount of investments in terms of money, time and hard work. Even after applying best of these three one remains dicey about the success and desired growth in business. What could be the reasons behind these disappointments?  The reasons could be many but solution is one- Astrology!

Astrology is an ancient science which tends to solve all problems of life through adopting the indications of planets in a specific horoscope. Growth in business is the foremost query of any business man going to an astrologer seeking astrological guidance. A kundli analysis helps to ascertain the strength of the houses and planets concerned with the business of a native. And the astrologer then suggests appropriate ways to carry on business activities for a native.

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How can an astrologer help in business growth?

  • An astrologer may suggest you the most suitable line of business.
  • An astrologer may tell you about the most suitable time to start any new business venture.
  • An astrologer makes your finance horoscope and warns you about the bad period during which long term investments in business should be avoided.
  • An astrologer may suggest you whether you should do business in homeland or in foreign land.
  • An astrologer may suggest you whether you should go for partnership or do your business as a sole proprietor.
  • An astrologer may tell you about the right approach towards conducting your business activities. For e.g. how you should advertise your business or whom you should select as a partner or what should be your marketing technique and so on. 
  • How can you increase revenue in your business with the help of astrology?

Why one should seek astrological guidance for business?

  • Business involves large amount of money and not everyone has plenty of money to be experimented with. If you know what line of business will certainly get you the desired results, you are saved from wandering from one line to another line of business.
  • Sometimes you are not meant for business and may perform better in a job or profession. Astrology also makes out whether the person is suitable for a job or business so that the native is saved from unnecessary losses and humiliation.
  • Celestial movements and positions of the planets may put considerable influence on a certain business. It may either take it to new heights or may completely ruin it. Astrology makes use of natal placements, transitions and dasha system of the planets to make out whether the period will prove beneficial or detrimental to a particular business. The best astrologer suggests what should be your best course of action to succeed in business.
  • Different planets give different business based on their specifications. It is necessary to determine which planet is putting its influence on your business and thus adopting its significations will certainly help leaps and bounds for your business growth.
  • Business astrology finds out effectively why one is not making sufficient gains even after putting best of his efforts.
  • A thorough reading of a horoscope may reveal about the Graha and Nakshtras Dashas which could trigger obstacles and failure in business.
  • Business astrology also determines whether the business is going in a right direction or not.
  • Sometimes investing in a business which is incompatible with the native’s birth sign or horoscope may bring disasters. It is always advisable to get your Kundli analyzed before selecting any line of business as a valuable astrological advice is sure to derive great results for growth in business.
  • A talk with astrologer is mandatory to find out the root cause of failure in any business and to get the most effective astrological remedies for business growth. 
  • The astrologer may also help you to ward off evil energy from your business. At the same time astrological remedies keep away any negativity or jealousy at a distance.
  • Astrology delves deeper into our Karmas and guide accordingly. With good Karma by your side and deep understanding of the planets, you can make the best business decisions that would derive profits in abundance.

Thus from selecting the right kind of business to deciding the time to start a business venture, everything can be adequately addressed if you consult the best astrologer in Delhi and NCR.

Best astrological remedies for business growth

In case you are facing any obstacles in your business or you feel that the revenue generated in business is not as per your expectations, then you should consult an astrologer to find flaws in your Kundli

These are few of the best astrological solutions for growth in business –

  • While buying raw material or any other material for business, it is good to buy few gifts for kids.
  • The surroundings in the office should be clean and any broken or rusted articles should be thrown out as they produce negativity in the surroundings. 
  • One should install and worship Shree Yantra and Lakshmi Ganesh idols in the office on daily basis. This would aid in business growth.
  • One should worship Lord Shiva for overall prosperity. Visit shiva temple and offer water on Shiva linga for getting desired results and blessings of planets in your business.
  • Performing regular donations also help in fostering growth of business. 
  • Place a figurine of an owl at the place where you keep your money. It is a vahan of Goddess Lakshmi and the Goddess is sure to follow him in your home and office.
  • To overcome a problem in business, take bath early in the morning and offer water to the rising Sun and chant the Gayatri mantra. If possible, recite the Aditya Hridaya Shothra as well.
  • Make a swastika at the entrance door of your office or workplace. This attracts good luck and prosperity for your business.
  • Keep Sea salt in small bowls in your shop. This keeps the negative energy at bay. Remember to change it regularly every week.
  • Worship your family deities and receive their blessings to run your business smoothly. Their blessings can also give you the wisdom of your forefathers which you may not get otherwise.
  • You may also keep the picture of your forefathers in your office to seek their advice and blessings in your business.

Through an astrology consultation, the native may get relief from all negativity in the business besides getting valuable advice on how to conduct business in the most effective way. Any negative impact present in the Kundli of the native may be eradicated effectively. The best astrologers like those at Future point will surely help you to take your business to new heights. They not just will solve your business problems but may also suggest you with the best of astrological remedies. Business bracelet is one of the unique things they are providing to foster the growth in business for their clients. They also suggest about new business ideas, selection of business as per your date of birth, selecting the name of your business as per your horoscope, expansion in business, ancestral business and many more. So, stay in touch with the astrologers at Future point for the best astrology consultation. 

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