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Marriage related problems? - Find gemstones online!

By: Future Point | 25-Sep-2021
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Our daily routines keep most of us so busy that we hardly have any time left for our personal lives. In these already hectic schedules, the pandemic has worsened the situation even more by forcing most of us to stay at home and do official work from home. Earlier at least after office hours, a person could spend time with the family as the working hours were fixed. But now since we are working from home, office hours are stretched for long with too much work load and lack of office environment. 

Apart from work pressure, with whole family under roof doing their respective works from common rooms has given space to family members fighting for privacy. The frustration is piling up over these two years and the scenes of family members arguing with each other have become a routine. All these factors have led to dissatisfaction and friction between the married couples. This is also evident from the increasing cases of separation and divorce registered all over the world. 

The couples whether both are working or where only the husband is doing the office job, similar argumentative conditions are being faced by most of them. Thanks to the social media which has further aggravated the situation by consuming the left over time if any after prolonged hours of work. These all have jointly affected marital relations of the couples across the globe.

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What to do in such adverse circumstances?

You can get the solution to this problem through astrology. In Vedic astrology, it is believed that through wearing prescribed gemstones for love and marriage life, one can overcome the obstacles spoiling the peace of their love & married life. Luckily, one can find many gemstones online to solve their marital problemEvery gemstone has its own properties in Vedic astrology. One can consult a marriage astrologer, who after a careful analysis of one’s kundli or natal chart may suggest the appropriate gemstones. These gemstones may be worn to overcome problems related to one’s career, business, finances or health related problems. At the same time they also strengthen your love and marital relationships. You may contact the best astrologer online for kundli matching or for procuring your marriage report.

Let’s discuss about the gemstones that are suitable for a healthy and happy married life.

There are various stones suited to different individuals with different ascendants. These gemstones promise a blissful love and marital life provided they are worn correctly and are suitable to you. 

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Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz or pink sphatik is a precious gemstone which comes in different shades of pink. If you wish to seek an ideal partner, then you can wear this gemstone. It brings love to life hence it is also popular by the name of Love Stone. It is known to keep away the negative energy and attract positivity. It adds calmness to an individual that helps to maintain balance in love relationship. It’s appropriate for those who have lost faith in love. By wearing this gemstone, you will be able to feel love again.

Ruby Stone (Manik)

Ruby Stone is believed to be the king of gemstone due to its association with the Sun. According to astrology, it is a very beneficial gemstone for love and marriage. It affects both physical and mental self of an individual. It brings positivity in life which ultimately adds strength to the relationship. It symbolizes energy, vitality, enthusiasm, happiness, health and prosperity. This helps the native to express himself better. This enhances romance between the love partners.


Moonstone also called Chandrakant Mani in astrology removes conflicts in relationships and helps in building trust in each other. The insecurity in love life can be removed through wearing this gemstone. This gemstone creates positivity and also generates protective energy in the wearer. It also adds calmness so that one is able to control his temper and himself better.

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Pearl (Moti)

Pearl is another popular gemstone associated with the Moon. It symbolizes purity, tenderness, beauty, compassion, security and love. If you are facing any problems in your married life then you can safely opt for wearing a pearl. If the relationship between husband and wife is stressed for aggressive nature of any of them, then wearing moti helps to tone down the aggression of the individual and thus helps the relationship. There are many types of pearls available in the market. Some pearls are natural while others are fabricated. It’s very difficult to identify a good quality natural pearl. Therefore, wear this stone only after consulting an astrologer in Delhi

Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

Pukhraj is a gemstone of Jupiter, the karaka of marriage. Jupiter is considered a karaka for both husband and son and is known to bring happiness in the marital life. The yellow stone helps one to get married earlier at the same time it removes any obstacles arising in the way of getting married. All those who are awaiting marriage may wear pukhraj but only after consulting the best astrologer in India. Those couples who are facing any problems in progeny or wish to have a child can also wear a yellow sapphire gemstone. Jupiter is a planet of wisdom so wearing its stone naturally enhances your confidence and intelligence while creating a protective energy around you.


Opal is a gemstone of Venus and Venus is a karaka of beauty, gentleness, luxury and love. As per astrology, wearing it enhances love, coordination and mutual understanding between the married couple. The stone is known to remove the feeling of restlessness and insecurity in an individual. Wearing it strengthens your relationship by increasing the element of closeness.

Emerald (Panna)

Emerald is a green colored precious stone considered beneficial for married life. Emerald is a gemstone of the planet Mercury which is a karaka of intelligence and communication. Therefore, wearing it helps to develop an intellectual approach towards every problem and through effective communication, issues in the married life may be resolved effectively. 

Blue Topaz 

Blue topaz or neelam is considered a symbol of love and affection. As per vedic astrology, it gives you physical, mental and emotional strength. Wearing it reduces anger and resentment between the life partners through generosity and calmness. 

Caution for buying Gemstones

Each gemstone is related to some or the other planet. Some special astrological principles have to be applied while wearing any of these gemstones. If not worn properly, it may cause negative than positive effects. So, it is essential to consult an experienced astrologer before wearing any gemstone. A thorough analysis of the planetary placement in your birth chart must be done before buying any gemstone.

Where to buy?

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