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Make a Successful Career Choice – Your Zodiac Sign Reveals!

By: Future Point | 27-Jun-2022
Views : 1344Make a Successful Career Choice – Your Zodiac Sign Reveals!

Choosing the right career is a herculean task with so many choices available in every career field. It is very important to know your capabilities and interests first before moving toward any line of career. Our capabilities, temperaments, likings, interest, determination, focus and level of hard work is decided by the planets in our horoscope. Which career will prove to be the best for us? You may certainly find the answer with Career astrology!

Vedic Astrology may explain the suitability of particular career to a person based on his/her date of birth. We all as humans belong to different zodiac signs. These are the signs rising at the Eastern horizon at the time of our birth.  The zodiac or ascendant signs have a major say in deciding the best career for us for the following reasons:

  • Each zodiac signs has its natural traits and significations which are imposed on the personality of an individual.
  • Each zodiac sign is ruled by a specific planet. The ruler takes the native towards the career as indicated by its significations. For e.g. Venus will take a person into fashion, apparels, fragrances, flowers, fancy and luxurious articles and arts etc.  
  • With a specific kind of mental temperament, an individual possess inclinations towards specific kinds of work. For e.g. a native with an influence of Mars will be more inclined towards sports, electrical engineering, police, military or bakery etc.  
  • The tenth house in our birth chart is a house of career and the planetary influence on it majorly decides our line of career. Talk to astrologer to ascertain what your tenth house says?
  • Planets shape us the person we are. This is the reason behind disparities in personalities and mindset of the people around the world.   
  • Everything around us operates as per the wish of our natal planets. So, our career is also influenced by other priorities in life. People generally choose a career in combination to other responsibilities in life. For e.g. a strong fourth house makes you quite attached with your motherland and family. Such person will find a job or area of work in the home country only. No matter how better opportunities he is getting abroad. 

If we follow the hints given in our birth chart while selecting our career, there is 100% assurance of success in life! Let’s explore how your zodiac sign may help you find the most suitable career for you.

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Career and Astrology

It can’t be denied that whatever happens in our life is pre written in our birth chart. If we can read it with the help of the best astrologer, we may alter the results a bit but can’t completely change it. The planets are reservoir of the fruits we are supposed to bear in this life. The planets get activated as per their dasha and with the help of transit give us the results which these are meant to.

All planets have their natural significations and actions carried as per the choice of planets give success and prosperity in life.

A learned astrologer may transcript the language of the stars to understand what they wish a particular individual to do. For e.g. the Sun wish a person to work as a govt. official or work in some authoritative job but if that person goes into some other line, there are chances of frequent changes or failure in job.

There has to be a govt. contact or the use of the specifications of the Sun, whatever line of career that person chooses. It is mandatory for every person to follow the specifications of the planets to get success in career.

Zodiac sign and Career 

Whether you are planning to start your first job or thinking about a change in career, use your astrological zodiac sign to find the most suitable career path.

It is important to understand the personality traits associated with jobs as per the zodiac signs. Every person is the best, it just sometimes that an assigned task is not fit for us. That’s why it’s a good idea to use zodiac signs for the best career ahead.

There are 12 zodiac signs in astrology and each Zodiac sign specifies certain field of career. If you choose a career as per the natural significations of your zodiac sign, there are bright chances of getting success in your career.

A suitable career enhances the productivity of an individual resulting in better performance and less mental stress. This certainly leads him/her towards desired success and fame in career. Individuals who understand their own personalities as well as the personalities of others are strong enough to maximize strengths, improve flaws, and finally have a more fulfilling and successful career. 

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The Aries natives are assertive, strong-headed, determined and competitive. They may shine in work requiring leadership qualities. They are good for the work demanding great deal of energy.

Career options: leaders, surgeon, dentist, electrical engineer, hotel manager, sportsperson, baker, construction worker etc.

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Taurus natives are highly determined, dependable, noble and honest. They have a deep desire for stability. With inclinations towards everything beautiful and luxuriant, they also wish to have free time to relax and pursue their hobby. They are appropriate for fixed timing jobs to have room for creativity. 

Career options: Fashion designer, Gardener or land scraper, Finance advisors, Bankers and managers etc. 

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Gemini people are known for their flexible nature. They are highly adaptable and have many talents. Gemini folks are excellent in communication and convincing people. They love multi-tasking which keeps their highly intellectual mind busy. They may thrive as leaders as well owing to their inherent charm.

Career options: Translators, Interpreters, PR, Project leaders, Teachers, Tour and travels, Speakers, writers, publishers etc. 

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Cancer natives are very caring, loving, intuitive and empathetic personalities. They are best suited to nurturing career fields. They take their responsibilities with determination and are highly protective for people surrounding them. They are very creative and day-dreamers. 

Career Options: Social worker, philanthropists, nursing, teacher, care takers, foreign trade, liquid articles and marine services etc.

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The royal sign is highly ambitious and self-centered. They take pride in whatever they do and wish to dominate others. Thus, they are not very suitable for working as a team member. They shine in leadership roles, especially those which bring them in the centre of attraction. 

Career options: Team leaders, politics, govt. jobs, acting, designing, creative fields, event management and manufacturers etc. 

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Virgos are known for their love for perfection. They are great organizers, meticulous, particular, neat, and perfectionists. They are perfect for the jobs requiring an eye for details. They perform really well in the jobs demanding focus, attention, alertness etc. They may opt for a career with finance, safety, cash, organizers, managers and research. 

Career options: Finance analysis, Research, managers, investors, statistics and therapists etc. 

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Libras are highly sociable individuals. They have charm that attracts people towards them. They are noble at heart and make people comfortable around them. Thus, they are excellent in roles requiring public dealing. Libras are strong headed and are excellent decision-makers. They are good at analyzing things. 

Career options: Public relations, HR managers, Law, event management, Business owners

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Scorpions are secretive, extremely careful, deep, smart, curious and very cunning. They remain restless until they know what’s going around. To gain contentment and success they should opt for the meaningful careers which help people to prosper and excel in life. 

Career options: Finance, consultants, occultists, psychologists, taxation, insurance, research, detective agencies etc.

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Sagittarian folks are easy going, witty, kind and outgoing people. They love travel and exploring new culture. They have religious and philanthropic inclinations. They are creative and can play dynamic roles in day-to-day life. They may perform many tasks with perfection and ease. They are very good in public speaking as well. 

Career options: Consultation, tour and travels, preacher, teacher, public dealing, instructor, teacher, trainer, investigator and spiritualist etc.

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Capricorns are highly focused, workaholic, very strict and stubborn. They may excel in leadership and supervisor roles. They don’t rest till the completion of work making them great managers and planners. They are excellent for leadership and competitive roles. 

Career options: Computer managers, programming, accountant, teacher, nursing, bureaucrats, managers, leaders etc.

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Aquarians are very creative and curios minds. They are not stereotypes and always look for experimentation and research. They excel in career demanding unconventional thinking. Aquarians love challenges and are eager to learn something new all the time. 

Career options: Trainer, fashion, researcher, NGOs, big organizations, data handling etc. 

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Pisces natives have great intuitive powers. They are wise and perform very well in the fields that require patience, sixth sense and deep understanding. They are very sensitive and thus can’t operate in the fields of public dealing. They may consult people like no one else and are great teachers.

Career options: consultants, teachers, dream analysis, tour and travels, spirituality, foreign trade, MNCs, import-export etc.

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