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Mercury transit in Gemini- Watch your words making fortunes for you!

By: Future Point | 24-Jun-2022
Views : 1107Mercury transit in Gemini- Watch your words making fortunes for you!

Mercury has been considered the most intelligent planet of the astrological cabinet. The planet is known for its wonderful translation and interpretation skills. No other planet but Mercury is recognized for transmission of information in both written and verbal form. Mercury bestows excellent communication, humor, organizing and logical capabilities to the native. A person with well placed Mercury in the birth chart is most of the time favorite of everyone. 

Mercury also represents trade, commerce, accounts, banking and communications. So, information about its transit is very important to know about the good and bad results it may bring to various signs of the zodiac. Mercury is a dual planet and rules two zodiac signs of Gemini and Virgo. 

Well placed Mercury brings good education, trade, success in business, intelligence and pleasing appearance. Mercury also signifies the nervous system in human beings. Therefore, any affliction to the planet may bring major health problems to the native. 

Mercury is going to transit in its own sign Gemini which will bring auspicious results to most of the natives. Gemini is the sign of communication, publishing, journalism, paper work and documentation. Clear result will be seen in these related aspects with Mercury placed in Gemini during transit. Its transit affects all these aspects in one’s life and hence it is significant to know the impact of Mercury’s transit on your zodiac.

Mercury Transit in Gemini: Date and time

Mercury transit in Gemini- July 2, 2022 at 9:40 A.M. till July 17, 2022

The effects of Mercury transit in Gemini on all zodiac signs


For Aries zodiac, Mercury rules the third and sixth houses of the horoscope. During the transit, Mercury will stay in its own zodiac Gemini in the third house. The transit will bring positive results in terms of courage, energy and happiness. You will feel energetic towards your goals which will bring satisfaction and happiness to you. 

Your relations with your younger siblings will b very good. There are chances of short travels and fun outings with your friends. You may join some hobby course to upgrade your skills. You will find strong interest in reading and writing during this period. Period is promising for career prospects. 

Those looking for a change in job or promotion will get that during this time. Your luck will shine with increased inclinations towards religion and charity. Many will find new jobs to start their career with. If you are dealing in finance, accounts, media, teaching or publishing then the period is exceptionally good for you. 


For Taurus natives, Mercury rules the second house and fifth house of the horoscope. Mercury will transit into the second house of wealth for these folks! The lord of wealth in its own house is an excellent position for accumulation of wealth. 

The natives will amass wealth during this transit period. There would be increase in your bank savings as well. There are chances of earning through more than one source during this time. The transit is exceptionally good for maintaining harmony in the family. 

You will become the favorite person in your family for your excellent communication and intellectual skills. You will share and accomplish family responsibilities well during this time. You will enjoy tasty cuisines and will remain at ease during the transit. There would be gain through sudden means. 

Chances of getting property inheritance are also there. Time is very good for the students as their concentration in studies will grow to give excellent academic results.  Professionally also, the time period is very good and those in professions ruled by Mercury like journalism, communication, teaching, marketing, media, finance, accounting, business and trade will flourish for this time. 

However, certain obstacles may follow so there is a need to remain conscious of any conspiracies plotted against you at the workplace. There are chances of huge gains through the stock and speculation market activities. 


For the Gemini sign, Mercury rules the ascendant and the fourth house of the horoscope. The transit will take place in the ascendant only and thus is very significant for the natives. There would be positive change in your personality. You will feel more relaxed and organized. Your communication skills will become quite good and you will succeed in getting favors of people for your excellent conversation. You will suddenly become a nature lover and might take interest in eco-friendly activities. The reasoning and analytical skills you possess during this time, will help you bag profitable deals for you. You will try to find logic behind everything but at the same time don’t get too much critical or over judgmental for the people. Professionally, the transit will bring good results for the native. There would be growth in business and client base will get strengthened. You will chalk out great strategies to grow and expand your business. There are chances of investments in property and vehicles as well. Those in family business will grow manifolds during this time. 


For the Cancer zodiac, Mercury owns the third and the twelfth house of the horoscope. Mercury will be placed in the twelfth house of expenses, losses and hospitalization during this time. This is not a good placement as there would be unnecessary increase in your expenses. You may spend on gadgets, electrical equipments, younger siblings etc. during this period. Any travel plans for this time will not bear fruitful results. Your relationship with your younger siblings may collapse during the transit period but effective communication is the key. Health problems may follow related to the skin and nervous system. You may also face sleeping disorders or lack of sleep for this time. Those in job will get good results while business people have to suffer. There would be beneficial opportunities in job and many may get promotions or salary hike in job. Those working in the field of finance, media, writing, speaking, media and journalism will register a growth period. Transit needs caution for health and expenditures. Also take care of your communication as any sarcastic dialogues may create disharmony in relations with the family.


For the zodiac sign of Leo, Mercury owns the second and eleventh house of the horoscope. Mercury becomes the most important planet for your financial and wealth matters. Mercury will stay in the eleventh house of the zodiac for this transit period. This is an excellent position for amassing wealth. Second Lord in the eleventh house forms a dhanyoga for the natives. They will be benefitted greatly in their matters related to finances and wealth. Apart from the positive yoga for accumulation of wealth, Mercury will bring new social contacts in your life that will prove beneficial in the long run. You may get rewarded for your achievements and wonderful strategies at work. You will get socially involved during this time. Time period is very good for the students as well. They will perform wonderfully in their studies. Also, if you are involved in speculation business then this is the most favorable transit for you. You may hang out with friends and have fun time throughout. This is an excellent transit for the natives with overall prosperity on the cards. 


For Virgo zodiac, Mercury rules the ascendant and the tenth house of the horoscope. The transit of Mercury will occur in your tenth house of career and profession. What better position of planets could be other than this for your career? You will see your energy, enthusiasm and focus gaining strength during this time. You will possess high aspirations towards your work goals and will efficiently achieve them. You will enjoy comfort and peace at home with strong bonding in the family. The transit is good for gaining recognition and accolades at work. Your seniors will support you and listen to your suggestions. This will boost your morale at work. The students will perform well and their learning skills will get sharpened during this time. Time is good for making new investments and expansion in business. Those employed will be supported by influential people. Time is particularly good for chartered accountants, finance advisors, teachers, writers and lawyers.


For Libra sign, Mercury rules the ninth and the twelfth house of the zodiac. Mercury will transit into the ninth house of fortunes for this time. The Lord of luck in luck will strengthen your luck like never before. Whatever decision you will take during this time will turn fruitful. You will be a fortunate person for this time. There would be increased inclinations towards religion and spirituality. You will share excellent relations with your father. You both may go for a fun trip or for a pilgrimage together. Those in the profession of writing, editing, publishing and journalism will shine during this time. You will read religious texts and enjoy visiting temples or other places of cultural values. Chances of foreign travels are also there. Those pursuing higher studies will be benefitted with the transit. If you were waiting to go abroad for studies then you may go now! However, health of your father needs to be taken care for this time. Professionally, the transit may create problems in business and job but those working in MNCs or involved in foreign trade will see positive times. 


For Scorpio, Mercury is the Lord of the eighth and eleventh houses of the zodiac. Mercury is a functional malefic planet for Scorpio and is known to bring bad results in life. During the transit it will stay in the eighth house of the zodiac. The period is not good in terms of social relations and mental peace. You may gain through sudden means during this time. There are chances of gaining through insurance, inheritance and secret activities. Your communication skills may not support you and you may have arguments with your family and friends. It is very important to take control on your speech. Time is good for showing interest in occult and other deep subjects. Those already in the occult field may earn handsome amounts during this time. There is a need to take care of your health as chances of skin allergies or nervous related problems are there. You are advised to not to invest during this time. The job-takers may land in troubles due to conflicts or arguments at the work place. Those working in the field of research and taxation will gain good results in their respective fields.


For Sagittarius zodiac, Mercury rules over the seventh and tenth house of the horoscope. Mercury will stay in the seventh house during the transit. Mercury is the seventh house will give good results in terms of relationship with your spouse and business partner. You will enjoy harmony in relations. Trade will flourish and your mind will make profitable business strategies during this time. You will take your business to the new heights with your intellectual and creative skills. Many may tie knots during this time. Time is good to start some partnership business or invest in your business. There are chances of travel for work purposes. Your business will grow manifolds. Time is good for gaining recognition and fame for your efforts at work.


For Capricorn, Mercury owns the sixth and the ninth houses of the zodiac. The transit will take place in the sixth house of the horoscope. Time is very good for growth in career. Those in job will get promotion and salary hikes. Your intellectual and logical skills at the work will b praised by all. You will get support of your colleagues and seniors at work. Students if appearing for any competitive exam will gain wonderful results for this time. If any legal case was troubling you then you may expect decision in your favor for this time. If you wish to have a loan then your loan might get approved during this time. You will follow a strict diet and exercise regime for this time. You need to take care of your health as many health issues may disturb you during this time. 


For Aquarius, Mercury rules the fifth and eighth house of the zodiac. Mercury will transit through the fifth house of the zodiac. First of all, Mercury in the fifth house is very good for studies and learning new skills. The natives will enroll themselves for new vocational courses. On the other hand, the students will flourish in their studies with better determination. Lovers will also enjoy bliss in their relations for this time. There are chances of fun outings and leisure time to be spent with your lover or friends. However, take caution while talking to your love partner as some misunderstanding may follow. Also, the health of your children or lover may remain disturbed during this time. Those in speculative and share market field will see their profits growing tremendously for this time. Your social circle may increase but again caution in conversation is required with your elder siblings and friends. Professionally, the time period is moderate but you may earn handsome amounts by using your creativity and intelligence in business and job. 


For Pisces, Mercury rules over the fourth and seventh house of the zodiac. The transit will take place in the fourth house of the horoscope. The transit is very good to enjoy happiness at home. There would be harmony in relations with the family. You will also make gains in your business and profession. Time is good to take any long term investment decisions. There are chances of spending on upgrading the lifestyle of your home. You may also buy new gadgets or other electrical equipments for family use. Your mother will enjoy good health during this time. Those in government sector will be benefitted a lot. You will be praised at your workplace for your intelligence and great communication skills. If you are in marketing, finance, accounting, media, writing, printing, journalism etc. then time is excellent for you.