Lunar Eclipse, November 19, 2021- The most wonderful predictions and remedies

By: Future Point | 11-Nov-2021
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Lunar Eclipse, November 19, 2021- The most wonderful predictions and remedies

The longest and also the last lunar eclipse of the year 2021 is going to occur on November 19, 2021 in the zodiac sign of Taurus in Krittika Nakshatra. It is an important astronomical event for all of us. The eclipse will last for almost six hours and as per the scientists, such long eclipse will not occur in another hundred years. 

Timings in India:

In India the eclipse will start from 11:34 a.m. and will last till 5:32 p.m. in the evening. Since the duration will remain during the day time so it will not be visible in most of the parts of the country. However, it could be seen in the North Eastern part in the evening e.g. Assam etc.  

Importance of eclipse

Since the eclipse will not be visible so it doesn’t have religious implications and no sootak period will apply. Temples will remain open as usual and people may carry on with their religious activities without any hesitation. Astrologically, it is going to affect most of the people around. Since the eclipse will happen in krittika, a sense of mental stress will prevail amongst almost everyone around the globe. 

Who have to be more alert?

  • Those born in krittika nakshatra
  • Those who are undergoing Moon dasha or antardasha
  • Those who are undergoing Rahu dasha or antardasha 
  • Those who are undergoing Sun dasha or antardasha 

Areas or significations to be affected

Taurus represents the second house in natural kundali. It signifies our speech, food, finance and family. Krittika is a warrior nakshatra and represents our temper. It has that go getter attitude in it. This nakshatra is known to cut the things to separate them and also take out or reveal those things that were lying deep inside. Krittika symbolizes fire and hence it also signifies soul purification or piousness.  

During eclipse, people are advised to take care of harsh speech, arguments, eating habits and important financial decisions. The effects of an eclipse last for a month or so and are not long lasting. You will notice many things which were unknown earlier, coming to your notice during the eclipse. The Moon is comfortable in Krittika as it also gets exalted in Taurus. Significations of moon like mother, emotions, liquids and white things among others need to be taken care of that but since its in comfortable position there is no need to worry much.

Let’s discuss its effects on various signs, precautions and required remedies:


For Aries, the lord of fourth house is getting eclipsed in the second house. The aspect of Mars, Jupiter and Sun creates angaarak yoga in the second house. The presence of Rahu is already there in the second house.

  • Take financial decision carefully.
  • Take care of your harsh speech. 
  • Arguments with family regarding financial matters may happen.
  • Take care of health
  • Take medicines carefully as they may be needed to be changed. 
  • Avoid any major financial investments for now till the eclipse get over.


Rahu is already present in the ascendant since last thirteen fourteen months and has put significant impact on your personality and social relations etc. This is a defining moment for you. The ascendant lord, Venus is sitting in the eighth house so sudden transformation and changes in your finance, inheritance, relation with spouse may happen. Some unknown fact will come to notice and will help you to take future decisions. Again angaarak yoga will cause disruptions in the electronics at home. 

  • Avoid arguments
  • Take medicine carefully
  • Eat wisely


Eclipse will be in the twelfth house with Sun and ketu in the sixth house which is not that good. Legal matters may trouble you too.

  • Avoid unnecessary expenses
  • Take care of health
  • Exercise, meditate and do breathing exercise 
  • Stay spiritual
  • Avoid journeys
  • Fear of losses and accidents is there.
  • Keep control on anger
  • Worship Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha.


Eclipse will be there on the ascendant lord but it will happen in the eleventh house and moon is considered stronger here. There might be arguments with elder siblings or friends. You may need to take important decisions regarding financial matters. Your boss or elder sibling may also fall ill but nothing to fear about. 

  • Avoid important financial decisions till eclipse is over
  • Avoid arguments


The eclipse will be in the tenth house of your zodiac. Moon is your twelfth lord and the effects of Rahu, Mars, Sun and Jupiter will create change in profession. Don’t take impulsive decision regarding leaving old or accepting a new job.

  • Keep work stress at work only
  • Stay careful while dealing with public


Eclipse will be there in the Ninth house and ninth lord, Venus is weak and sitting in the eighth house. Time is not considered that good.

  • Avoid travel
  • No important decisions for now
  • Don’t take any impulsive decision regarding your father, guru, foreign relations and higher learning.
  • Stay spiritual


The eclipse will happen in the eighth house of spouse’s wealth, suddenness, and inheritance, occult and in-laws. These specifications will remain in the spot light. You may face problems at the work place as well.

  • Take care of your own and father’s health
  • Take medicines carefully
  • Drive carefully
  • Possibility of cut or surgery is there.
  • Avoid hasty decisions regarding business
  • Take care of health


The eclipse is in the seventh house but the lord of seventh is staying in the eighth house from its own position. Relations with spouse and business partners are in spotlight.

  • Take care of harsh speech
  • No impulsive decisions regarding business
  • Take care of your own and spouse’s health


The eclipse will be on the eighth lord in the sixth house which is a good situation. It means all the specifications of the sixth house like enemies, debt and diseases will turn weak. You will get rid of old debts and disease.

  • Be careful with sharp objects
  • Need to work harder 
  • Meditate to relieve stress
  • Talk sweetly with people at workplace


Eclipse will be there on the seventh lord in the fifth house. It is not considered that good. Some information regarding kids may give you shock but you will overcome the situation. 

  • Take care of your and spouse’s health
  • Talk sweetly to your beloved
  • Focus more in studies
  • Avoid speculation, gambling and stock market activities for now


The eclipse will affect the sukha bhava i.e. the fourth house of the natives. Domestic happiness may dwindle and electronics along with vehicles will be disrupted at home.  

  • Take care of mother’s health
  • Talk nicely with family members
  • Avoid arguments
  • Avoid purchase of land and vehicles

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The eclipse in the third house will affect your relations with your siblings, neighbors and friends. The ascendant lord is in debilitation which will cause nervousness, lack of confidence, anxiety etc.  Your new friends may deceive you and you need to work harder to achieve your goals. 

  • If you are a writer or work in media then choose words wisely.
  • Don’t commit anything without full information.

General remedies for eclipse

  • Worship lord Shiva and Ganpati ji 
  • Worship Devi parvati
  • Donate white things after eclipse to needy people like   kheer, sugar, milk, rice and flour etc.
  • Remember your pitra and perform pitr tarpan

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