Get ready for a prosperous ride- Jupiter transit to Aquarius

By: Dr. Arun Bansal | 10-Nov-2021
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Get ready for a prosperous ride- Jupiter transit to Aquarius

Jupiter (Guru) transit Aquarius: Jupiter, the most benevolent planet in Vedic Astrology is perhaps the most influential planet that bestows most desired attributes of wealth, luck and fortune.

Astrology enthusiasts know that the most benefic planet Jupiter was in its debilitation sign of Capricorn. Whenever a planet is in its debilitation sign it can’t work with full efficacy and most of its significations remain unexhausted or hidden.

Now, Jupiter will enter the zodiac sign Aquarius on November 20, 2021, at 11:23 AM and will remain there until April 13, 2022, at 4:57 PM. The transit of Jupiter will be for a short span due to its fast speed and after that it will enter the Pisces on April 13, 2022, at 4:58 PM. 

Jupiter, the biggest fortune is coming out of its debilitation sign and this is big news for everyone around the world.

There would be surge in education, business, earning capabilities, marriage and progeny or we can say that people will attract fortunes with this transit.

However, the condition and association of Jupiter in the natal chart will remain prime indicator of the results for the natives around the world. But since it’s a natural benefic planet, everyone is bound to get positive results in one manner or the other.

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Aquarius is the eleventh sign and depicts the eleventh house in kal purush kundali. Eleventh house signifies fulfillment of desires and gains.

Now planet of expansion is coming in the house/sign of gains, it itself speaks about the quantum of positive results for everyone in the world.

It is a general indication of economic growth and prosperity all over. Aquarius is a fixed sign and thus whatever will be achieved during the stay of Jupiter in this zodiac sign will be of long lasting and permanent nature.

The transit may raise tendencies for research and development and at the same time people will become more social. The formation of new and influential business set ups will be there with focus on creating large social networks. 

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We have given below a general description of the effects, Jupiter transit will bring forth for all 12 zodiac sign people:


Jupiter transit will take place in the eleventh house of your zodiac. Jupiter is a functional benefic for your chart as it rules your 9th house of religion, luck & fortune and also the 12th house of expenditures & foreign gains.

The transit will bring immense gains to you with enhancement in your social image. Your ascendant lord Mars will remain under the 9th aspect of Jupiter in the beginning which talks of growth in personality and knowledge.

The benefic aspect on the third house will also resolve issues with your siblings and others in close contact. Students too will see prosperous time with increased interests in studies.

Their focus will increase and natives tend to get more creative with this transit. Those indulged in stock market will also see good time. There would be rise in spiritual and religious inclinations. People will do more charities and would turn more benevolent.

Those awaiting progeny may also get good news. Employed natives may be given a promotion at work, but this could also mean a heavier workload so deal with it nicely.

Profits may increase for those who are doing joint ventures or partnership businesses. Those working in fields like media, medical, or engineering fields may also look forward to making a good income. 


The transit of Jupiter will take place in the tenth house of karma and profession. Jupiter rules over 8th house of transformation & uncertainty and 11th house of income & gains for Taurus natives.

Jupiter here will increase your savings and bank balance with its aspect on 2nd house. Your relations with the family will also remain cordial. There might be change in your profession or job but it will be for good and bring financial stability for you.

You may also undergo some transformation due to your work routine. Jupiter will also bring domestic peace and you may also invest in some property and vehicle during the transit. Taurus professionals can look forward to a favorable work atmosphere.

But it is important to weigh the pros and cons of your actions before taking any important decisions. School students may suffer from a lack of concentration; hence, they need to concentrate more in their studies. Researchers will be successful in their work.


Aquarius is the 9th House or Bhagya Sthana for Gemini; hence, the transit of karaka into 9th house will be highly beneficial for Gemini natives.

Jupiter will also cast its 5th aspect on the ascendant itself, 7th aspect on the 3rd House, and 9th aspect on the 5th House. Hence, this Jupiter transit may bring many good attributes for the natives.

There could be wedding bells, childbirth, gains from paternal properties, and travel to foreign countries. Though Jupiter is Markesh planet for Gemini but as it rules kendra house and is transiting through the 9th house, it becomes auspicious and bestow great fortune on the natives.

The prime effect may be the change in career or work for good. Those in employment may get promotion with transfer. There may be good gains through investments in speculative trades during transit.

This could also enable you to repay some of your old loans. Besides, opportunities for making handsome profits from new business ventures may fall your way. You may also earn fairly well through mutual funds.

Religious inclinations will increase and you may spend on donations to charities. Students would do well in studies. Those pursuing post-graduation may excel in their studies. But on the downside, the natives may suffer from dejection, insomnia, or depression due to a heavy workload.

Practice meditation and do regular walks to avoid any kind of health issues. Also, elderly women may develop joint-related problems, and they should seek medical advice for the same.


Jupiter will be forming vipreet raj yoga for your zodiac with its transit. As devguru brihaspati rules your 6th house of debt, disease, or enemies and will transit into 8th house of suddenness & transformation.

It also rules the 9th house of religion and luck, so you may expect good results here. However, you will face certain hurdles in the beginning but later on will get property in inheritance or other sudden gains.

Work pressure may rise too and you may also shift your location for work purpose it means separation from the family. Take care of your aggression and harsh words. Indigestion problems and mental stress may prevail so mind your poor dietary habits.

Doing Yoga and meditation will be of great help. Love and married relations will do fine and remain harmonious. Those indulged in foreign trade, too, may have significant earnings. This is a favorable time to invest in land or vehicles.

Avoid arguments at the work place too. School students will do well in their studies, but those who are doing graduation will have to spend more time on studies to achieve success.

The transit of Jupiter will also help those aspiring to go abroad for studies. Those doing research work will also excel in their respective projects.


Jupiter transit in the seventh house of Leo natives will help those waiting to tie the knot since long. For others, it may bring new opportunities for starting new business ventures.

The transit of 5th and 8th lord Jupiter in the 7th house of the zodiac, will cast its aspect on the eleventh, first and third house. Thus one may expect good results regarding these houses.

Relationships with younger siblings will get more pleasant and some auspicious events like marriage, childbirth, etc. are on the cards.

Your social circle may increase too. Heavy workload may give you mental stress but regular meditation can bring relief. Married couples will enjoy marital bliss and harmony in life. Financial position will also get strengthened and there would be control on your expenses too.

Stay cautious in your interactions with higher authorities and speak nicely to them. Those in teaching profession will witness boost in finances. Students will do well too.

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Jupiter will transit through the sixth house of the zodiac which is not a supportive position. However, the transit will prove beneficial for career but at the same time domestic happiness may dwindle.

Jupiter rules the 4th house of comforts & mother and 7th house of spouse & partnership for Virgo natives. Take care of your harsh words and respect your colleagues.

There might be increase in your savings but at the same time exert strict control on your unnecessary expenses. You may also earn through foreign resources.

You are advised to take care of your personal issues and avoid unnecessary arguments, as it might lead to health ailments for you. There is a chance of overwork, and this may affect your health.

Some of you may have some health issues like neck pain or backache, so do not neglect your health. Regular walks and the practice of meditation will be good for you. Love relations may see a downfall.

There would remain disharmony in marital relationships too. Promising finances will improve your economic status. You may spend for beautification of your house or travel. There are good chances of progress in your career but take care of your negative emotions at the work place.

New business opportunities may also come your way. This Jupiter transit is likely to bring wonderful results for school students even those pursuing higher studies will also do well. 


Jupiter rules over the 3rd house of efforts & communication and 6th house of debt, disease, or enemies of Libra natives. The planet will transit through the 5th house of education & creativity.

It is wonderful time to gain knowledge and education. Those awaiting kids will also get good news. Natives awaiting marriage may also find their soul mate. Long distance journeys will bring good gains.

Your father and teachers or guru will support you throughout. New resources of income will be generated in this period and any obstacles which you were facing earlier may get resolved now. Take care of your health especially stomach ailments.


Jupiter the ruler of 2nd and 5th house of your zodiac and it will transit through 4th house of your zodiac. There may be change in your location of work or home.

Jupiter transit is a favorable time to acquire vehicles, land, buildings, etc. Talking about your career & profession, then it would be a very good transit and will provide you increase in your status & reputation.

Inclination towards the spirituality will be there and your overall personality will get impacted much in this period. You are likely to get unexpected monetary gains, good professional opportunities, gains through foreign travel.

There might be some misunderstandings with your siblings regarding financial matters. There could also be misunderstanding with family members about some investments decisions.

So, you are advised to avoid any kind of arguments during the transit. Also, you may need to spend on your mother’s health. Your health may trouble you so take care. Love and marital relations will flourish for Scorpios.

Your past investments will yield good returns and your debts will decrease this time. School students are required to put in lot of hard work to succeed. Also, those doing research work would succeed in their endeavors.


The ascendant lord Jupiter will transit through your 3rd house of initiatives, hard work & communication. The transit will bring change in place of work or residence. Jupiter transit would prove fruitful for you as all your wishes may be fulfilled.

Those awaiting marriage may tie the knot, and auspicious events like childbirth could take place in families. You may also acquire vehicles, property, lands, etc. your relationship with younger and elder siblings will grow stronger.

Health would remain sound throughout but sudden issues like back pain and migraine may trouble you. Love and marital relations will flourish during the transit. You may go for long distance journeys too.

You will tend to get spiritual and have religious inclinations during the transit. This Jupiter transit may improve the financial fortunes of employed natives and also bring good profits for business natives.

It is a good time to make handsome profits in partnership ventures. School students have to focus more to succeed in academic field. 


The transit will take place in the 2nd House of wealth for Capricorn sign, so this Jupiter transit will have a positive impact on the financial status of the natives.

Also, it could bring good job opportunities to those unemployed and promotions to already employed natives. You may get some property in inheritance. There might be disharmony with family members. It is better to avoid any kind of arguments with your family members.

Issues might be relating to financial matters. Children’s health may also deteriorate but amicable relationships with friends will make you happy.

You may face mental stress or lack of sleep due to a heavy workload. But regular walks and meditation will help you. Your mother may complaint of joint-related issues as well so take timely medical advice.

The married will witness strong conjugal bond amongst themselves. You will get financially stable through enhanced money flow or pay hike. Your savings will prove sufficient to support your expenses and you will experience more comforts and luxuries at home.

School students should try to avoid distractions in their studies. Also, those awaiting job after completion of their studies will get employment with good salary. Some may also go abroad to study further.


Jupiter will stay in ascendant during the transit which is a good position for Aquarius natives. The benevolent planet will bless the natives with high intellect and happiness from kids. Also, the employed may get a promotion along with a transfer or change in job.

Love and peace may prevail among family members. Couples who are yearning for children may also be blessed with progeny. Religious atmosphere at home will make you feel spiritual at this time. You may also make monetary gains from friends and relatives.

Health needs to be taken care of especially ulcers and indigestion. Love relationships will blossom and obstacles in marriages may vanish now. Married couples will share blissful and harmonious relationships.

This Jupiter transit may be rather beneficial as far as money matters are concerned. Significant improvement in finances and sizable profits from speculative ventures like stock and share trading are foreseen. The business, too, may thrive, yielding good profits.

Those engaged in partnership businesses will make huge profits. School students will perform well and those pursuing higher studies will get high scores in examinations.


The ascendant lord Jupiter will stay in 12th house of foreign land & expenditures. The transit may not be that favorable and may create some sort of isolation for you. You will feel spiritually inclined and there might be increase in expenses for some.

You may also feel transformed due to your higher education or due to guidance of your mentor/gurus or father. Further, take good care of your father’s health and avoid any kind of arguments with him, your boss or Guru in this period.

Good time to connect yourself with divinity and religious pursuits. Show respect to your father and other fatherly figures which will enhance your luck.

Your finances may not be in good shape as desired. However, you may be able to boost your economic status through your hard work. Besides, some Pisces natives could invest in land or buildings, thereby incurring heavy expenses.

Handsome profits may come through foreign investments. But it is also important that you save money for the future.

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