Living Blissfully by Imbibing the Wisdom of Vastu Shastra

By: Future Point | 26-Nov-2020
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Living Blissfully by Imbibing the Wisdom of Vastu Shastra

Everyone wishes for a life that is full of joy, laughter, sound health, success and prosperity. However, despite working hard in life a large number of people find it extremely difficult to realize most of their dreams & desires in life. In fact, there are only a handful who actually live a life that is blessed with abundant wealth, good health, blissful relationships and true success.

So, is there a way by which an ordinary person can raise the level of his/her life’s quality or he/she is just caught in the play of fate and must lead the life as it comes along?

Let us first understand that our fate or destiny is nothing but our making and it is unfolded in various aspects of our lives by the planetary bodies as per their placement in our horoscopes. Apart from the planets, there are enormously powerful cosmic energies that affect our lives in a phenomenal manner based on the architecture of the house that we live in.

The science that deals with the effect of different cosmic energies upon a structure based on its architecture is known as Vastu and the scripture that holds this divine knowledge is called Vastu Shastra.

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What Makes Vastu So Important In Our Lives?

Well, when we say that the cosmic energies affect a structure as per its architecture then it also implies that these cosmic energies will automatically cast their effects upon the lives of people living in  that structure too!

This is why understanding the principles of Vastu and applying its rules while building & designing a house is of paramount importance for ensuring a smooth, successful and happy life for its residents.

Mind you, the effects that different cosmic energies bring in the lives of people dwelling in a house is simply phenomenal and any disturbance in the Vastu of a house or a ‘Vastu Dosh’ can attract a flow of malefic energies into the house and wreak havoc in the lives of its residents.

We Talk to Astrologer to know how different planets are slated to affect us with respect to various domains of our lives as well as what are the astrological remedies that have the potential of pacifying the ill placed planets of our horoscopes and simultaneously strengthening those that are favourable to us.    

However, it is equally important that a person must consult with a professional Vastu Expert to know what is the state of Vastu in his/her house and what are the tips & remedies that he/she can adopt to ward off Vastu Dosh from his/her house and thereby attract a flow of positive & prosperous energies into the house.

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Indications of a Vastu Dosh

A house that has a flaw in its Vastu or in other words is negatively affected by a Vastu Dosh present due to some non Vastu compliant architectural design or functionality inside the house that is attracting negative cosmic energies can be extremely detrimental for its residents.

Remember, the Five Primordial Elements govern specific directions and establishing a functionality inside a house in a direction that disturbs the native element present there, results in serious troubles in the lives of the residents.

If a house is completely Vastu compliant then the Five Elements will automatically flourish in the house and there will be a continuous flow of positive cosmic energies which will bring ample growth, success and happiness in the lives of people residing in that house.

However, a Vastu Dosh creates a disturbance in the element of a direction where there is the Vastu Dosh present and opens up a celestial doorway for negative cosmic energies to enter inside the house and negatively affect the lives of the residents.   

Following are the few of many indications of a Vastu Dosh present in a house:

  • Repeated obstacles or failures in key endeavours of life.
  • Financial Losses.
  • Frequent accidents or ailments.
  • Lack of harmony among members of a family.
  • Bad personal and professional relationships.
  • Stagnant career or profession with lack of growth opportunities.
  • Continuously deteriorating health and energy levels.
  • Court cases and legal troubles.
  • Disputes related to property.

Hence, when it comes to ensuring an all-round positive growth & development in your life as well as the lives of your family members, it is imperative that you take the help of the divine occult wisdom of Vastu Shastra and open up the celestial doorways of positive cosmic energies that bring sound health, abundant wealth, bliss and harmony in a family.

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