Guidance from the Best Astrologer In Delhi is All You Need!

By: Future Point | 25-Nov-2020
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Guidance from the Best Astrologer In Delhi is All You Need!

What is Astrology?

Astrology is a sacred occult science that reveals what the planets are signifying for an individual’s destiny as per their placements in that individual’s Kundli or Horoscope.

It is the sheer efficacy of Astrology that has resulted in keeping it relevant in the society since times immemorial. In fact, since this science originated in the Vedic Era, it is also known as Vedic Astrology.

The Holy Sages of the land of Bharat which is the modern day India, revealed this science so that people could make use of its occult powers to have an idea of how their life is broadly slated to pan out as per the planetary effects that are being cast upon them so that they could make informed decisions in life.

Real Benefit of Astrology

Well, knowing how our destiny is poised to unfold is undoubtedly great, but being able to make changes to our destiny is simply incredible!

Astrology offers the tools to change our fate to a considerable degree in the form of powerful & result oriented remedial measures. These remedial measures are based on the personal horoscope of an individual and fundamentally aim at pacifying the negative effects of the ill placed planets of the horoscope that are responsible for creating troubles in that individual’s life.

Remember, the real solution of a planet induced problem can only be achieved once the root planetary issue that is responsible for the problem is successfully addressed.

Timely application of horoscope specific astrological remedies have the potential of literally changing the course of one’s destiny towards unbelievable growth & prosperity in life. Hence, it will not be an exaggeration to say that Astrology has the potential of empowering an individual to become the master of his/her own destiny!

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Gemstones- Mystical Doorways to Planetary Energies! 

Planets vibrate at a particular frequency in the Cosmos and emanate very specific types of energies that have unique attributes. Every planet in Astrology is said to be associated with a particular Gemstone that reverberates on the exact same frequency as that of the planet that it is associated with.

Following is the list of Planets and the Gemstones that they are associated with:

  • Sun- Ruby
  • Moon- Pearl
  • Jupiter- Yellow Sapphire
  • Venus- Diamond
  • Mars- Red Coral
  • Mercury- Emerald
  • Saturn- Blue Sapphire
  • Rahu- Hessonite
  • Ketu- Cat’s Eye

A gemstone basically acts as a medium through which the energy of the planet that it is associated with flows in the physical as well as the subtle bodies of a person who wears that gemstone.

An astrologer upon analyzing the horoscope of a native recommends a gemstone of the planet that is well placed in the horoscope and is positive for the native. 

Once the native wears the gemstone of the planet which is favourable to him/her, the positive energies of that planet starts to enter into the domain/s of the native’s life that the planet signifies. As a result, success & positive outcomes with respect to the domain/s signified by the planet become a natural consequence in the native’s life!

An All-in-One Astrological Solution    

If you are looking for a complete or all-in-one astrological solution in the form of phenomenally useful guidance or revelations with respect to various aspects of your life along with powerful remedies as per the original planetary placement in your personal or birth horoscope, then simply go for the Horoscope Report that is prepared by our highly experienced astrologers exclusively for you based on your specific birth details!

So, take the wise & smart step of imbibing the divine wisdom of Vedic Astrology in your life and open up the doorways to unparalleled growth, success & prosperity!

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