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Vastu Shastra Tips for an Effective Study Room

By: Future Point | 19-Jun-2018
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Vastu is the ancient science of cosmic architecture compiled in a scripture called Vastu Shastra. It was revealed by the Sages of ancient Bharat (India) to guide people on how to strike a balance or harmony among the 5 primordial elements that reside/operate in different directions. It provides principles for constructing buildings that are in sync with the cosmic energies to benefit occupants. The science of Vastu primarily involves designing the architecture of a building in a way that the 5 primordial elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Space) remain in a balanced state and attract positive energies from the cosmos into the building. It provides guidelines on shape, layout, spatial geometry, orientation and positioning of homes, offices, industries and public spaces for optimal flow of positive energy. When structures are aligned with natural laws of energy, it fosters health, prosperity and positivity for the inhabitants. Practicing Vastu can deeply enrich our lives.

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The Importance of Vastu for Study Rooms

The study room in a house is a place/section that deeply facilitates the process of gaining knowledge and helps a person to move ahead to achieve his/her academic objectives. Implementing proper Vastu principles in designing study spaces establishes positive energy that stimulates the mind. The balance of elements enhances focus, memory, creativity, knowledge absorption and academic performance. Vastu creates an environment conducive for educational success and self-development.

  • Best Corner as per Vastu to place a Study Table in a Room

The northeast corner is an excellent spot for placing the study table as it promotes concentration. Face east or north while studying to align with energies supporting learning. If the house settings permit then the table could be placed/positioned in the east  or north corner as well. One must ensure that the space remains free of clutter and attention must also be paid to keeping a tidy & beautiful wall. Follow these Vastu guidelines for optimal study vibes.

  • Vastu Tips for Arranging a Study Table Under a Window

The principles of Vastu warrant a person to sit in a position where he/she would be facing the north or east direction when studying, especially if there is a window in front. Install a window on the east or north wall if possible. Make sure the view from the table is positive, not obstructed. Control glare with blinds; ample natural light aids focus. Keep the space neat, shelves organized. Adhering to these Vastu pointers activates positive energies for education.

  • Tips based on Vastu for setting up a Study Table against a Wall

Place the study table against the east or north wall as per Vastu. Sit facing east for optimal energy flow. Install a serene landscape, gods' images or positive symbols like OM on the wall. Keep wires along the wall edge. Avoid sitting with your back to the door. Following these Vastu guidelines promotes harmony and concentration.

  • Placing a Study Table as per Vastu in the Center of a Room

Sit facing east or north while using a centrally placed table as per Vastu. Ensure the study area is well-lit and ventilated. Keep the space clutter-free with minimal furniture. Install a small, round white light above the table. This Vastu arrangement allows maximum focus and mental agility from all directions for learning.

  • Vastu Tips for Arranging a Study Table with a Mirror

Avoid placing a mirror directly in front or behind the study table, as per Vastu it disturbs concentration. You can put a mirror on the north or east wall adjacent to the table. Sit facing east or north. The mirror should not reflect your image while studying. Following these Vastu pointers allows the positive reflections of a mirror without distraction.

  • Vastu Tips for Arranging a Study Table with a Plant

As per Vastu, keep plants in the east or northeast area of the study room to improve concentration, not on the table. Small plants can be placed on the floor near the table. Water the plants daily and remove dead leaves to avoid stagnant energy. Choose plants with rounded leaves. Adhering to these Vastu guidelines allows you to integrate plants elegantly.

The Most Suitable Direction for a Study Room as per Vastu

As per the Vastu Shastra, the direction which is considered as the most auspicious is the northeast. This space cultivates mental clarity and absorption of knowledge when used for learning. North, east and the east-facing corners of other rooms are also excellent directions. Place the study table facing east or north to align with Vastu energies that stimulate education.

  • What are the tips based on the principles of Vastu for a Study Room that faces North?

For a north-facing study room, place the table in the north or east with your back facing south. The door of the room is ideal when installed in the northern or eastern wall. Add warm lighting as the north direction induces coolness. Decorate walls with inspiring images and positive symbols. Follow these Vastu guidelines to promote concentration and balance the energies.

  • Tips based on Vastu for East facing Study Rooms

In an east-facing study space, situate the table in the east with your back to the west. Locate the door in the east or north wall as per Vastu. Decorate with symbols of knowledge and light colors to stimulate the mind. Open windows in the east and north for proper air circulation and lighting. Following these tips nourishes learning.

  • Vastu Tips for a Study Room Facing South

For a south-facing study space, place furniture in the west and south. Locate the door in the west wall. Add brighter lights and energizing images as south is a warm direction. Study facing east for optimal energy flow. Control outside noise. Following these Vastu pointers neutralizes distraction and builds concentration in a south-facing room.

  • Tips based on Vastu for West facing Study Rooms

In a west-facing study room, situate the table in the north or east with your back to the west. The door of the room is ideal when installed in the northern wall. Use vibrant, inspiring wall décor and warm lights to balance western coolness. Open windows on the east and north sides for natural lighting. Adhering to these Vastu tips promotes learning.

  • Tips based on Vastu for North East facing Study Rooms

Optimize your study room's energy by adhering to Vastu principles for a northeast-facing space. Your study table is best suited if placed or positioned in the northeast corner and opt for shapes that are rectangular rather than oval. Go for soothing colours, ensure as much natural light as possible and avoid big and often unnecessary furniture in the room.

  • Vastu Tips for a Study Room Facing the Southeast

To enhance the productivity and positivity of a southeast-facing study room, follow Vastu tips. Place the study table in the southeast corner, utilize warm and vibrant colors, and maintain a clutter-free environment. Focus should be on ensuring proper ventilation in the room and if possible then the study table must not be placed against a wall that is also shared by the bathroom or kitchen.

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The Best Colors for a Study Room

The best colors for a study room are calming and conducive to focus. Opt for soft blues, greens, or neutral tones like beige and gray to create a serene atmosphere. Accent with warm colors like yellow or orange for inspiration. Avoid overly bright or distracting hues to promote concentration and productivity.

  • Tips based on Vastu for a Study Room having Blue Coloured Walls

When your study room features blue walls, consider Vastu tips for balance. In order to attract energies that promote concentration & focus, the study table should be positioned in the north or east direction. Add warm-colored elements, like yellow or beige, in decor to offset the coolness of blue. Ensure clutter-free organization and ample natural light to promote learning and focus.

  • Tips based on Vastu for a Study Room having Green Coloured Walls

For a study room adorned with green walls, harmonize the space with Vastu wisdom. In order to attract energies that promote concentration & focus, the study table should be positioned in the north or northeast direction. Use neutral or earthy tones in decor to balance green's vibrancy. Ensure tidy surroundings, good lighting, and proper ventilation for an optimal learning environment.

  • Tips based on Vastu for a Study Room having Yellow Coloured Walls

In a study room adorned with yellow walls, apply Vastu principles for an ideal ambiance. The principles of Vastu say that placing the study table in the east or northeast corner of the room will increase focus. Balance the brightness of yellow with neutral or white accents. Keep the room clutter-free, well-lit, and airy to promote productive learning.

  • Tips based on Vastu for a Study Room having Red Coloured Walls

When designing a study room with red walls, consider Vastu guidance for balance. The best placement of the study table to derive maximum Vastu benefits would be in the southeast or south direction of the room. Offset red's intensity with neutral or white decor. Maintain organization, ensure ample lighting, and avoid clutter for a conducive space that fosters concentration and motivation.

  • Tips based on Vastu for a Study Room having White Coloured Walls

There are many Vastu based tips for a study room having white walls (which is very common). The study table should be positioned in the north or east direction of the room for attracting cosmic energies that enhance focus. Introduce colors like blue or green in decor to add vibrancy. Keep the room clutter-free, well-organized, and well-lit to create an ideal learning environment.

  • Tips based on Vastu for a Study Room having Black Coloured Walls

In a study room with black walls (which is rare), apply Vastu guidelines for balance. Position the study table in the north or northeast corner of the room to enhance focus. Use light-colored or vibrant decor elements to counteract the darkness. Maintain tidiness, ensure ample lighting, and good ventilation for a productive and motivating learning space.

The Best Furniture Arrangements for a Study Room

For an effective study room, prioritize functionality and comfort. Place the study table against a solid wall for focus. Utilize ergonomic chairs for comfort and posture. Ensure adequate lighting, with a window behind or beside the table. Add shelves or storage nearby for easy access to study materials, maintaining a clutter-free environment.

  • Vastu Tips for the Best Corner in a Room to place a Study Table

When arranging a study table in the corner of a room, consider Vastu principles for optimal energy flow and concentration. Ensure the table faces east or north for positivity and focus. Keep the area clutter-free, well-lit, and free from distractions to promote productive studying and personal growth.

  • Vastu Tips for Arranging a Study Table Under a Window

Arranging a study table under a window in accordance with Vastu principles can enhance your learning environment. Place the table so that you face east or north while studying, allowing for natural light and fresh air to improve concentration. Keep the area clutter-free and inspiring for productive learning sessions.

  • Vastu based Tips to follow while positioning a Study Table Against a Wall

Arranging a study table against a wall following Vastu guidelines can create a conducive learning space. In order to ensure the flow of positive cosmic energies in the room, arrange the study table in the east or north direction. Keep the wall clean and decorate it with motivational posters or artwork to boost focus and productivity.

  • Vastu based Tips to follow while positioning a Study Table in the Center of a Room

Placing a study table in the center of a room can be harmonious with Vastu principles. To do so effectively, ensure the table faces north or east for enhanced concentration. Use a low-height room divider or a light fixture above the table to create a designated study area, maintaining balance and positivity.

  • Vastu Tips for Arranging a Study Table with a Mirror

Incorporating a mirror into your study table arrangement while adhering to Vastu can have positive effects. Place the mirror on the northern or eastern wall, reflecting natural light and promoting a sense of expansion in the study space. Ensure the mirror doesn't directly face the study table, preventing distractions and maintaining concentration.

  • Vastu Tips for Arranging a Study Table with a Plant

Incorporating a plant into your study table arrangement in accordance with Vastu can enhance the learning environment. Position the plant in the northeast or east corner of the table to promote growth, vitality, and a positive atmosphere. Choose low-maintenance, vibrant green plants to create a harmonious and refreshing study area.

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The Best Lighting for a Study Room

A balanced combination of natural as well as artificial lighting arrangement is the most suited for a study room. Natural light from windows or skylights helps reduce eye strain and creates a refreshing atmosphere. Additional lighting arrangements in the form of table lamps could also be included should such a need arises. Avoid harsh, glare-inducing lights and opt for warm, white LED bulbs for a comfortable and conducive study environment.

  • Vastu Tips for Using Natural Light in a Study Room

Enhance your study room with Vastu tips for optimal natural light. Position your study area to capture abundant daylight. Walls & curtains should be light colored and soothing. Incorporate plants for positivity and balance. Keep windows clean for unobstructed illumination. These Vastu principles can create a harmonious and well-lit study space.

  • Vastu Tips for Using Artificial Light in a Study Room

To optimize artificial light in your study room according to Vastu principles, consider these tips. Install bright, energy-efficient lighting fixtures. Place them in the southeast or northwest corners for balanced illumination. Use warm white or cool white bulbs depending on your preference. Ensure your study room is well-lit to foster focus and productivity.

  • Vastu Tips for Using a Study Lamp

When using a study lamp, follow Vastu guidelines for a conducive study environment. Position the lamp in the southeast corner of the room for enhanced concentration. Opt for a bright, adjustable light source to reduce strain. Keep the lamp clean and clutter-free to encourage clarity and focus during study sessions.

  • Vastu Tips for Avoiding Fluorescent Lighting in a Study Room

To create a Vastu-compliant study room, it's advisable to avoid fluorescent lighting. Instead, opt for natural light or incandescent or LED bulbs. Fluorescent lights can disrupt the room's energy flow. Ensure your study area is well-illuminated with softer, warmer lighting to enhance concentration and productivity while maintaining positive Vastu energy.

  • Vastu Tips for Avoiding Harsh Lighting in a Study Room

For a harmonious study environment in line with Vastu principles, steer clear of harsh lighting. Opt for soft, diffused illumination to reduce glare and eye strain. Use lamps with adjustable brightness and warm-toned bulbs. Position the light source behind you to prevent shadows on your study materials. These tips promote a conducive and comfortable study atmosphere.

  • Vastu Tips for Using Soft Lighting in a Study Room

To harness the benefits of soft lighting in your study room following Vastu principles, consider these tips. Use warm-toned LED or incandescent bulbs for a soothing ambiance. Place lamps strategically to avoid harsh shadows and maintain a balanced atmosphere. Opt for lampshades that diffuse light gently. This approach encourages focus and tranquility in your study space, aligning with Vastu principles.

How to Create a Vastu-Compliant Study Space

Creating a Vastu-compliant study space involves harmonizing your environment to enhance focus, productivity, and overall well-being. Start by choosing the right location, preferably in the northeast or east section of your home, as these directions are considered auspicious in Vastu. Ensure that your desk faces east or north to harness positive energy flow.

Maintain a clutter-free workspace to promote clarity of thought and concentration. Incorporate colours that are light and Use soothing colours for walls e.g. sky blue, peach or beige. Incorporate natural light and fresh air for a refreshing ambiance.

Avoid placing study materials under beams or in dark corners. By aligning your study area with Vastu principles, you can create a conducive environment for effective learning and personal growth.


In conclusion, designing a Vastu-compliant study space empowers you to maximize your potential and well-being. By adhering to Vastu principles, you can align your study area with positive energy flows and create an environment conducive to focus and productivity. Selecting the right location, maintaining cleanliness, and utilizing soothing colors and natural elements play pivotal roles in achieving this balance. Embracing these guidelines not only enhances your academic pursuits but also fosters a sense of inner peace and balance. It is also advisable to Talk to a Vastu Expert to get their insights on how to create a Vastu-compliant study space that is specific to your needs and goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Vastu Shastra applicable only to study rooms?

Not at all. The occult science of Vastu described in Vastu Shastra is applicable to various sections of a house such as Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom Bathroom etc.

Can I use Vastu remedies to improve my children's study habits?

Yes, creating a Vastu-compliant study room can positively influence your children's study habits.

What if my home layout doesn't allow for an east or northeast-facing study room?

In such cases, consult a Vastu expert to find suitable remedies or adjustments.

How long does it take to see the effects of Vastu adjustments in a study room?

The effects can vary, but many people report improved focus and concentration within a few weeks of implementing Vastu changes.