Know about Astrology Yoga for a good job

By: Future Point | 27-Jan-2022
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Know about Astrology Yoga for a good job

We all wish for a good job where we can earn ample money and recognition in society. Sometimes, even after trying hard and doing lot of hard work we don’t get the job of our choice.

A person may have every quality required to get a good job but still he/she has to face disappointments and have to settle for less. Why does this happen? Why do we don’t get our dream job? Why even a

fter making every possible effort we have to settle for less than what we deserve? The answer probably lies in the sutras or principles of astrology. 

Career Horoscopes may predict about a career or job of a person and the related success with it. Our natal chart holds the secret of the path we are going to follow in our lifetime and astrology may reveal those secrets.

Sometimes, we see that a person keeps on changing jobs and never seems satisfied with what he/she gets. This is all due to the astrological yogas and planetary placements in an individual’s birth chart.

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The relation between Astrology and job of an individual   

In Astrology there are certain houses and planets that are related to the profession or job of an individual. The dasha system also plays an important role in determining whether the person will get the desired job in life or not. The planetary combinations for a good job completely depend on individual birth charts.

Every job seeker remains curious about the timing of getting a job. Based on an individual’s birth particulars, the best astrologer may predict in advance everything about a job of that individual. While analyzing job opportunities for the native, each and every planet has to be studied carefully to come out with an accurate prediction. 

The Sun plays an important role when it comes to getting a govt. job. Any relation of a strong Sun with 10th lord or 10th house gives good possibilities of getting a govt. job. But at the same time association of other natal planets will also matter in getting a govt. job.

It is interesting to know, which is the most hardworking zodiac sign?

Capricorn and Aquarius as ruled by the hard task master Saturn are considered the most hardworking zodiac sign!

Important Houses for a job

According to Astrology the 1st, 2nd, 6th, and 10th houses in a kundli are responsible for job or profession. The second, sixth and tenth houses are in trikona from each other.

  • Second house: Second house is a house of wealth. It shows how much wealth one is going to get in his/her life. 
  • Sixth house: Sixth house shows service and getting money by means of loan and salary.
  • Tenth house: The 10th house is the house of Karma i.e. our deeds. The astrologers usually give immense importance to the sign of tenth house, lord of 10th house and planets placed in this house while predicting about the profession of a native. In fact 10th house deals with all questions related to career. 

Some important astrological yogas for getting a good job

  • If the lord of the 10th house is placed in Kendra or trikona or has any connection with the lagna lord then the individual gets a desired job.
  • Any Parivartan yoga between 10th lord and lagna lord or 5th lord or 9th lord is considered very auspicious for getting a desired job.
  • If a person has strong Sun in lagna or the tenth house of the birth chart then he/she gets a desired job. This combination may also give a govt. job to the native.
  • If Jupiter, Mars or Sun aspects the tenth house in an individual’s chart then he/she gets extremely good and satisfactory job.
  • If a native has a conjunction of Sun, Jupiter and Moon then he/she may get a govt. job.
  • If Sun is placed in the second house and aspects the tenth lord then the native earns sufficiently good amount from the job.
  •  If Sun and Saturn are well placed in the birth chart of a native then the native gets a good job. 
  • A strong Sun in the sixth house gives a good job to the native.
  • Strong Mercury and a strong Saturn also give good job to the native.
  • Saturn is considered a karaka of hard work and manual labor required for conducting a job. So, a strong Saturn is considered good to get a desired job.
  • If the lord of tenth house is exalted or placed in a friendly sign or aspect the tenth house the person gets a good job in the dasha and Antardasha of that planet.
  • Any association between the tenth and ninth Lord through placement, aspect, or conjunction is considered very good for job or career of the native.

Remedies for a good job

  • An afflicted Sun may cause problems in the job or career of the native. So, it is very important to pacify or please your Sun.
  • Offer water to the Sun every morning within one hour of the sunrise. For that one has to take copper vessel and fill it with water also put some jaggery in it and then offer this water to lord Sun while reciting “om suryaye namah” or “om ghrini suryaye namah”. One may also chant gayatri mantra for 11times.
  • One should also worship Lord Vishnu to get His blessings for a successful career or job.
  • Talk to astrologer if you have a weak Sun and wishes to remove its ill effects.
  • Donate jaggery and red colored clothes to poor people on Tuesdays to get a good job or perform well in your existing job.
  • Respect your parents and never insult them. Touch their feet to get their blessings.
  • One may do japa of gayatri mantra using red sandal beads rosary.
  • One may learn astrology to know about each planet and its effects in our life.

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