It’s Time to Become Famous And Win Favors Of Your Seniors - Sun Is In Leo!

By: Future Point | 27-Aug-2022
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It’s Time to Become Famous And Win Favors Of Your Seniors - Sun Is In Leo!

In Vedic Astrology, the Sun is known as the king of the astrological cabinet and shows the father or fatherly figures. The atmakarka Sun is a male planet and represents power.

A strong Sun in the kundli makes the person famous, energetic, strong and favorite of all. The fiery Sun governs the zodiac sign of Leo, which is again a fiery, fixed and masculine zodiac sign.

It is the general rule of Astrology that any planet feels stronger when placed in its mooltrikona or own sign. Sun in Leo feels at ease! Leo is a sign depicting power and strength in Astrology. The Sun usually transits into Leo from August 16 to September 16 each year. 

The Sun’s transit into Leo will bring varied results for the native around the world. Based on free online birth chart through the best astrology software, the transit may prove good, moderate or bad for you.

Visit an astrologer to understand the personalized results of this transit in your life. Here, we mention the general results of the transit of Sun in Leo.

Date and time of transit of Sun in Leo

The Sun will enter into its mooltrikona sign Leo on August 17, 2022 at 07:14 A.M.  

A general rule to know whether the transit of Sun in Leo is good or bad for you

In Astrology, there are various ways to identify whether a specific transit is good or bad for a person. Here, we will make use of “Moorti nirnayan” method. First of all it is important to see where the transiting moon is placed in your kundli at the time of transit of the Sun.

This can be known accurately by using LeoStar- I Vedic Astrology Software. The software helps to understand the exact position of the planets in the sky at any particular moment of time. Now-

Count the placement of transiting Moon from the natal Moon of your birth chart at the time of Sun entering Leo.

The transit can be categorized as follows-

  • If the transit of Moon is at 1, 6 and 11 from the natal Moon- Extremely Good

  • If it is in 2, 5 or 9 – Good

  • In 3, 7 or 10 – Average

  • In 4, 8 and 12- Extremely bad  

What can we understand from Sun placed in Leo?

The Sun with its placement or transit into Leo gives a kinglike stature to the native. The Sun in Leo makes the native courageous and winner in all competitions and fights. Sun and Leo both belong to fire element and thus may give strong aggression in the native.

The native is blessed with the leadership qualities but also has a sense of pride, ego and self centeredness. The natives born with Sun placed in Leo have wonderful and influential personality. Their presence is felt wherever they go. They are wanderers and love to spend time in the woods and hills.

They are socialite and always wish to be the centre of attraction. They are philanthropic as well and are backed by revolutionary ideas. They don’t hesitate to follow what they feel and are generally wealthy and famous.

They are excellent leaders and get employed in government and administrative departments. They may keep people engaged in their talks for quite a long time. 

Traits of Leo in Vedic astrology

If we wish to understand any transit then it’s important to understand the planet and the sign in which the transit is happening. There have been various astrology texts narrating the traits or natural significations of various planets and zodiac signs.

But it is rather a tiresome job and one may learn them with constant practice. For beginners it is advisable to use a Kundli Software for PC to understand the basic nature of every sign and planet. As to understand anything in detail first the basic of Astrology should be cleared.

Leo comes under the category of a fixed zodiac sign and is well known for its resistance power. If we look at the kaal purush kundli, Leo comes in the 5th house which is a house of virtuous deeds of the past lives, intellect, creativity and education.

The zodiac sign of Leo shows hunger for knowledge. The native just wishes to learn and prosper with Sun or Moon placed in this sign. Leo relates to royal feel giving the native likings for royal and classy stuff in life. Being the sign related to past deeds, it also shows spiritual nature and inner awakening of the native.

Sun is an atmakarka which shows uplifting the soul of the native. Better the Sun in the horoscope better are the chances for soul awakening or making spiritual growth in this life.  

What will be the general effect of Sun transit in Leo?

The Sun with its stay in its own yet energetic sign Leo will give flare for hard work and energetic attitude towards fulfillment of goals. People will find their pending tasks getting completed in time which were hanging since long time. The transit talks of courage, health, wisdom awareness, confidence, energy, strength and vigor in the natives. 

Sun in Leo will create an urge for creativity, passion, love, kindness, self-expression and leadership qualities.

The transit will be extremely beneficial for people working in the political and government sector. It is a favorable time period for some leaders, politicians and govt. employees to grab fame and wealth gains.

The transit is also good for the artists and creative folks. When Sun transits into Leo, the native with well placed Sun in the birth chart feels kindness and warmth towards others.

There would be enrolment in new courses for skill development and people will try to look good to uplift their confidence level. Leo with Sun placed here gives a giving quality to the native and the native help others to improve in life.

Leo natives will gain limelight and people will look upon them for getting guidance and advice.

This situation however demands control on ego and sense of pride. If the native fails to control the superiority complex which is likely during the transit, there are chances of harm in job and career.

It is important to know that a weak Sun gives false pride and fake ego in a person. If you have a weak Sun in the birth chart but the Sun is gaining power in the transit then there is a chance of over flow of pride and snobbish behavior.

It may also give troubles in eyes and bones. One needs to perform astrology remedies to pacify a weak Sun. Talk to astrologer now!

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