Importance of Blue Gemstones in Vedic Astrology

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Importance of Blue Gemstones in Vedic Astrology

Gemstones are found in different colors like red, blue, green, yellow, white, black and various other colors. These gemstones are associated with nine different planets of the Indian Vedic Astrology. People often wear these vivid-hued gemstones to get rid of the problems they face in their daily lives. There is certain astrological importance of Gemstones that gemologists stress on due to them being efficient in eliminating our woes.

Blue Gemstones: Meaning & Importance

These gemstones are found near the deep sea, ocean or the river. It is advisable to wear these gemstones as per your zodiac sign. Otherwise, it may do harm you. Loved by some and fancied by many, the Blue Gemstones have always had an air of mystery around them. Due to their brilliant hues, they have attracted many, but it is their effect of blue gemstones that kept all on their toes.

Types of Blue Gemstones

Here’s a compiled list of Blue colored gemstones available in the Vedic Astrology along with their importance all simmered down to their essence.


The most famous blue colored gemstone, Blue Sapphire comes under the ruling planet Saturn. It is a quite popular gemstone as this is the strongest and fastest acting gemstone above all. It is also known by the name of Neelam. One who wears the gemstone of blue sapphire gets instant results. The word sapphire itself means blue stone. Those who wear this gemstone achieve huge success in their lives. The gemstone Sapphire is known to bring peace, stability, prosperity and mental peace in one's life who wears this.

The benefits of Sapphire include bringing benefic results from planet Saturn, which is why most people buy it. This stone makes one’s mind calmer, sharper and helps to improve one’s concentration power. Considered an extremely powerful stone, before you Buy Sapphire Gemstone you must always consider going for an Astrology Consultation from a well-renowned Astrologer.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli, or shortly known as Lapis, is a deep blue metamorphic rock. Considered a precious stone, the Lapis Lazuli gemstone is known to aid in bringing mental stability in the mind of the wearer. Lapis Lazuli is known to bring calmness and inspiration in one’s life. The gemstone of Lapis has great powers of healing and also helps in maintaining positivity in one's life.

The benefits of Lapis Lazuli include helping in keeping away the negativity from the mind and surroundings of the wearer. This sacred stone was found in the ancient countries like Atlantis, Egypt, Mexico. Wearing this gemstone helps in purifying our souls and helps us in maintaining positivity in our life. Having a bright blue shade, the Lapis Gemstone can be easily found through any Astroshop Online, but before you consider to Buy Lapis Lazuli Gemstone, you must always consider an Astrologer’s Consultation or getting a Gem Recommendation report.

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Blue Topaz

The stone of Blue Topaz is said to be a beautiful, brilliant and translucent gemstone. One of the most popular Gemstone Online, the stone has a mesmerizing blue shade that piques the interest of almost anybody who glances at it.

The benefits of Blue Topaz include a deep sense of calm that serenades the wearer. Once the energized stone starts to work, you can feel the energies around you shift and the dust settle into something beautiful. The Blue Topaz stone is found in a deep blue electric color and is known to bring calmness and inspiration in one’s life. It is said to be a great cleanser and purifier. This gemstone would be beneficiary for those who are in hopes of starting afresh. If someone is going to start something from scratch, this gemstone will help them to achieve success in their work within a short span of time. If you are going to Buy Blue Topaz Online, you must Talk to an Astrologer to figure out if it’s the right choice.


The stone of Sodalite is deep blue in color. And it is still in the process of evolution. It is known to be used in jewelry and ornament. The stone sodalite is the same as that of the Lapiz Lazuli stone. You will find these stones carved on the objects. Its power can be multiplied when it is used with other gemstones Hauyne, Nosean, Lazurite, and Tugtupite are the group members of this gemstone. The gemstone of sodalite helps us in controlling our metabolism. The price of this gemstone is reasonable and it works on the throat chakra. As it is one of the fascinating gemstones, people often wear this in the form of pendants, bracelets, and rings. If you are thinking to Buy Sodalite Gemstone, it is advisable for you to Consult an Astrologer before buying this gemstone to know the effects that it will bring in your life.

Every person face problems in their lives. At this point in time, no one is satisfied with their lives completely. People wear these gemstones for various reasons. Some people wear these gemstones to get rid of their dosh from their kundli. Some people wear this to solve their financial hassles. Reasons to wear this vary from person to person. In order to make your life completely satisfied, to get rid of all the problems of your life, you are supposed to wear these gemstones as per your zodiac sign. It is adviced not to wear these gemstones without proper consultation from an astrologer. Wearing gemstone without proper consultation may harm you. Help yourself selecting the suitable gemstone according to your zodiac sign by taking Consultation from the Astrologer.

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