How Important Gemstones Are For You!

By: Future Point | 21-May-2022
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How Important Gemstones Are For You!

Astrology makes our lives better by giving valuable insights into future and providing astrological remedies to overcome troubles in life. 

Out of these astrological remedies, wearing gemstones is the most popular and effective method to remove the malefic influence and strengthening the benefic influence of the planets in our lives. 

Astrology involves study of 9 planets and their respective effects on our lives. Over the years, people made use of gemstones mainly as ornaments. However, the gemstones are known for their healing properties in both modern and ancient world. 

There are some planets which bring good effects in our lives and wearing gemstones of these planets attract good effects of these planets in our lives. Let’s understand what wonders gemstones may do in our lives-

How do gemstones work?

  • Before we move further it is important to understand how gemstones work? Gemstones involve transmission of wavelengths belonging to some specific planet. Astrologers in India suggest wearing gems for drawing additional energy from the planets to suffice the deficiency in planetary rays at the time of birth. Every planet has a specific gemstone and if a particular planet is weak at the time of birth then its energy can be rectified or strengthened by wearing its respective gemstone. For example, if the Sun is weak in a person’s kundali being the Lord of a good house then that person is suggested to wear Ruby, the gemstone of the sun. By wearing gemstone, we may turn a weak planet into a strong one. So if a planet is benefic as per the birth chart but is weak then one should wear its gem to give it the required strength. A gemstone will absorb and transmit the planet’s energy into the body of the wearer and help to get positive results of the planet. 

Points to remember while wearing a gemstone

  • The gemstones should be worn after proper analysis of your birth chart by a learned astrologer. Sometimes you may attract opposite results if you have chosen a wrong gemstone.
  • A gemstone improves the absorption of cosmic rays of the respective planet which is different from light rays.
  • Increased energy or absorption of cosmic rays transforms our Aura.
  • Our Aura is very important and a strong Aura has a positive impact on our body, conscious and sub conscious levels. It also affects people we think of and also those who think of us.
  • The results are visible after 30 to 40 days of wearing a gemstone.
  • The gemstone should be worn with a proper method as prescribed by an astrologer. There are specific vedic mantras for each stone which should be recited before wearing these gems. 

The benefits and advantages of gemstones

Since ancient times, Gemstones have fascinated humans for their luster and healing powers. There are several benefits that have been attributed to wearing a gemstone like strengthening your luck, overcome troubles in life, removing obstacles and hurdles in life, success in career, education, love and marriage. 

Gaining financial prosperity, health benefits, protection and emotional balance. Some of the most famous gemstones are Sapphires available in different colors, rubies, emerald, pearls and corals. Gemstones transmit the divine energy into our bodies to make us receptive of good things and opportunities in life. 

Wearing gemstones may bring miraculous results to the wearer and make the wearer succeed in life with the blessings of the planets. From being worn as a protective shield or as a means to attract fortune, we have cited several advantages and benefits of wearing Gemstones. Here we explain the most common Gemstones and the associated benefits. 

Wearing correct gemstone also strengthens your personality by improving the karakas of the benefic planets in your kundli. The gemstones attract positive energy from the cosmos to attract good effects of the benefic planets into your life.

Benefits of Ruby Gemstone

Ruby represents the planet Sun, which is a karaka of power, politics, health, immunity, father and good status. It is a gemstone of the royal planet Sun and is known to bring all big achievements in a person’s life. This is amongst the much admired and sought after Gemstone. 

The ruby improves courage, nobleness, morality and sattvik tendencies in a person. It is believed that a good quality Ruby gemstone safeguards its wearer from enemies, blesses the native with good health and immunity. 

Benefits of Pearl Gemstone

The gemstones pearl or moonstones are the stones of the planet Moon. The Moon is a soft planet and is a karaka of softness, emotions, sentiments, care, peace, love and tranquility. The pearl is known to bless the native with charm, beauty, affection, allure, emotional and mental balance. It gives mental stability and relieves the stressful conditions in a person’s life. The Pearl also bestows progeny if the couple is awaiting a child. 

Benefits of Red Coral Gemstone

The Red coral represents Mars, the planet of bravery and enthusiasm. The red coral gemstone symbolizes courage, passion, victory and power. It is associated with energy, initiative taking tendencies, power and strength in the native. The gemstone is believed to bestow health, vitality, glow, passion, vigor and a strong immune system to its wearer. The stone has medicinal properties like other gemstones and are also used in Ayurveda to make medicines to cure blood related and circulatory system.

Benefits of Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

The yellow sapphire belongs to the most benefic planet of the solar system i.e. Jupiter. The planet Jupiter is a karaka of fortune, wealth, education, knowledge, abundance, religion, wisdom, progeny, children, married life and knowledge of ancient texts. All good things in life are related to the planet Jupiter and the planet bestows the wearer with fortune and abundance in life. If the native wishes any of the karaka of the stone then the same can be worn after a proper consultation with an astrologer. 

Benefits of Diamond Gemstone

Diamond belongs to the planet of romance and luxury i.e. Venus. The planet Venus rules all materialistic pleasures, vehicles, good clothes, beautiful mansions, beauty, attraction, everything that shines and smells divine, flowers and everything fancy in life. Diamond is believed to bless the native with luxurious life, beauty, sensual pleasures, travel, wealth and riches. It is widely acclaimed that Diamond adds charm and glow to its wearer. The Gemstone is believed to enhance beauty, love, strong protection and romance in the lives of the wearer. 

Benefits of the Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Ruled by the much feared Saturn this is the Gemstone that has the maximum myths around it. Blessed with a beautiful Blue Color the mystical Sapphire is the gem that makes Rags to riches and riches to Rags. A strong protective stone it blesses its wearer with a strong will and determination. It protects from enemies, evil eye and blesses with a strong intuition and insight.

Benefits of Hessonite Gemstone

This Gemstone is a gemstone of the shadowy planet Rahu which is considered a planet of illusion and deception. Rahu is a malefic planet and traps the native with negative traits like too much materialistic involvement, insane behavior, eccentric tendencies and obstacles in life. Hessonite protects the native from evil eye and spirits and blesses its wearer with focused mind and determination to achieve goals in life.

Benefits of the Cat’s Eye Gemstone

This Gemstone refers to shadowy planet Ketu. This gemstone protects the naïve from the ill effects of the planet and enhances spiritual developments in the native. Ketu is a mysterious planet and blesses the wearer with protection and enhanced spirituality.

So, these are the benefits of some of the most popular gemstones and you may explore more with astrologer near me to know which gemstone suits you the best. Wearing gemstones bring positivity and success in life. it aids personality development along with strengthening of karakas of the related planet. An astrologer after analyzing the birth chart may suggest the most suitable gemstones to enrich your life with fortune and prosperity.

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