How Do Yantra Work and types of Yantra?

By: Future Point | 24-Oct-2018
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How Do Yantra Work and types of Yantra?

Vastu shastra recommends the use of cosmic instruments i.e yantras. There are many types of yantra which are worshipped and they all has different powers and benefits. The installation of yantra is like that of an idol in a temple. Yantras are the living forces that attract positive energies and push the negative energies ones out of the atmosphere.

Significance and Benefits of Yantra

Yantras are the spiritual conductors of cosmic energy that should be worshipped on regualar basis. They will help to bring about the desired effects in a quicker manner. Yantras radiate positive energies that shape one’s thought patterns thereby improving the life for the better and elevating it to another level.

As we mentioned above that there are many types of yantras and one can worship it as per their requirement or purpose. So let’s know about the different types of yantras.

Types and benefits of yantras

  • To pacify malefic planets, planetary yantras are used.
  • To get the blessings of gods worship deities’ yantras.
  • For rectifying vastu doshas, one can worship vastu yantras.
  • Maha yantras for overall cosmic powers.

Planetary yantras benefits

Surya yantra : to strengthen the position of surya in your horoscope. To attain success in career or life, one can worship surya yantra.

Mangal yantra : if you are facing a problem to find a suitable partner for you then you should worship mangal yantra.

Shani yantra : to get rid of all the bad effects of shani dev, this yantra is very helpful. It helps to appease lord shani.

Rahu yantra : it protects you against deceit from others and negative energies.

Deity yantras benefits

Shri yantra : You can increase your wealth in astrology and shri yantra is the solution for this. Astrology has solution of your each and every problem and shri yantra is one of them. If any planet is afflicted in your kundali and due to this you’re in trouble and facing wealth related problems then you must place shri yantra at your home.

Lakshmi ganesh yantra : in vedic astrology laxmi ganesh is believed to be very auspicious. It contains the mantras for the worship of goddess laxmi and lord ganesha. You can keep it home. It will help you to remove all the obstacles from your life.

Kuber yantra : this yantra increases wealth and money by inviting opportunities and sources of income and wealth. This yantra helps to increase the flow of money. It can accumulate wealth. Also helps you find a lucrative job.

Laxmi yantra : this laxmi yantra attracts wealth, prosperity and good fortune. It will increase your money and all the material comforts. It includes kanakdhara yantra, shri durga yantra, shri kailash yantra and shri mahalaxmi yantras.

Vastu yantras benefits

Vastu dosha nivarana yantra : this yantra is established to pacify the negative effects of vastu dosha in your house or shop. It will improve the auspiciousness of all the planets. It helps in maintaining peace and happiness. It can reduce the stress and frustrations.

Tortoise vastu purush yantra : this yantra is an embodiment of goddess laxmi and she is the goddess of wealth. It can remove all the doshas from one’s home. One should keep it in the east direction where it is most beneficial. It gives long, blissful and healthy life to all the members of family.

Maha yantras

Laxmi ganesh yantra: maha yantras are the symbolic representation of mother goddess, all the planets, protection, rog nivaran and other aspects. They are larger version of aforementioned yantras.

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