Marriage Predictions through Tarot Cards

By: Future Point | 24-Oct-2018
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Marriage Predictions through Tarot Cards

Tarot card reading and tarot card analysis have been used from a long time to predict and foretell an individual’s destiny and upcoming important events in his or her life. Since the ancient times, tarot reading is taken as a unique art and skill to make predictions and announcements by taking the aid of tarot cards. Each tarot card has its own unique symbolism and representation.

Similarly, different tarot cards have specific and different unique readings for specific arenas of life such as love, health, career, marriage etc. If you have a specific question in your mind for a particular situation, event or problem in your life, you may seek the right answers to your questions by opting for a detailed and accurate tarot card analysis through the tarot card consultation.

Now, if we take up the significance and importance of marriage in an individual’s life, no one would deny that marriage holds up a very important space in life. A good or bad marriage can make or break your entire life. And for the same, many of us are curious to know about what’s in store for future and especially in the name of marriage predictions.

The other very common ritual here in our India, is to match the horoscopes of marriage of both the prospective bride and groom before tying the nuptial knots and getting married. However, it may also be known that predicting the future of a marriage is not that easy and straight forward, as it depends a lot on the chemistry and compatibility between the couple in question.

But, in tarot card readings there is a detailed and accurate analysis through the help of tarot cards and therefore tarot card analysis can surely help you to make a better and informed decision about whether to take up the plunge of getting married with the person or not.

Tarot card reading is a unique art and requires years of successful reading, skills and experience. In making marriage predictions, there are essentially three most important tarot cards which must be taken into consideration for a true, right and accurate tarot prediction. These three main tarot cards are:

The Ace of Cups Tarot card: This one tarot card in the reading process is very important and is symbolic of representing the relationships, the warmth and happiness in the relationships of the concerned person. In the traditional front of tarot card analysis, it can also be surely said that this card is the Holy Grail and nothing less than that.

If in your tarot reading analysis, this card appears, this is a sure sign that you have found the true love of your life, your true soulmate and partner. The card represents a relationship which is full of love, compassion, affection, warmth, empathy and the long lasting one forever types.

The Justice Tarot Card: if you are about to get married which is just a kind of getting in a lifetime contract with your partner, then you must always wish for this justice tarot card to appear in your tarot card analysis and tarot spread reading. This card hold a message of the person entering into the sacred companionship, moving in together, opening some joint accounts and ventures, and of course getting full-fledged officially married as the long lasting union.

However, it should also be noted that the card will also have its few positive and negative impacts as per the neighbouring cards in the tarot reading. It is often time called as the most neutral and fair card amongst the other tarot cards in the spread and holds its unique importance.

The Two of Cups Tarot Card: This two of cups tarot card is the one that truly depicts and symbolises the meaning of love and relationships in an individual’s life. It is at times stronger than the tarot card analysis of ace of cups card. This card is representative of the sacred union and a long lasting partnership.

The two of cups card often speaks of a transiting time where deep love and passion along with the physical attraction gets solidify and permanent with a strong and everlasting feeling of love and compassion all throughout the life of the person.

So, if you have been recently proposed and asked for your hand in marriage, it is a good news and sign, for it may come with a guarantee of a long lasting and fulfilling love relationship. If this card comes up in your tarot card reading spread, you can be rest assured that there is a sure shot possibility of you getting married in the upcoming time.

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