Horoscope Predictions Techniques - Child & Pregnancy

By: Future Point | 27-Jun-2018
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Horoscope Predictions Techniques - Child & Pregnancy

One of the aspiration to get married is to expand a family. Most brides and grooms would love to enjoy their parenthood. It is one of the first commitment that the plan once they settle in their marital relationship. However, some couples may not be lucky. They suffer from certain shortcomings and lack the ability to conceive a child. About that they wonder where to go and whom to consult?

Sometimes, it so happens that a couple undertakes a complete medical check up and tries out In vitro fertilization (IVF) methods, several times. Though one is not against the science of IVF, the question asked around this is, was the timing correct? Should one have consulted an astrologer before taking any such decision? Does Vedic astrology have answers to such questions?

In fact, the answer to the question, can help couples on Pregnancy/progeny through reading horoscopes? Yes! is the emphatic answer. Our Vedic system of astrology has many hidden secrets through which one can find out the possibility of progeny, time of progeny, the sex of a child, including the possibility of description of the child through reading the birth charts of the couple. So, the answer that one can seek from the science of astrology need not be a simple yes or no to progeny. One can even go deep to find many more readings through the same. How is this done? The article here gives a brief understanding of the various reasons as to why a progeny happens, gets delayed, or negates the possibility of any couple to conceive a child.

In any native’s horoscope, say the wife’s, the 5th house from the Moon sign or ascendant is the Karaka house for progeny. Therefore, for a successful conceiving of a child by the mother, the 5th house from the ascendant as well as the Moon of the mother should be studied in detail. The same house should be away from any form of affliction. Which means the placement of any malefic planet on the 5th house or ill placement of the lord of 5th house. These are some of the combinations which negates a female to conceive a child. Again, if lucky, then they do not suffer from any problems during progeny or even to conceive a child.

So, is the above rule only applicable in a Female horoscope? No ! it is also applicable to the Male horoscope. In case of the Male horoscope if he has Pitru-Dosh, then this will reflect from the 5th house, from ascendant or Moon sign, in the horoscope.

Therefore, the rule is equally applicable on both the husband and the wife. In fact, in case if any horoscope (husband or wife) is weak. Then that also can be analysed through the native’s horoscope. Once they overcome their shortcomings, then too they can go for conceiving a child.

In another scenario one can even go deep in the horoscope analysis for a child birth. Suppose, a couple conceives a child, what happens if there is a miscarriage? This is equally a painful event since many of their happy movements of the couple come thrashing down. Can astrology help in this too?

Yes! It can. when the conceiving time occurs the lagna or ascendant rising around that time is called as Adhana lagna or ascendant. The Adhana ascendant is the deciding factor of the sensitive eight-month period for nurturing a child in the mother’s womb. An expert astrologer is the only one who can calculate this and analyse the possible outcome. In case if there is malefic effect in the Adhana Lagna or ascendant at the time of conception, then a miscarriage is certain.

Hence usually, when a female conceives in India, many consult a good astrologer to do a detailed analysis and find about the health of the expected newborn and the mother.

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