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The effect of Sun positioned in different houses of Kundali

By: Future Point | 25-Jul-2019
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Planet Sun is considered as one of the most powerful planets in Vedic Astrology and a person can achieve a lot in life if it is placed in a benefic house in their Kundli. But, it can also take away everything from a person if it is placed in a malefic house with an enemy planet. Sun in different houses will affect the native in different ways.

Impact of the Sun in Different Houses:

Sun in 1st House: If Planet Sun is posited in the 1st house in a native’s horoscope then it blesses the native with positive energy and endurance. Such a native is always cheerful and happy and believes in living life to its fullest. This planetary position enhances an individual's respect in society and makes him/her courageous and bold which helps in dealing with the obstacles of life.

Sun in 2nd House: Planet Sun in the 2nd house makes the native generous and compassionate. Such people like to be very successful in money-related matters. The efforts of these people get a lot of appreciation and respect. They have great leadership skills and often possess a high position in a company. Their great leadership qualities also help them in accumulating wealth.

Sun in 3rd House: If planet Sun is posited in the 3rd house of a person’s kundali then such a person usually speaks a lot. These people usually love traveling and their social circle includes very influential people. Considering their educational aspects and interests, they are inclined more towards drama and acting. They also love doing creative work and have no interest in mathematics and science.

Sun in 4th House: The 4th house in a native’s Kundli is of family, possessions, property, etc. If Planet Sun is in the 4th house then it increases the interest of the people in matters related to property and family. Such a person will work for maintaining his/her property, family’s welfare, and social status. Sun in the fourth house also gives the native increased vitality and strength in the latter half of life.

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Sun in 5th House: According to astrology prediction the 5th house represents children and one’s creativity level. It is a wonderful placement of Sun as it gives bends the person more towards art and beauty. Such a person can do exceptionally well in a field related to any art like acting. They have a strong desire to prove themselves in creativity be it sports, romance, writing, and of course drama.

Sun in 6th House: If planet Sun is posited in the 6th house then it is favorable for the native’s career. If the planet Sun is placed in this benefic house then the native will become committed to its work, disciplined, confident, focused, etc. And as a result, he/she will have a very successful work life. But, this will make it difficult for them to match with the mindset of others and they will not be able to work in teams.

Sun in 7th House: According to astrology, it is believed that Planet Sun in the 7th house is not considered as auspicious. If Planet Sun is posited in this house then it affects the relationship and partnerships of a person. When Planet Sun is in this house then it blesses the native with good health and confidence to tackle adverse situations of life. But, on the other hand, it takes away all the happiness and peace of a person because it affects one’s relationship and marriage.

Sun in 8th House: If Planet Sun is posited in the 8th house then the native become popular and intellectual. If the Sun is placed in a benefic house then it gives the individual courage and potential to deal with situations. Planet Sun encourages the individual to explore the world and understand different mindsets of people. Such individuals can easily bond with people and also help them as a guide in different situations.

Sun in 9th House: If Planet sun is posited in the 9th house then it enhances the knowledge and spirituality of an individual. These individuals will have great respect for different cultures and heritage and be interested in learning different languages. Overall, Sun in the Ninth House can be beneficial in terms of gains and victories for the native. Favorable placement of the Sun will push native towards and towards his purpose in life.

Sun in 10th House: In Astrology, the 10th house in a natives Kundli represents Career and the aspects related to it. Such a person will generally have a very high position in a company. The positioning of the Planet Sun will also affect relations with the father. The Sun’s position, whether good or bad, will have a consequent effect on their relationship.

Sun in the 11th House: If Planet Sun is posited in the 11th house of a person’s horoscope with a friendly planet like Jupiter then the person will be able to accumulate more wealth. As this house represents one’s income. If the Sun is placed in a benefic house then it indicates higher education, prosperous business, and a good social circle. The native also becomes wise, successful, and healthy by this planetary position.

Sun in the 12th House: If planet Sun is posited in the 12th house of a native’s kundali then it is not at all good from the materialistic point of you but it bends the person more towards spiritualism and self-introspection. Such a person generally walks on a spiritual path to find the purpose of life. This planetary position may help the person in finding the purpose of life but it will not be of any use to strengthen the career prospects.

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