Astrological Prediction of Earthquakes and Weather 2018

By: Yashkaran Sharma | 17-Feb-2018
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Astrological Prediction of Earthquakes and Weather 2018

Earthquakes generally occur because of a change in gravitational pull. All planets revolve around Sun and their speed and path both are dependent on the power of gravitation. When all planets are towards one side then the gravitational pull shifts towards one side and in this situation there comes imbalance on earth thus causing disturbance and earthquake. When we do earthquake forecast then while analyzing the astrological combinations responsible for causing an earthquake must be scanned minutely so that we don't jump on to a wrong date.

It is generally noticed that 75% of earthquakes occur on the Dwitiya and Tritiya of after Purnima or Amavasya. As because eclipses occur on Purnima or Amavasya therefore these eclipses are directly related to earthquakes therefore earthquakes come one or two days after eclipse.

Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus are nearest to earth therefore their power of gravitation causes maximum impact on earth. When all these planets are in one line then maximum earthquakes come.

In addition to that the highly controversial Kaalsarp Yoga also strengthens the probability of earthquake as all planets remain between Rahu and Ketu and in partial Kaalsarp Yoga only one or two planets are away from this line. Apart from this the the transit of Moon on stationary signs is also related to earthquakes.

The comparative study of earthquakes in history indicated that the 90 % of earthquakes occurred when Sun, Mercury, Venus, Moon and Mars were in one side or Moon's opposite position was in Krishna Paksha and in addition to that Kaalsarp Yoga also existed in its full or partial form.


Summary of Forecast Rules -

The main reason of earthquakes is the gravitational pull of majority of planets on one side of earth because of which the tectonic plates under earth starts sliding thus resulting in earthquake. When the distance of the elliptical belt in which the planets are placed is less than 30 degrees then the earthquake thus resulting is found to be that of very high intensity which can cause havoc and disaster and when this distance is around 70 to 90 degrees then the intensity is slightly less.

It has also been observed that these earthquakes occur on or near full moon day. The presence of an eclipse on the day or one or two days before or after the earthquake increase the possibility and intensity of earthquake. One other reason is the full or partial impact of Kaalsarp Yoga which also indicates that the impact of most of the planets is towards the one side earth. 

Earthquake Predictions for 2018 -

When we make predictions about earthquakes based on above given rules then we find that in the year 2018 on 31st January 6 planets are within 70 degrees. Kaalsarp Yoga, full Moon and eclipse is also there therefore the probability of earthquake could be predicted on 31st January or one or two days before or after this date.

One other possibility which in our opinion is slight appears to be near 28th February in which although eclipse and Kaalsarp Yoga is not there but as 6 planets will be within 80 degrees and in addition to that as two eclipses took place within a period of last one month and this full moon is coming just 10 days after the second eclipse therefore the probability of earthquake cannot be ruled out completely.

This was all about 2018 Earthquake Forecast but more important than the above given dates is 22nd January 2019 as on this date or on a very close date to this one there shall be probability of an earthquake of high intensity as 6 planets will be within an elliptical arc of 47 degrees.

Fatal Earthquakes in History -

Date Place Tithi Planets in one Line
23 March 893 Iran Shukla-2 Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus
8 Sept 1138 Syiria Shukla-3 Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus
5 July 1201 Syria Shukla-3 Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus
27 Sept 1290 China Krishna-8 Sun, Mercury, Venus
23 June 1556 China Shukla-12 Sun, Mars, Mercury, Venus
30 Nov 1631 China Shukla-1 Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus
9,11 Jan 1693 Cisil Shukla-3 Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus
29 Sep 1730 China Krishna-3 Sun, Mars, Mercury, Venus
30 Dec 1730 Japan Krishna-6 Sun, Mars, Mercury, Venus
11 Oct 1737 India Krishna-2 Sun, Mars, Mercury, Venus
22 Sep 1850 China Krishna-1 Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus
28 Dec 1908 Italy Shukla-6 Sun, Mars, Mercury, Venus
16 Dec 1920 China Shukla-6 Sun, Mars, Mercury, Venus
1 Sept 1923 Japan Krishna-6 Sun, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn
22 May 1927 China Krishna-6 Sun, Mars, Mercury, Venus
27 July 1976 China Amavasya Sun, Moon, Mars, Mer, Venus, Saturn
26 Dec 2004 Indonesia Purnima Sun, Mars, Mercury, Venus

Astrology in Predicting Weather -

It is a bit intricate task to forecast earthquake and to do astrology weather prediction however the use of scientific angle makes this process easier. The use of Astrology in Predicting Weather in India is practiced since ancient times and this practice is termed as Vedic Meteorology.

As per transit there is possibility of drought in 2018. Except some occasional drizzling in March there won't be rains in March-April. Because of fewer Monsoons in July there will be drought. North India especially Delhi is more likely to get affected with this. Some rain can be expected in August 2018 but September and afterwards there will be no rains.

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