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Does Your Kundli Signify Love Marriage? Consult a Love Marriage Specialist

By: Future Point | 19-Oct-2023
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Does Your Kundli Signify Love Marriage? Consult a Love Marriage Specialist

Blessed are the few who marry their loved ones, since tying the knot in a love marriage is a true & rather rare celestial blessing. Every single person cherishes the idea of a love marriage as it proposes a considerably higher possibility of attaining post marital bliss in life.

While it sounds amazing to marry the sweetheart of our life, the question is how do one know whether a love marriage is actually signified in his/her life or not?

Decoding Love Marriage Through Vedic Astrology 

Well, the sacred occult science of Astrology or more appropriately- Vedic Astrology has the answer to this question. Vedic Astrology reveals what the celestial bodies have in store for various aspects of a person’s life, including marriage. When it comes to knowing whether a love marriage is signified in the life of a person or not, Vedic Astrology provides incredibly helpful insights & guidance.

An experienced astrologer upon comprehensively analyzing the horoscope of a person, decodes what the planets as per their positionings in the horoscope of that person are signifying for love marriage.

The astrologer ascertains that whether love marriage is clearly signified in a person’s birth chart (horoscope) or there are some obstacles in the path to realizing that desire. If there are obstacles signified in the horoscope then the astrologer derives certain occult remedies that would address the issue directly and ward off the negative planetary influences that are posing hindrance in the person’s path to tying the knot through love marriage in life.


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Best Astrologer for Love Marriage Guidance 

When it comes to a sensitive & crucial domain of life like love marriage, one must only consult with the best astrologer to get the best occult based guidance. With over 40 years of experience, Dr. Arun Bansal is the best astrologer in India with an absolute command over all concepts & functionalities of Vedic Astrology, especially love marriage & relationships. This is primarily the reason why Dr. Bansal is known as the Best Love Marriage and Relationship Astrologer that one can ever come across.

When it comes to marriage, be it a love marriage or a marital union through arranged means, Dr. Arun Bansal deciphers every little detail by analyzing the Marriage Horoscope of an individual that reveals the true picture painted by the planets & stars for his/her marital destiny.

House of Love

Dr. Bansal says that the first thing which is looked at in a Kundli or Horoscope in order to visualize the broader situation pertaining to love, is the strength of the 5th house.

The 5th house in a horoscope is the house of love and it is very crucial that this house must be free from any bad/negative planetary influences in order to experience the bliss of love in life.

These bad influences can range from the presence and aspects of natural malefics such as Rahu (North Node of the Moon), Ketu (South Node of the Moon) and Saturn to even the aspects and presence of Cruel planets like Mars & Sun which create heated arguments with the opposite sex and bring bitterness in relationships.

It must be noted that the sign present in the 5th house along with its ruler plays an equally important role in affecting the domain of love in one's life.


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Then comes the Ascendant which reveals a plethora of details about the real nature of a native and we all know that compatibility in terms of nature is a make or break factor in any relationship.

So if one of the couple has a fiery ascendant like Aries or Leo, the other one must have an ascendant which is compatible with the fiery characteristics to strike a balance in the relationship.

7th House

When it comes to making Kundli Predictions related to marriage, especially love marriage, then the 7th house plays a pivotal role and cannot be ignored at any cost.

One thing that can prove to be detrimental for the bliss in one's married life is the presence of the lord of the 7th house in the 6th house or vice versa.

Also, the presence or even the unfriendly aspect of Saturn results in delay in marriage as Saturn is a planet that represents slowness, delays & hurdles in the path of any significant endeavour in life.

Interestingly, the presence of the sign of Leo in the 7th house or the presence of planet Sun in this house makes one's partner dominating and this does not bode well with marital harmony among the couple unless a thorough balancing of Kundlis is done by means of comprehensive match making!

There are a number of other factors that shape up the very course of our destiny and reveal compelling & highly useful information relating to many areas of our life, including marriage.


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Hence, it is only prudent to get your personal horoscope analyzed in-detail to get a clear picture of what the planets signify and know incredibly powerful remedies that if adopted timely can steer the course of your life towards utmost joy, bliss, happiness and prosperity!  

Future Point is the Best Astrology Consultancy in Delhi that has many brilliant and highly talented astrologers who are led by none other than Dr. Arun Bansal himself who specializes in Love Marriage and Relationship Astrology.

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