These Vedic Planet Practices Daily Can Make Lady Luck Smile On You

By: Future Point | 16-Oct-2023
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These Vedic Planet Practices Daily Can Make Lady Luck Smile On You

Energy surrounds all of us. Modern science also explains that everything is made up of atoms holding it together with a force of energy. There are people with whom you feel energized instantly. While others may make you feel low and drained out. Why does this happen? Why do you get happy at the mere sight of your loved ones? This is because we receive positivity and good vibes with some people. Everyone and everything has an aura which defines it to be positive or negative. And it just does not include humans, but everything around. In Vedic Astrology, there are nine planets and each planet has its natural significations. If we relate the things around us with these significations, we find that almost the whole world is connected with these 9 planets!

Now, if we aim to keep our 9 planets in good shape by balancing their energy, we can balance our life! There are few general Vedic remedies which everyone should do on a daily basis to attract positivity and fortunes in life.


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Your home affects you the most

It is believed that a home is an extension of our mind and soul. How do you feel when home? Do you remain calm or annoyed? Do you often long to run away from home or just don’t wish to leave it? Your answer can predict the aura that your house carries. The aura is nothing but the flow of energy around you. If you have auspicious and good things around, you feel positive and vice-versa. And yes, it has nothing to do with their price tags and expensiveness. 

The positive energy calms you down while malefic energy makes you feel restless. If you are often restless, it means negativity is overpowering your life. In that case follow these Vedic planets practices that help to attract positivity in life.

Balance the planetary energy to get success, peace and wealth in life

Why do we exert pressure on pacifying your planets? We all are born with our specific birth charts which may have both auspicious and inauspicious planets. By increasing the influence of the good planets and reducing the impact of bad ones, we guarantee success in life. Every planet stands for some significations. For e.g. Jupiter is the karaka of wealth, fortune, wisdom, children and marital bliss etc. Now, by keeping the planet Jupiter in good form, we can get the good results of the planet. However, one should talk to astrologer to understand whether you need to pacify or increase its effect in your life.


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Miraculous yet very simple Vedic planets practices 

It is easy to enhance the quality of life by following some general tips and practices. These practices as prescribed in Astrological texts, help to reduce the negative effects and improve the good effects in life. One should aim to make these a part of one’s daily routine to cleanse negativity on a daily basis. 

Use your lucky colors

Do you know there are few lucky and unlucky colors for different ascendants in the zodiac? Here remember, we are taking references from the lagna or ascendant and not the rashi or the Moon sign. Your free horoscope processed through online can help you know your ascendant within minutes. The colors affect our moods and since ancient times, colors have been used to alter health implications. The process is popularly known as color therapy. In Vedic astrology, the best astrologer prescribes colors as per the ascendant sign and its friendly lords in the horoscope. The color suggestions help in maintaining the balance within the body. Negative colors may affect the decision-making ability, mental peace and luck of the native in a bad manner and vice-versa. 

  • Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces ascendants-

     Favorable colors- Red, pink, orange, yellow and white

     Unfavorable colors- Black, Grey, and Dark Green

  • Taurus, Gemini, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius ascendants-

   Favorable colors- Dark Blue, Black, Purple, Sky Blue,  Cream, Grey, Green                 

      Unfavorable colors- Red and Orange

Offer arghya/water to the Sun

Offering water to the Sun after freshening up in the morning is the best remedy to keep all inauspicious results away from life. The Sun is the king in the planetary cabinet. By offering water to the king, you are requesting the king to keep all other planets in control to overcome their bad effects. Offering water to the Sun brings name-fame, recognition, status, spiritual progress, wealth and respect in life. It keeps you in good books of high official authorities and powerful images. The practice increases the immunity and strength of the person as Sun is the karaka of good health. 


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Feed animals, birds and fish

If you feed animals, birds and fish during daytime, you tend to control the negative effects of Rahu and Ketu. Dogs symbolize Rahu and Fish symbolize Ketu in astrology. By serving them you are appeasing the planets to not give you bad results in life. In birds, crows symbolize the planet, Saturn; by pacifying the karmakaraka Saturn you are attracting inspirations to perform good karmas in life.

Feed insects and ants

Mix wheat and sugar and feed insects and ants with it. This practice is very useful in controlling the bad effects of malefic planets in the kundli. But, stay conscious of water logging near your feeding place else it may backfire. Insects are the representation of Ketu and by feeding them, you are pacifying Ketu which is a karmic planet. This simple Vedic remedy will help to attract positive vibes in your life. 

Put your best foot forward!

We generally don’t think while we step out of your house. Which foot you take out first can decide the auspiciousness for the day. Always take out your right foot first whenever you leave home in the morning. This simple Vedic tip instantly improves the positive flow of energy in your life. This is a general tip for all unaffected from zodiac signs and Moon signs. 

Chant Mantra

If you chant the beej mantra related to the lord of the day or the lord ruling a specific day, you get wonderful results. Different planets for different days:

  • Sunday- The Sun
  • Monday- The Moon
  • Tuesday- Mars
  • Wednesday- Mercury
  • Thursday- Jupiter
  • Friday- Venus
  • Saturday- Saturn

According to Vedic texts, chanting mantras is a powerful remedy to rectify and strengthen planets. The Gayatri mantra, Mahamrityunjay mantra, Stuti mantra etc. are some basic mantras to chant daily. These mantras can bring positivity, concentration, focus, mental peace, decisiveness and enhancement of skills in a native. 


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Recite stotra

Reciting Maha Lakshmi stotra, Hanumanashtak, Shiva stotra, Ganesh stotra, Saraswati stotra etc. help to attract prosperity and wealth in life. One may recite these stotra anytime in the day in sitting position. These are known to bring wonderful results to the natives. These stotra help to gain compassion, love, focus and dedication in work. Chant Hanuman Chalisa to rectify the bad energy of the planet Mars. 

Performing dhuni in the house

If we burn camphor or guggal in the house, the arising fumes help to remove negativity from the house. The fumes cleanse and purify the surroundings of the house and ensure health and prosperity for the family members. One should perform dhuni in the morning and evening in the house.

These general Vedic planets practices help to remove obstacles and difficulties in life. In order to lead a stress-free and peaceful life, one should perform these practices daily. They strengthen the inner side of the native and he feels more inspired to perform daily tasks of life. With a better mindset he achieves desired goals in life. The channelization of positive energy in the surroundings helps to attract health, wealth, prosperity and peace to the family members.

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