Bring home the auspicious blessings of the Planets for your Baby!

By: Future Point | 17-Mar-2020
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Bring home the auspicious blessings of the Planets for your Baby!

It is absolutely natural for parents to wish the very best for their children and continuously strive to provide an environment that is conducive to the all-round development of their children.

After all, a child is simply a living biological extension of the parents.

There is no question of doubt over the intentions of parents when it comes to working towards ensuring that their child is nurtured in a healthy environment and the child’s capabilities find full expression in this world.

But are good intentions and doing what the majority is doing in the society at large, enough for your child?

Not exactly!

This is simply because there are far stronger influences on us than what simply meets the eye. We can do everything right as per our general understanding or societal trends and still may not get the desired results in the end. 

A child in particular is vulnerable to so many subtle external factors and unless we take up the measures that have sacred backing to them, we would not be performing our duties to the fullest.

The best way forward

Yes, we are talking about taking help of the divine & ancient science of Astrology!

As soon as that bundle of joy arrives in your life, you should first and foremost get the Birth Horoscope of your baby made.

This way, you would have an actual map in your hand that would reveal what the stars & planets have in store for your child.

A Baby Horoscope is a key to know what plans destiny has for your baby and that information is highly critical, especially at an early stage in the child’s life. This is because, once you know what planetary positioning is expected to cause trouble in your baby’s upcoming life, timely remedial measures can be performed to remove or minimize those troubles well in advance.

Make no mistake- The stars & planets are extremely powerful cosmic bodies that play a pivotal role in deciding the very course of our life.

The Kundli or Horoscope of a person has all the answers related to multiple areas of that person’s life such as- Health, Education, Career, Finances, Marriage etc.

However, when it comes to children, it is highly recommended that parents must Talk to an Astrologer to know early on, how the life trajectory of their baby is signified by stars & planets and what can they do to ensure that their child constantly receives positive cosmic energy and stays protected from malefic influences.

Unfolding of Past Karmic Account

As soon as a child is born, he/she carries a fresh karmic account from previous lives as it takes many years for the child to accumulate a significant amount of karma in this current life.

Therefore after coming into this world and in fact after many years to come, the child predominantly deals with unfolding of the karmic layers of the past.

This is why, the early years in a child’s life are best suited to nullify or reduce the negative karmic baggage that has come along from previous lives.

Health of your Baby

Nothing is more important than the health of your little one. We all know that children, especially newborns have a very fragile immunity and are susceptible to health issues.

While many illnesses that are caused by external environmental influences can be prevented by exercising precaution, there are still many cases that we witness in our daily lives, where certain children keep getting ill more frequently than others for no logical reason.

This is because of the negative influence of certain malefic planets in their birth chart. 

Rahu or the North Node of the Moon, is a malefic planet that causes diagnostic confusion and makes it difficult to correctly identify the disease in time.

Saturn on the other hand, delays recovery.

Therefore, it is extremely important to perform highly powerful remedial measures well in time to make sure that the child remains shielded from any negative planetary influence as much as possible.

It is only common sense to act timely & ensure that a baby whose immunity is anyway lower than grown ups, is having all negative planetary effects taken care of well before they come into action in the child’s life.

Hence, we urge you to consult with an experienced astrologer and make sure your child enjoys a bounty of good health in life! 

We urge you contact Future Point if you are looking to consult with the best astrologers in Delhi, who through decades of astrological practice has the expertise to correctly guide you towards keeping your child healthy & hearty!

Education & Career

Another benefit of getting the horoscope of your baby analyzed by an astrologer is that, you get to know how are planets shaping up the educational domain of your child’s life and what are time periods that warrant caution in terms of his/her educational growth.

Also, astrology reveals the natural inclination of your child towards certain specific career fields where planetary support for him/her to excel is abundant. This way, you can start grooming your child from early on and help him/her develop a “focused approach” towards achieving career related goals in life.

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Naming your Baby

Every person’s name emits subtle yet powerful vibrations which in turn makes it resonate with the universe. If the name emits vibrations that are not in harmony with the planetary placements & aspects as per the person’s birth chart, then the energies that flow from the universe into his/her life, pose obstacles and create hurdles.

Similarly, if a name is properly aligned with the birth chart then the end result is the flow of highly positive universal energies into the name holder’s life which promote health, wealth and success!

Therefore, it is crucial to take the guidance of astrology while naming your baby to ensure that positive & auspicious energies form the universe lighten up his life to the fullest!

Treatment of Planetary Doshas

A planetary Dosha is actually a flaw that is generated by planet/s because of an ill placement or a negative conjunction with other planet/s in the birth chart of a native.

There are many types of Doshas which (if present in the birth chart of a native) have negative consequences in his/her life, if not treated properly with the help of relevant astrological remedies.

Now, with the case of children, these Doshas act as a roadblock and create problems in their lives from very early on. Hence it is vital that if a Dosha is present in the baby’s horoscope, then remedies at the relevant time should be performed to ensure a bright & joyful future ahead for the baby.

With that we would like to close by saying that: “Wise actions clubbed with good intentions” are required for ensuring peace, love, joy, health, wealth & success in the life of your child.

So take the wise action of consulting with highly experienced, competent and famous astrologers in Delhi and help your child in becoming the master of his/her destiny!

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