Role of Astrology in Ensuring a Rewarding Education

By: Future Point | 17-Mar-2020
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Role of Astrology in Ensuring a Rewarding Education

Education has always been the bedrock of human evolution since ages. It is education that has made mankind accomplish wonders in this world. Countless civilizations have flourished and etched a name for themselves in history, simply because of their applications of education in various domains such as architecture, agriculture etc.

In modern times, we see how the world around us evolves on a continual basis and keep us in awe of all the achievements & developments that make our life easier and more meaningful today. Be it the field of medicine, engineering, computers or transportation, a fruitful education is the driving force behind all the innovations.

However, education is a multifaceted & complex dimension that every individual should approach in a way that is best suited for that individual in terms of eventual success. Education should not be embraced with a- “One size fits all” kind of approach, simply because every person has different capabilities & natural inclinations when it comes to different branches of education.

An Education backed by Astrology

Astrology is a sacred tool of empowerment that lets us know what the planets have in store for us for different aspects of our life, including education. Remember the planets as per their placements in our Kundli, exert an incredible influence on us and play a significant role in charting the course of our destiny.

Astrology reveals the planetary will and offers us a chance to act in ways that garner the support of planets that are positive for us and pacify those that are negative when it comes to succeeding in life. Education Horoscope has all the crucial details about the education aspect of an individual and right from an early age, a child should be encouraged to focus on streams that are best poised to yield maximum rewards in the future.

Education Astrology Prediction helps the parents to develop their child’s mindset in a way that makes the child list his/her academic goals from an early stage and study towards achieving them in a result oriented & organized manner. But what if a student is at an advanced stage in his/her academic life?

Well in such cases, it is even more important to identify the correct academic trajectory that ensures maximum success as soon as possible, as one cannot afford to keep studying a branch of education that would not yield desired results in the end in terms of a lucrative career.

To get answers to all Educational Concerns and Remedies for all obstacles being faced in academics, one should take the help of astrology and Talk to an Astrologer without further delay, as success comes to only those who do the right things at the right time.

What does different Houses and Planets signify for Education?

Different planets as well as different houses in the education horoscope of a native signify specific areas/fields of education.

There is so much complexity involved in decoding the education horoscope of a native because of planetary positioning, Ascendant, House Signs, Aspects, Conjunctions etc., that it is not possible for a layman to arrive at the right conclusion. 

Hence, the guidance of a professional astrologer is absolutely essential before taking an academic decision.
However, to get a basic sense of how education is analyzed in astrology, let us look at what branches of education do different houses signify:

1st House: Psychology and Military Science & Technology.

2nd House: Mathematics, Arts, Economics and Painting.

3rd House: Journalism, Advertisement, Public Relations, Philosophy, Writing, Physics and Communication.

4th House: Civil Engineering, Agriculture, Dairy, Poultry, Deep Sea Research, Architecture and Automobile Engineering.

5th House: Teaching, Gynecology and Training for Higher Education.

6th House: Law, Chemistry, Biology, Medical Science and Nursing.

7th House: Own Business and Business Management.

8th House: Occult Sciences, Geology, Mining, Archeology and History.

9th House: Spirituality, Teaching for Higher Education, Foreign Relations, Legal Framework and Religion.

10th House: Corporate Training, Political Science, Business Management, Entrepreneurial Skills.

11th House: Commerce and all Broad Sciences.

12th House: Occult Sciences, Spiritual Centers and Foreign Languages.

Remember that one can excel in the stream/s signified by a particular house “only if” that house is positive for the native as per his/her individual education horoscope. Therefore, it is critical to get your education horoscope analyzed by a professional astrologer and know what exactly is best poised to work for you. 

For example: A person having a very strong and favourable 12th house can easily go for a foreign education with an aim to settle abroad and a person having a strong & positive 6th house will naturally get success in competitive exams such as Bank P.O., Civil Services, Management/Medical/Engineering College entrance exams etc.

Furthermore, planets simply provide results of the houses that they are associated with, either by means of placement or aspect. However, a single planet carries the results of multiple houses with it, therefore, only an experienced astrologer can decode layer by layer, what a single planet or a group of planets are “actually” pointing out.

Each house of the individual’s education horoscope has a sign and that sign also rubs its characteristics onto the house. For example- A house having a fiery sign like Aries or Sagittarius might attract some agitation or friction in professions signified by that house.

Also, take a look at the disciplines that certain planets, if strongly placed in an individual’s education horoscope, promote in his/her life:

Sun: Chemicals, Political Science, Administration, Optics, Medicine and Forestry.

Moon: Home Science, Under Water Studies, Textiles, Dance & Music, Farming, Water Management and Hotel Management.

Mars: Weaponry, Chemicals, Surgery, Military Engineering, Tool Engineering and Physics.

Jupiter: Teaching, Preaching, Education, Law, Medical Science, Foreign Policy and Gynecology.

Saturn: Hidden Sciences, Excavation, Drilling, Oil Exploration and Astrology.

Mercury: Textile Trade, Printing, Banking, Journalism, Economics, Accountancy and Mathematics.

Venus: Acting/Theatre, Music, Arts, Films, Tailoring, Fashion Designing, Hotel Management, Interior Decoration, Modelling and Photography.

House Combinations for determining the quality of Education

Planets provide their ultimate results based on their placements, conjunctions with other planets and aspects that they cast on other planet/s or the aspects that other planet/s cast on them in a native’s horoscope.
When it comes to the level & quality of education that a native is slated to have in his/her life, an astrologer looks at certain specific house combinations that different planets carry and based on that whenever the key periods of operation of those planets come in the life of the native in terms of their “Dasha”, “Antardasha” etc., their effects can be anticipated well in advance.

Some examples of certain specific house combinations by planets and their results are:

4th+ 9th+11th: Highest marks or A Grade

4th+11th: Above average marks or B Grade
5th +11th: Above average marks or B Grade but a student with high levels of Comprehensive Intelligence

4th +5th + 9th:  Average or C Grade

2nd, 4th,  5th  and 9th Houses in a scattered manner: Low scoring student or D Grade

6th+8th+12th: Failure in education or repeated hurdles & obstacles in education.

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Turbulent Education

There are certain students who go through a lot of turmoil in their academic life and find it difficult to accomplish anything significant in their life based on education. 
The reason for this is the presence or aspect of malefic planets in the 4th, 5th and 9th Houses of their education horoscopes.

4th house is the primary house of education

5th house signifies comprehensive intelligence & understanding capacity of the mind 

9th house points to higher studies

Therefore, it is of paramount importance to consult an astrologer so that if some malefic influence is creating hurdles in a smooth & successful education of a native, then powerful astrological remedies can be performed to get rid of such problems.

Also, there is no sense in blindly following what everyone else is doing in education as what works for someone else may very well prove to totally ineffective for you. So, we urge you to contact Future Point and consult with the best Astrologers in Delhi and take your educational graph higher and reap a truly rewarding education in the end by knowing exactly what is best for you which is backed by positive planetary support.

In this highly connected world wherein you can contact & consult with us from anywhere, we hope that you would act smartly and take the right step to give a booster dose to your education!

Bring home the auspicious blessings of the Planets for your Baby!

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