Best Donations to Pacify an Aggravated Saturn & Rahu in Your Horoscope

By: Future Point | 22-Dec-2023
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Best Donations to Pacify an Aggravated Saturn & Rahu in Your Horoscope

As per the principles of the occult science of Vedic Astrology, Saturn and Rahu are naturally malefic planets. These two planets are the most feared among all the planets. The reason why these planets are dreaded the most is the fact that they more often than not, provide negative results to people in various domains of their lives.

Saturn or ‘Shani’

Saturn or ‘Shani’ is a naturally malefic planet in Vedic Astrology which primarily signifies Sorrow, Delays, Hard Labour, Obstacles, Insults, Old Age, Bones, Teeth, Deep Thinking, Losses, Iron, Mining, Oil, Heavy Machinery and much more.

The most common negative attributes of an ill-placed or aggravated Saturn in the horoscope of a person is frequent delays in life and an attitude of aloofness, emotional disconnect or lack of enthusiasm in a person.

However, if one has a well-placed Saturn in his/her horoscope then the negative significations of Saturn turn into highly positive ones. There have always been numerous cases when people accomplished wonders in their lives with the support of a favourable Saturn in their charts.

Rahu: The Mischievous Lunar Node

Rahu is another naturally malefic planet which is known for creating unimaginable troubles in one’s life. It is the North Node of the Moon, also known as the ‘Dragon’s Tail’. Rahu is a ‘Shadow Planet’ which means that it does not have a physical existence and rather exists in a subtle form.

But make no mistake, due to the lack of physicality in Rahu’s existence, its effects are felt in a very strong way. Furthermore, since Rahu is a naturally malefic planet, these effects are more often than not- ‘sudden and negative’.

Rahu mainly signifies Sudden Gains/Losses, Diagnostic Confusion, Spycraft, Cleaners, Narcotics, Addiction, High Level Computing, Critical Surgeries, Confusion, Immorality and much more.


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How to pacify aggravated Saturn & Rahu in your horoscope?

By now it must have been clear to you that Saturn and Rahu are two planets that have the potential of turning a person’s life upside down. The damage that Saturn and Rahu can inflict on a person when they are ill-placed in that person’s horoscope, is simply beyond the realms of common perception.

However, the genius of Vedic Astrology lies in the fact that it not only reveals what effects different planets are slated to bring in a person’s life, but also recommends powerful remedial measures to pacify the planets that are in an aggravated state due to being ill-placed in the horoscope of that person.

Astrological remedies suggested by an experienced astrologer post a comprehensive analysis of a person’s horoscope have the potential of turning the tide of fortune in that person’s favour. This is simply because once the planets that are aggravated in your horoscope are pacified, their negative effects come down drastically thereby, bringing a much sought after relief in your life.

Remember, remedies if adopted sincerely can bring immensely positive results in life.

Simple Donation Remedy for Saturn & Rahu

While there are remedies that are derived by analyzing the horoscope of a person, there are some basic, easy but highly effective remedies that anyone can adopt to get the positive effects of Saturn and Rahu in life.

It does not matter whether Saturn and Rahu are placed favourably in your horoscope or not, simple donations to places that these planets signify could dispel their negative effects from your life (if any) and in fact- change your life for good by attracting their grace in your life which gives you their powerful positive support to succeed & prosper.


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Donation for Saturn

Saturn is deeply associated with ‘Old-Age Homes’ since it represents old people. One can easily please Saturn by making a donation to an old-age home that requires funds or resources to take care of elderly people who neither have the money nor the support of any person from their family to lead a dignified life.

Choose any old-age home or ‘Vriddhashram’ that takes care of elderly people who don’t have the means & support to live with dignity in the last phase of their lives. Without the shadow of a doubt, you would receive the immensely positive support of planet Saturn in your life.

If you donate to an old-age home then, the positive energies of Saturn will remove obstacles, hurdles and delays from your life and cool off the negative effects that you have been facing and or are slated to face in the future due to an aggravated Saturn in your horoscope.

Even if you have a favourably placed Saturn in your horoscope, these donations will further strengthen the positive effects of the planet and would enhance the quality of your life.

Donation for Rahu

Rahu is a planet that represents those who suffer from severe skin diseases such as Leprosy and Vitiligo. If you have an aggravated Rahu in your horoscope then it is advised that you make donations to charitable hospitals or ashrams where people suffering from skin diseases are treated.

Helping out people by means of your money as per what seems to be feasible for you, will please Rahu and you will find the negative effects of this usually troubling planet from your life, simply fading away.

Again, if you have a reasonably favourable Rahu as per its positioning in your horoscope, then such donations would definitely enhance the rare & positive effects of this ‘Shadow Planet’ that only a few experience in their lives.

So what are you waiting for?

Donate to an old-age home and a medical center that takes care of people suffering from skin diseases to experience the positive effects of two of the most feared planets in Vedic Astrology. 

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