Best Remedy for Ensuring Success for Your Child in Academics

By: Future Point | 20-Dec-2023
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Best Remedy for Ensuring Success for Your Child in Academics

Significance of Academics in Life

The period of education or academics is the most crucial in the life of a person. It is the duty of parents to ensure that a child gets the right kind of atmosphere and support when it comes to acquiring education and moving ahead on the path to learning.

The doors of rewarding opportunities open up in the professional life of a person, only when that person excels in the field of academics right from his/her childhood. But, a child is heavily dependent on the parents’ support to achieve the academic goals of his/her life and all parents make sure that their child gets the best possible support from their side.

Whether it is enrolling their child into a decent school or providing the child with additional support in the form of arranging for additional tutoring by a professional tutor post school, parents go all the way.

However, there is something more that parents could do for their child to give him/her phenomenal support that would help the child truly blossom in the academic domain of his/her life.


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Ensure Divine Blessings for Your Child

Procuring material support for your child’s education is an absolute necessity which you fulfill as per the best of your capabilities. However, if your child gets Divine blessings during the course of the academic phase of his/her life, then success on the academic path will be a natural outcome.

Goddess Saraswati is among the 3 forms of the Mother Almighty and is the Supreme Goddess of Knowledge. Also, Brihaspati who is the ‘Guru of the Gods of Heaven’ (Dev Guru) manifests as planet Jupiter and signifies Knowledge. If a child manages to get the blessings of Goddess Saraswati and Brihaspati/Jupiter, his/her aptitude in studies changes drastically for the good, the child experiences enhanced focus, better concentration and higher grasping power among many other things.

So how to ensure that your child receives the blessings for Goddess Saraswati and ‘Dev Guru’ Brihaspati?


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Donation to an Orphanage

Not all children are blessed with having their parents around them while they are growing up in life. There are many unfortunate children who grow up without their parents in shelters or institutions called Orphanages.

If you as a parent support an orphanage by donating money or resources in the name of your child as per your capacity, then this act of profoundly humane service will make Goddess Saraswati and Dev Guru- Brihaspati shower their immensely auspicious blessings on your child leading him/her to achieving academic success in life.

Making a donation to an orphanage is a simple, straightforward and amazing act of contributing to the empowerment of those children who are not as fortunate as your own.

So do not wait and make a donation to an orphanage of your choice on a regular basis or strictly as per your convenience in the name of your child, to help other children blossom and hopefully make a decent living for themselves in this world when they grow up.

It can be any orphanage and any amount or resource that you wish to donate. It is your intent to be a part of making something good happen in the life of an unfortunate child, that matters.

Furthermore, donating to an orphanage is just a means to make a contribution to support the educational or other needs of children who require assistance due to being orphans. You can even help some child who has parents but comes from a financially weak household.

Remember, it is your genuine intent & efforts that matter. Support the less fortunate children by donating in your child’s name and ensure the blessings of the Divine that will go a long way in positively transforming the life of your child.

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