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Astrology Tips to Enhance your Good Luck for the Day

By: Future Point | 24-Nov-2018
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Astrology Tips to Enhance your Good Luck for the Day

To achieve success and make our day successful, we always need good luck and astrology has the power to enhance the good luck and our fortune to make our daily life easier. We the Indians often depend on astrology to make our days lucky and life positive and optimistic.

It is believed that worship of Lord Ganesha before initiating any new work can increase the chances of success in that work. It is a way to enhance your good luck, as per astrology. You also feel at some time that these astrological tips prove to be true. In Vedic astrology, your kundli tells a lot about your horoscope. If you want to enhance your good luck and make your life prosperous then you should follow below-mentioned tips. These tips can make your daily life easier and happier.

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Good Luck Astrology Tips for Making Your Days Happier and Prosperous

Tips for Mondays

Monday is dedicated to Lord Shiva. One must start his day off Monday with the blessings of Lord Shiva. Offer water in shivlinga in the morning. It would help you make your Monday activities fruitful. This day is very auspicious for financial works and to start a new career life. If you are confused about to choose the right career path for you then you can take help from career prediction astrology. Wear white clothes on Monday and avoid black color on this day. As per Vedic astrology white color bring good luck for you. Before leaving from the house, see your face or image in the mirror.

Tips for Tuesdays

Lord Hanuman and son of Lord Shiva Kartikeya is the ruler of this auspicious day. Wear red color clothes on this day. It bestows a person with positivity, optimism and showers their blessings on you. This remedy will also remove the obstacle of your life and will make you capable to face challenges in your life. If you are unable to wear red clothes on Tuesday due to any reason then carry red colors flowers with you. It will enhance your good luck for the day. Before leaving the house on Tuesday, eat coriander in any form.

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Tips for Wednesday

The ruling deity of Wednesday is Lord Ganesha, he is an auspicious god of Hindu religion. Wearing green color clothes on this day will appease Lord Ganesha and solve all the obstacles and problems of your day. If you cannot wear this color clothes on Wednesday then try to keep the green color handkerchief in your pocket to yield good luck of the day. Offer Modak to Ganeshji in the morning and before leaving the house. Offering sindoor on Wednesday to Lord Ganesha can help you in eradicating all your sadness and pain. It will bring good luck to you.

Tips for Thursday

Lord Vishnu is the ruling deity of Thursday. It is the perfect day for lovers. This day is auspicious to plan journeys and trips. It will make fruitful your journey. Yellow is the color of Thursday. According to Astrology Wealth Predictions, one should wear yellow color clothes on this day. A tried and tested the way to fetch good luck on Thursday is to having some yellow color sweet before leaving the house.

Tips for Friday

Friday is the day of Goddess Lakshmi. According to Financial Astrology, this is the perfect day for wealth-related works. One can know about their wealth horoscope on this day. You should visit Maa Lakshmi temple to seek her blessings. Offer Lotus or pink color flowers to the deity. She loves Lotus flowers. You can also wear pink color clothes to please Maa Lakshmi. Keep lotus or any pink color flower at your home or office. Eat some yoghurt, before leaving the house.

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Tips for Saturday

Shani dev is the ruler of Saturday. To appease Shani dev on this day, eat grilled black brinjal. It will help you to get rid the problems of your life. This remedy will also enhance your good luck for the day. Before leaving the house on Saturday, one should eat ghee.

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Tips for Sunday

Surya or Sun is the ruling deity of Sunday. If you are facing any disputes or conflicts in life then this is the best day to resolve them. Journeys undertaken in Sunday give positive results. Before leaving the house on Sunday, eat paan. White is the auspicious color for Sunday. One should wear clothes of this color on Sunday.

These above mentioned quick and efficient remedies will make your day positive and successful. One can follow these tips on a different day of the week to appease the ruling deity of that day. If you are facing any kind of problem and trouble in your life, you can take an online astrology consultation. It will definitely provide you with the right direction in your life.

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