Astrological Yantra & Benefits

By: Future Point | 17-Aug-2018
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Astrological Yantra & Benefits

Astrology is an ancient science of predicting the future. As the science is a derivation of mathematical formulation of Nine planets, the ascendant or the Lagna, and the longitude of all the 12 bhavas (Zodiac houses). Thus, an expert astrologer would always give prediction only after a detailed analysis of these information.

If there is any error in the information then accordingly an expert astrologer would rectify the same. At the same time, in case of any shortcomings, then the astrologer would provide remedies accordingly.

These remedies are provided after considering the exact nature of the problem, its shortcomings and the best remedy that can nullify the same.

On such remedy is that of Yantras. A Yantra or Astrological Yantra, as it is commonly known comes from Sanskrit, which is a conjunction of two words, Yan - which means to control and tra - meaning an instruments or device.

Astrologically, Yantras are cosmic devices that demonstrate Sacred geometry figure or object which when energised through various mantras and poojas will emit positive energy.

These Yantras are a sacred medium and archetypal which will ward off any negative energy, creating obstacles in a native’s life. Therefore, only a learnt and expert astrologer will be able to recommend Yantras as a solution to a problem.

These Yantras have specific geometric shapes and patterns with either in the form Square, Rectangle, Circles and Floral pattern. Sometimes, the yantra has a combination of these patterns inscribed in an object or a drawing is printed in canvass. Thus, the complex pattern energises the strength in the yantra and is placed in the house or shop or offices to ward off negative energy and to bring prosperity.

Again, Yantras are of various types to name a few: Sri Shukra Yantra, Akarshan Yantra, Bagulamukhi Yantra, Ganpati Yantra, Hanuman Yantra, Kaalsarp Yantra and many more.

Let us check the benefits of each of the above and some more Yantras.

Ganapati Yantra of Ganesh Yantra: A Ganapati Yantra is worn to ward off any obstacles and to bring in abundance in a native’s life. This will remove.

Akarshan Yantra: As the name would suggest, this Yantras is to find a suitable partner in one’s life. This forms the foundation for a happy married life.

Sri Shukra Yantra: As the name suggest this Yantra is for Lord Shukra. The main benefit of this Yantra is that it would bring better understanding between couples and will provide a base for happy married life.

Bagulamukhi Yantra: Another Yantra which is used extensively to defeat the enemies of a native is that of Bagulamukhi Yantra. By worshiping this yantra, a native is able to reduce their enemies to nothing.

Hanuman Yantra: As Lord Hanuman is suppose to Guard his devotees from any danger, this Yantra too signifies the same. Therefore, if a native wants to thwart off any danger before it reaches them, then a human yantra will be highly useful.

Kaalsarp Yantra: As the name suggest, this Yantra is mainly used to reduce Kaalsarp dosha suffered by a native.

Similarly, there are some other Yantras too which are useful to reduce the negative effects in a native’s life.

Mahamrithyunjay Yantra: As the Name suggest this is for lord Shiva and this Yantra is mainly used to ward of all forms of Diseases, grant longevity and gift the native good health.

Saraswati Yantra: This Yantra is used to help students’ study well, improve concentration and focus. Many a time, this yantra also blesses the native with a strong memory.

Hayagriva Yantra: This Yantra is helps the native to study exceptionally well and secure admission in prestigious institutes. It is believed that the great Indian Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan was an ardent devotee of Hayagriva and therefore, he was blessed to purse Phd in Mathematic in Oxford University, even with out any formal education.

Nav-Graha Yantra: This yantra is used to please all the nine planets and remove unfavourable effects in a native’s life.

Prathyangira Yantra: This is a very special Yantra used to remove all the negative energies in the form of Black magic in a native’s life.

Thus, the above are some of the good examples of a Yantra that one can use it to bring positivity in their life.

Now, the common question is where to place these Yantra? It is very simple, when a Yantras is placed in the Pooja Room, facing either the East or North East direction. This will bring constant prosperity to the native’s life.

Some, text claims that a Yantra has a certain lifespan. How true is this? Or is this again superstitious. Not really, the fact is that Yantra does have a lifespan. The lifespan yantra is till that movement when a person is able to achieve the desired results for which a Yantra will be used.

Readers can get more information on Astrological Yantras by writing to us at or by visiting our website In fact, we at Future point are a team of expert and learnt astrologers providing astrological consultation and solution for the past three decades.

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