Astrological Remedies to Get a Job

By: Future Point | 15-Mar-2018
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Astrological Remedies to Get a Job

Are you having dark circles under your eye while searching for a job on different job hunting platforms but has no luck? Are you fed up with your fake smile that you give in your every interview but ended up getting rejected?

Then this is something really serious! But, there's a way out of every situation.

The solution of your problem is hiding under the astrological science, which is known as the study of stars and celestial bodies and their movements.

Yeah! The planet revolving around the solar system has a huge impact on our zodiac signs. Maybe that could be the reason that you are not able to land up on a perfect job.


We have the Best Astrologer in Delhi which will surely help you to find your way out from the dark days you are facing right now.

Don't worry, with the astrology consultancy services, you can remove that "Being Jobless" tag from your shoulder if you follow our astrological tips according to your zodiac sign. So, let's get started!



The job sector of Aries natives is controlled by the planet Mercury. The planetary movements of this planet cause the problem and dilemma in job section. To overcome this problem, offer incense sticks to Lord Ganesha every morning.

Aries natives are dominative in nature and filled with a leadership qualities. They always see themselves like an alpha and know how to deal with problems calmly like a true leader. They believe in a team work. They should try their hands in politics, management and in journalism field.


The job sector of the bull comes under the shadows of the planet Venus. They have to hustle a lot for getting a job and according to their merit they do not get job in the beginning.

Offer flowers to lord Shiva to remove this problem. Taurus native have magic in their hands, so they should trying to make cooking as a career like chef. Apart from that, they are very creative and a good artist too.


The Planet Mars is the ruler of this zodiac sign. Due to the movement of this planet, it has a negative impact on this sign. The Short tempered nature of this planet is the only problem why Gemini natives face rejections in getting a job.

Reading Hanuman chalisa will help them to extinguish the fire of anger they have inside them. Gemini natives are full of life and embrace adventures. Travelling job is a perfect job for them.


The planet Saturn is only responsible for the problem Cancer natives have to deal with. Getting a job is not a problem for them, but to do the job is a main task for them.

Due to some reasons, they face difficulties in doing the job or sometimes they feel like quitting the job. Lighting the diya on Saturday will help them to get rid off from the problems they are facing in job sectors.

They are way too positive in nature and also known as the grounded souls. A social worker and a writer are a perfect job for them.


Leo natives are ruled by the planet Moon. The job sector of leo natives is ruled by the planet Moon. They've to hustle a lot for getting a job. Story doesn't end here, after getting a job they have to struggle a lot to lever their success graph under their working area.

Leo natives are the owner of beautiful thoughts and way too motivated. They know how to motivate and inspire others. Motivational speaker is the perfect job for them.


The planet Sun is the ruler of this sign. Virgo natives are ambitious and determined. They don't like to waste time on swiping the news feeds of facebook and scrolling the whatsapp chats.

If you're one of them and facing problems, then start chanting Gayatri Mantra every morning. Scientist, writer and journalist are a perfect job they should go for because of their curious nature.


Libra natives are under the shadows of the planet Jupiter. They are never satisfied with their job, which results in quitting the job. But, sometimes they do not even get a job. Donate bananas if you are facing the same problems. Libra natives should go into the marketing lines.

Libra natives know how to convince people with their crises and cross talks. They have alluring personality that attracts people towards them. Apart from that, teaching is the another profession they can go for.


Scorpio natives are associated with the planet Venus, which control the Job, career and business sector of this sign. These people are involved in manipulation and this is the only reason they find difficulties to continue their jobs.

To get a job, they should donate the white goods in the evening for night days. Scorpio natives have sharp memory and are very curious in nature. According to these traits, they could be a doctor and scientist.


The planet Mars is the ruler of this sign. Sagittarius natives get jobs because of this planet Mars. Saggis are not able to mould themselves according to the time. They want to work with their own wishes and it doesn't work like that in job sector.

Reading Hanuman chalisa will help them to get a job. Sagittarius are the power bank of energy, they can't sit at the one place for a long time. Being wanderlust is the only thing they love, a tour guide is a perfect job for them.


Capricorn natives are more interested in building the business sector rather than doing a job. But then also, if you are finding any difficulties in getting a job, then offer sweets to lord Ganesha.

Capricorn natives are highly obsessed with their work. They are creative, friendly and understanding. The manager or a CEO of any multinational company is the perfect post for them according to their leadership qualities.


Aquarius natives are ruled by the planet Moon. They don't want to work under pressure, maybe that's why they don't even try to get a job.

But, if you are the odd one and looking for a job, then offering water to a Shivlinga will dispel all job related problems from your life. A fashion designer or a photographer would be a perfect job for them, credits goes to their highly creative mind. They know how to frame things.


Pisces natives easily get the jobs because of the blessings of the planet Saturn. But, sometimes due to their not so serious attitude, they find difficulties in finding a perfect job.

By lighting the diya filled with mustard oil under peepal tree for 9 days will help them to come back to track. Pisces natives are caring and loving and have magic in their hands. A doctor nurse or a therapist is the perfect job for them.

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