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Ancient Vedic Wisdom That Ensures Marital Bliss

By: Future Point | 17-Mar-2020
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Ancient Vedic Wisdom That Ensures Marital Bliss

Marriage is a sacred and beautiful union of two souls that showers a whole new range of emotions upon the couple. Marriage teaches the true essence of life and acquaints the couple with the concept of care & responsibility.

The unmarried- particularly the girls, are often enamoured by the idea of getting wonderful Marriage Prospects for themselves and having a married life that would bring unparalleled bliss & happiness in their lives!

But based on modern-day social stats, there are so many unfortunate couples who encounter bitterness in their married life and the idea of a loving relationship with their partner seems to be a far fetched dream for them.

Now the obvious question that pops-up in our mind is- Why do people struggle to have a happy married life?

Well, fundamentally the answer to this question is pretty straight forward and that is: “People simply foray into marriage which by the way is the most important aspect of their lives- absolutely unprepared.”

It is only prudent to take all important decisions after performing due diligence and exercising the measures that ensure positive & pleasant outcomes from our actions later on.

Now when it comes to marriage, majority of couples, especially the ones from western countries, rely on their gut feelings and go by the rosy picture of their future married life that they have painted for themselves in their minds.

However, as soon as reality strikes, they immediately realize that not even a small percentage of their married life is happening the way they had imagined or hoped for.

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Why is that?

This is because they do not incorporate the wisdom of the ancient science of Vedic Astrology when it comes to their marriage.

Since times immemorial, people in the Indian society have been conducting numerous aspects of their lives in accordance with the principles of Vedic Astrology and marriage is obviously one of them.

Vedic Astrology or Astrology significantly helps to know the indications that the celestial bodies are signifying for a particular marital alliance, so that informed decisions can be made well in advance when it comes to marriage. In other words on the basis of certain astrological principles like Kundli Matching, it can be evaluated- whether the boy & girl are best suited to tie the knot and have a healthy marriage or not.

This is not a small feat and the extremely low rate of divorces in the Indian society, is in itself a testimony to the efficacy of the ancient science of astrology.

Furthermore even after marriage, if some problems crop up in the life of a couple due to certain tedious karmic factors as per their individual horoscopes, marriage problems astrology is a phenomenal branch of astrology that holds tremendous potential to provide solutions to re-establish bliss & harmony in marriage.

Therefore one must Talk to an Astrologer when it comes to ensuring a marriage that is a reflection of peace, love, trust & loyalty!

How Does Astrology Work For Marriage?

Among other things, astrology through Kundli Matching or Horoscope Matching, determines the compatibility between a couple and presents a cosmic blueprint of how the life of the boy & girl would turn out if they would tie the knot. The primary grounds on which the compatibility is evaluated are: 

  • Individual Nature
  • Health
  • Sexual Compatibility
  • Childbirth
  • Finances

These are all areas that should be signified by the planets in the natal horoscopes of the couple in such a way, that the couple would gel with each other properly and become an instrument of fulfillment for one another. Therefore by proper Kundli Matching, the real compatibility between the couple is ascertained and hence a harmonious marriage is ensured.

The planets in the individual horoscope of the boy & girl, reveal a whole lot of information about how their destiny is expected to pan out. This way, many harmful effects of ill placed planets in the horoscopes of the couple that are detrimental to their marital bliss, can be neutralized absolutely or minimized to an extent after which the couple can enjoy a smooth married life.

Marriage problem solution astrology analyzes many planetary placements and combinations that affect the married life of an individual and in turn that of the spouse as well.

In a horoscope, there are certain houses based on the domains that they signify, that are of special interest to an astrologer while determining the future of a marriage. These are:

  • 2nd House: Family
  • 5th House: Children
  • 7th House: Spouse/Marriage/Social Recognition
  • 8th House: Sexual Organs
  • 11th House: Realization of Desires
  • 12th House: Bedroom

Presence or aspects of malefic planets such as Saturn, Rahu (North Node of the Moon or Dragon’s Head) and Ketu (South Node of the Moon or Dragon’s Tail) in these houses is a negative sign as these malefic planets damage these houses and thereby diminish their positive influence on the marital life of a native. 

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A Problematic Mars or Mangal and Its Treatment

Mars or Mangal is a very volatile planet as per the principles of astrology and if it is negatively placed in the birth chart of a native, then the results can be disastrous in the life of the native. Although Mars is not considered as a malefic planet by most astrologers but it sure is considered as a “Cruel Planet” by all.

The problem of an ill placed Mars is aggravated in case of marriage as such a Mars takes on a very ferocious form and delivers extremely bad results post marriage of an individual both in the life of the individual as well as the life of his/her partner.

The astrological term used for a disturbed or ill placed Mars/Mangal in the horoscope of a person is: Manglik Dosh which translates into: “A flaw arising out of an ill placed Mangal”. 

Manglik Dosh or Mangal Dosh is so dangerous that unless treated timely & properly through powerful Vedic measures, can inflict irreversible damage upon the marriage of a couple. In certain rare cases it is seen that Manglik Dosh in the Kundli of a person when goes untreated for a long time, can even result in the untimely death of his/her spouse.

Therefore, it is imperative to consult an experienced astrologer to get the Manglik Dosh identified timely (if at all it is present in your horoscope) and get it cured by means of highly powerful astrological remedies.

The Sensible Path Forward

Since there are so many permutations & combinations in terms of planetary placements & aspects in our horoscopes and so are their tremendous results in our lives as well, it is absolutely essential on our part to act smartly & timely.

The holy sages of India have given us an invaluable & divine gift in the form of this ancient science of astrology and we must not prove to be utterly careless by not benefiting from this divine knowledge, especially when it comes to an extremely significant aspect of our life such as marriage.

Therefore, people who are looking for a Marriage Astrologer in Delhi and also those who are residing outside of Delhi and want to consult with the best name in the astrological community, must contact Future Point and take the first step towards taking charge of their lives.

We hope to serve you with our vast astrological experience spanning over decades and help you in making bliss, joy, love & happiness an inseparable part of your life!

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