Adopt These Astrological Tips to Sleep Better at Night!

By: Future Point | 19-Oct-2020
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Adopt These Astrological Tips to Sleep Better at Night!

Talk to Astrologer to know the reasons that are behind the disturbance in your sleep pattern and get powerful remedies to counter them effectively!

Our physical body is made up of three subtle yet phenomenally ‘Gunas’ or elemental attributes. These are: 

  • Satva Guna- It gives us the Spiritual Energy for the ascension of our Soul.
  • Rajas Guna- It gives us the Zeal & Enthusiasm to achieve material things in life. 
  • Tamas Guna- It represents inertia and causes fatigue in our body.

Sleep is represented by the Tamas Guna and is a necessity of the physical body to recharge and again start its daily activities. The better the recharge is, the better our efficiency will be in terms our performance in the world out there. So, basically a sound sleep is an absolute necessity to give our best in all our endeavours in life.

But what should one do if he/she is facing trouble in having a sound & refreshing sleep?

Well, planets are the cosmic bodies that cast their extremely powerful effects upon us in various forms & manners depending upon their placement in our Janam Kundali or Natal Horoscope. 

A person must get his/her Kundali thoroughly analyzed by an experienced astrologer to know the root planetary issue that is degrading his/her sleeping pattern as well as get powerful & effective Astrological Tips To Sleep Better in life.

The Astrological Tips that are based on your personal horoscope or kundali are much more precise & effective as they directly address the root planetary issues specific to your kundali that are causing problems in sleeping properly. 

Hence, we urge you to get your Online Kundali comprehensively analyzed by the Best Astrologers of India and know how you can experience a sound & refreshing sleep every night of your life!

Role of Vastu in Deciding the Quality of Our Sleep    

Vastu is a science that deals with the effects of Cosmic Energies coming from different directions upon an individual living inside a house based on the architecture of that house.

If a house is having a ‘Vastu Dosh’ or in other words is not Vastu compliant then negative energies start to flow inside that house and bring problems in the lives of the residents. These problems can be related to finances, relationships, health etc.

Sleep is an integral part of the health aspect of our lives and lack of a sound sleep also contributes to many health related problems in our lives. Hence, it is very important to get the Vastu of your house properly checked by an experienced Vastu Professional.

Therefore, go for a Vastu Consultation and know the Vastu based tips & remedies that will not only address the issue of disturbed sleep in your life but would also attract highly positive & prosperous energies inside your house that would promote success, wealth, health and harmony in your life as well as the lives of your family members!

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Astrological Tips that Everyone can Adopt to Sleep Better

At the risk of sounding repetitive, we would again urge you to get your personal kundli/horoscope analyzed by an experienced astrologer and know the remedies that are specific to the particular state of planets in your own kundali and thereby get the most effective results.

However, let us now look at some in-general yet highly effective Astrological Tips To Sleep Better that people can incorporate in their lives to start getting immediate respite from the sleep related problems that they are facing.

  • Do not have mobile, digital watches, bands or other active electronic equipment on your bed while sleeping as they increase the energy of Rahu (North Node of the Moon) around you significantly and cause severe disturbance in your sleep.
  • Keep water in a copper vessel placed near your bed as it attracts positive energies towards your body that induce a sound sleep plus drink that water after waking up in the morning to detoxify your body as well!
  • Do not have footwear that you wear while going outside of your house in your bedroom as they disturb the energies that promote peace & calmness inside the bedroom.
  • Having clutter beneath your bed attracts the troubling effects of Saturn and restricts you from having a sound sleep so, make sure that there is no clutter beneath your bed and in fact your entire bedroom for that matter!
  • Venus and Moon represent the water element which when balanced in your life brings calm & peace. Therefore, have soothing & light coloured bed sheets and pillow covers on your bed to attract the positive energies of Venus and Moon near you during sleep.
  • Do not sleep right under a beam or pillar as such a sleeping position brings bad and unpleasant dreams in your sleep. Bad and unpleasant dreams result in you waking up either stressed out or lethargic. Therefore, always sleep under a plain roof.
  • Place some jaggery in a covered vessel near your bedside and feed that jaggery to a Cow in the morning to bring in the positive energies of Jupiter in your life that promote good health which obviously includes a sound sleep as well!

So, incorporate these Astrological Tips To Sleep Better in life and wake up fully energized every morning as well as give your very best to whatever you do during that day!

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