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Astrology 101: What's an Archangel of Abundance?

By: Future Point | 19-Oct-2020
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Astrology 101: What

The world of astrology is an incredibly expansive world that goes much further beyond what your zodiac sign is to put together a picture of your personality, likes and dislikes, as well as what the future may hold for you.

But did you know that astrology also holds the belief that you can ask the universe things and it'll help add to your life in some way?

We're here to give you the astrology 101 lesson on what an archangel of abundance is and how you can reach out to them to help you in your life with this guide.

Astrology 101: What Is an Archangel?

You've probably heard of the Archangel Gabriel or Michael who are prominently portrayed in Christian religion as God's messengers and right hands. But if you know astrology 101, you'll know they're not the only ones.

An archangel, or rather archangels, are spiritual beings present in almost all the religions who are connecting to the Creator, God, and the Universe whose mission is tied the helping humanity. 

Despite archangels being present in religions, they actually transcend religion, culture, and even time and space and when asked will help individuals along their life journey. 

What Do Archangel's Do?

Archangels appear to people everywhere around the world to help them seek enlightenment or guidance and receive abundance. They will only appear to individuals who ask for them as they cannot interfere in life without being called upon, unlike Guardian Angels who are constantly protecting us.

Any archangel who gives something is considered an archangel of abundance.

Who's the Archangel of Abundance and Why Should I Know Them? 

There are quite a lot of archangels of abundance. We'll walk you through the ones you should know.

The Angel Raziel, Pathiel, Barakiel, and Gamaliel are the archangels that help you bring about prosperity and abundance in your life in various ways along with their boss Archangel Ariel. They either bring it to you,  open your eyes to it, or open up opportunities for abundance and prosperity to come your way.

If you are finding yourself stagnant in life or wanting help to achieve more, reaching out to any of these archangels will help you if you only ask.

How Do I Contact the Archangels of Abundance?

There is no right or wrong way to contact an Archangel of Abundance for help. You can either summon them through prayer/ or meditation to request their assistance and even channel and communicate them through special angel cards.

Another way to communicate with them is by having specific crystals in your home like rose quartz, citrine, and yellow calcite to attract the angels to you when you speak and think of them. Crystals are an astrology 101 staple for most individuals interested in the area of manifestation.

Archangel 411 With Astrology 101 

Which archangel of abundance will you be asking for support? We hope that with this astrology 101 on archangels will shed some light on the other things astrology has to offer other than knowing you're an Aries or a Scorpio.

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