Astrology Suggests Sure-Shot Remedies for Bad Dreams

By: Future Point | 11-Jun-2019
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Astrology Suggests Sure-Shot Remedies for Bad Dreams

Every night our subconscious mind overworks itself into spinning a web for us that manifests our deepest desires and somehow manages to co-relate it to our reality. The more time we invest or dwell upon a particular topic, the more it is going to show up in our dreams, thus presenting a picture of our conscious mind. Vedic Astrology has its own perspective to present the dreams, considering it’s one of the most ancient astrology known to mankind. Thus, it interprets our dreams and what they reflect in our lives cohesively. The perspective represents different factors like good or bad, lucky or unlucky dreams, and sometimes they represent a different reality of our life that we are too afraid to face ourselves; the ghosts in our dreams.

Some remedies to avoid bad dreams or horrific dreams which natives are visualizing in their sleeping time. The remedies which we are going to tell you will help you out in building a positive atmosphere around you so that your dreams no longer hold the power over your reality and you start off your morning with a cheery attitude.

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Astrological Remedies to get rid of Bad Dreams!

    • One of the most important remedies is mopping the floors of your house with saltwater. It is said that moping the floors of the bedroom with saltwater before sleeping leads to great sleep at night.
    • Washing feet before sleep with lukewarm water will help you out in clearing your dreams.
    • The ones who frequently face the problem of nightmares should keep a steel knife under their pillow before they go to sleep.
    • Applying coconut oil before sleep makes your feet smooth and brings out positive outcomes in mind.
    • Keeping a clove of garlic under the pillow before sleeping will also help you out.
    • To have a peaceful and good sleep, a packet of cardamoms can be also kept.
    • A packet of yellow rice can be also kept.
    • Keeping a packet of alum which is also known as ‘fitkari’ can give you a peaceful sleep while building a positive vibe around you. However, you are advised to burn it after one week of using it.
  • Placing fennel seeds in white cloth and keeping it under the pillow can also work.
  • Meditation is a good key to health as well as sleep by remembering our gods will lead to proper sleep.
  • To get proper sleep, light a lamp in front of your kitchen and add some Sindoor into it and once a lamp will start blowing do a Tilak from that near headroom by which you will get proper sleep.
  • The native should keep a Tulsi plant in the room, Tulsi plant has great capability to absorb all the negative energy which brings to peaceful sleep.
  • Make sure that you are not keeping too many items in your bed vacant place or bed box because by doing that it will lead to negative energy and diversion of commencing concentration during sleep which brings improper sleep.

The above remedies are those solutions that are suggested by astrology but there is more source which also gives us remedies and the solution provided by none other than Vedic astrology. Vedic astrology is said to be the most ancient astrology and it contains the answers to your every problem, be it career, love, marriage, or education. Vedic Astrology has all the answers that you seek and long for. No matter what problem you face in life, your Online Kundali could be the sole answer to every query and help you attain a peaceful & abundant life. Future Point provides Online Astrology Consultation from Top Astrologers in India, who are eagerly waiting to solve every problem of your life through their expertise in the field. Share your troubles and worries, and find the answer you’ve spent ages looking for.

Remedies according to Vedic astrology

  • Keeping the footwear under the sleeping area or under the bed may lead to bad dreams, do not put any footwear under the bed.
  • Before sleeping, tying the hair is recommended for ladies so that they can avoid bad dreams.
  • Keep water in a copper vessel next to the headrest of your bed and cover it by cloth. In the morning, pour that water on the plants outside to avoid bad dreams and have a peaceful and good night's sleep.
  • Always clean your pillow or dust it before going to bed, this will not allow the negative energy to enter your surroundings.
  • Directions also play an important role in keeping bad dreams away, by keeping your head in the North and your feet in the south does not lead to bad dreams and gives native a good sleep.
  • You can also Book Durga pooja to remove the bad effects of the dreams and ward off bad and disturbing dreams. It will help you bring positive energy into the house and have a peaceful sleep at night.


    • Goddess Durga mantra

Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu Nidra Roopen Samsthita Namastasyai Namastasyai Namastasyai Namo Namah.

    • The Hanuman Mantra (the mantra which is dedicated to Bheem, Hanuman, and Garudraj).

Ramaskandam Hanumantam,Vainateyam Vrikodaram Shayanayah smare nityam, duswapna tasya nashyati.

    • Narasimha mantra

Om Hum Phat Nrisimha Swaha

The mantra means that the god Narasimha helps to destroy all negative energy which is in the surroundings of native and leads to good sleep.

The above-mentioned mantras are believed to help in sleeping well at night by keeping bad dreams away. They are powerful mantras that represent supreme power and thus controls our thoughts and dreams, before and after sleeping.

Sleeping is very important for having a good and healthy life because without getting our body the proper rest that it requires, bad dreams are a mishap waiting to strike our life. Our body needs to ease out and rest, for which you require a good 6-hour sleeping pattern, but if you have been facing constant nightmares and see no way out of it- we highly recommend you Talk to an Astrologer Online. By Online Astrology Consultation, you can seek all the answers you have been looking for.

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