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8 reasons why Holashtak 2019 is a bad omen for all things lucky!

By: Future Point | 09-Mar-2019
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8 reasons why Holashtak 2019 is a bad omen for all things lucky!

Holashtak is the eight day period right upto the festival of Holi and people go through this period with extreme caution while avoiding everything auspicious.

Holashtak starts on the Ashtami Tithi (eighth date) of the Shukla Paksha (Waxing Phase of Moon) in the month of Phalgun, as per the Hindu calendar. Since ancient times, this eight day period is considered as inauspicious for performing any new or significant tasks and hence, people avoid marriages, sale or purchase of house/vehicle, naming of a child (Naamkaran Sanskaar), starting a new business, changing a job, grah pravesh (entering a newly built or bought home) etc. But this cautionary move is not just because of cultural faith, rather based on historical results.

The cosmic state on the energy levels during this period is such that people who performed significant tasks in the past have faced only problems later on and regretted about making a major move in their lives during Holashtak. It is for this reason, Holashtak since thousands of years have made people keep a distance from starting new & significant ventures during this time. But let us talk about the Holashtak that is going to occur this year from 14th March to 21st March, 2019. And let us include some really important astrological phenomenon that are occurring around this period.

So if we have to list 8 reasons why this Holashtak is bringing bad omen for people, those reasons will be:

Rahu Transit in Gemini

Rahu or the North Node of Moon is transiting into the sign of Gemini as per its movement in the Zodiac Belt. Rahu is a naturally malefic planet and is responsible more often than not of bringing a huge storm of problems in the live of a native as per his/her horoscope.

From 7th March 2019, Rahu will transit in the sign of Gemini wherein it remains in an exalted state and a malefic planet in an exalted or a powerful state warrants caution. Furthermore, this change in transit is just a week before Holashtak. So, there will be a fresh & significant shift in the planetary effects of Rahu during Holashtak which will add to the inauspiciousness of Holashtak.

Ketu Transit in Sagittarius

Well, since Ketu or the South Node of Moon is always fixed 180 degrees apart from Rahu,so it will also transit in the sign of Sagittarius which is a fiery sign. One must know that Ketu itself has some volatile characteristics of Mars so Ketu in a fiery sign will make things further volatile for everyone. Hence this fresh turbulent change will also make the matters worse during Holashtak.

Ketu Conjunct with Saturn in Sagittarius

As if mere transit of Ketu in Sagittarius was not enough, we have Saturn already present in the sign of Sagittarius and will transit in that sign till January 2020. This Saturn-Ketu conjunction is highly dangerous and will promote incidents that will shake up the life of many in a huge way. Two malefics (Saturn & Ketu) conjunct in a fiery sign at the time of Holashtak makes this period all the more inauspicious.

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces

Yes you heard it right!

Mercury which is the planet that signifies communication is going retrograde in the watery sign of pisces from March 5 to March 28, 2019. This means there is very high chance of some troubles arising out of miscommunication. This danger of problems due to misunderstandings is prevailing throughout Holashtak.

Sun Transit in Pisces on 14th March 2019

Yes, exactly at the beginning of Holashtak, Sun which itself is a fiery planet is making its ingress into the watery sign of Pisces. This means that the emotions of people might boil and this might create disturbance in their minds and eventually in their relations with others. People might face problems in dealing with those present at higher authorities during this Holashtak.

Mars in Aries

Planet Mars which is also a fiery planet and represent wars, confrontations, accidents and volatility is transiting in the fiery sign of Aries which is in-turn ruled by Mars itself. So one can imagine the strength of this planet during this transit and the entire period of Holashtak is within this transit of Mars in Aries. Therefore, this time warrants extreme caution while driving and women who are pregnant must take very special care of themselves during this Holashtak.

Danger of Black Magic Spells

Holashtak is a period when there are many strong malefic energies active and people practising Black Magic cast an evil spell on others during Holashtak. Hence, if someone faces some sudden troubles related to health or any kind of sudden loss or mishap, then he/she should immediately consult with a Vedic Astrologer to know the remedial measures that can be performed to get rid of that evil influence.

The Ides of March

Yes, this ancient Roman logic bears some significance with respect to the volatility that the Romans expect out of March based on their history. The Ides of March is a day on the Roman calendar that corresponds to 15th March and this day witnesses people engaging into many spiritual observances.

This day is also known in the Roman society as a deadline for settling their debts. But the event that made it very spooky was the fact that Julius Caesar was assassinated on this very day which has made the Ides of March a significant & crucial turning point in the Roman history. The Ides of March falls right into the period of Holashtak in 2019! So take care of yourself and avoid starting anything new & auspicious during Holashtak (14th March to 21st March 2019).

Also to know how this crucial period will affect you and what remedial measures can you take to be safe during this time, we urge you to consult with the highly experienced & brilliant astrologers of Future Point and make take steps to make your life a manifestation of success & prosperity!

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