Today's Horoscope Prediction : 8 March 2019

By: Future Point | 08-Mar-2019
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Friday, 8th March 2019 marks International Women’s Day and we decided to dedicate this day to our warriors! To the mothers who balance everything, to the fighters who protect us from danger, to the daughters who hold our hand- and to every other woman in your life striving to break the ball and chain. Here’s to all the creators of the world who have the power to do anything and everything!!

Read your Daily Predictions and learn what today holds in store for you. The Free Daily Horoscope Predictions are the most brilliant way of starting the day. Read how the day’s going to be and prepare to make it better than you anticipated. Based on the Daily Predictions in Vedic Astrology- this is a sure shot way to have a wonderful FRIDAY!! Venus governs Friday and in Vedic Astrology it symbolises love, so you better believe that you are going to have a lovely day!

All the below mentioned predictions are based on your moon sign.



The more you speculate, the more you are to mess things up. Take decisions in your hand and believe in yourself. To get the most amazing things to happen for you, you need to in charge of your own fate and until you don’t make it happen- things will not come to their intended place ...Read Complete Free Aries Daily Horoscope.


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Venus is extra special towards you today! Expect long lost love to come back in your life, or maybe you’ll hear from them. No matter what your heart desires, today is the day you will be able to get all of that and some more. The power vested in you would shine bright, do not forget to share the gift of a smile with the world today ...Read Complete Free Taurus Daily Horoscope.



Be confident and do what your heart deems correct. Today there’s so much power in you that you can conquer the world. Put your efforts in the right place and you will be all set to reach the stars and not even stop for a breather. The time is over for you to take things nice and slow, time to take things in your hand and not depend on anyone else ...Read Complete Gemini Free Daily Horoscope.


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Before you pledge to love someone else, you need to start loving yourself and trusting your intuitions. You are a warrior and you don’t need assistance. If you have people around that you trust, good, but if not- you are better off without them anyway. The first step to love must come from within ...Read Complete Free Daily Horoscope for Cancer.



You are the most powerful sign of the zodiac wheel. Today you will be self-assured that you are the master of your own dreams. You are fully capable of doing thing sown way and lot need anyone’s judgement to mar your decisions. Do what your heart desires, and listen to it more- despite your usual inclination towards your brain ...Click here to read complete Leo Horoscope for Today!



The zodiac sign with the most love to offer, Venus has sure bestowed you with the most to offer. You are sympathetic and have a soft corner for every little thing. Despite the hurt that haunts your dreams, you choose to rise above it all and look at the beauty the world has to offer. The scars that your heart bears make it all the way more beautiful and makes you, YOU! Stop settling for anything less ...Click here to read Free Virgo Horoscope Predictions for Today.



Your balanced nature helps you be the best judge of anyone’s character. Your quality to presage danger has kept you away from it the most part of your life, but time might get you to commit stupid miscalculation of some characters. Make sure that you take yourself seriously and value yourself enough to not fall for tricks ...Click here to read Complete Libra Horoscope for today.



Your life’s mission is to cherish each moment that presents itself to you. No matter what it brings forward, you make it a point to enjoy it to the fullest and not let it go in vain. However, you end up getting yourself hurt after each step in your way, but what does not kill you makes you stronger. It builds your character and gets you on your feet again! Trust yourself and the process- you are your own hero ...Click here to read complete Scorpio Horoscope for today.



The day might be full of work and tasks that need completion. You are going to be up to the brim with work, not even sparing a moment for your needs. Take a breather every now and then to enjoy the little joys that will grace your life today. Your partner will be planning something special to make you don’t stay a step back. It’s a Friday so plan a nice evening out ...Read Complete Free Daily Horoscope for Sagittarius.



You are a hustler! You take everything as a challenge and move heaven and earth to succeed in it. This takes a toll on your life sometimes, but you have become so used to this lifestyle that you strive by a challenge now. Not everything you see is one, but you make it a point to churn it into a way to champion your strength ...Read Complete Free Capricorn Horoscope for Today!


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You are stronger than what you give yourself the credit for! The most beautiful part about you is your heart of gold. You always see the best of people and then work on it to make them see what you see about them. This makes you a perfect friend and a confidant. But, today is the day that demands you to move forward on your own. You have given people enough credit, but now is the time you make yourself a masterpiece ...Read Complete Aquarius Horoscope for Free.



No matter how many failures you face, you are a warrior. Get up and dust off the shame. You are perfectly capable of working hard and succeeding whatever dream that you have dreamt. No matter what your fears say, no matter what others say- you need to wake up and smell the coffee. You have put others before yourself for way too long. It’s time you take the limelight and Shine on ...Read Complete Free Pisces Horoscope.


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