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3 Signs that will be Adversely Impacted by Mars Transit in Leo 2023

By: Future Point | 30-Jun-2023
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3 Signs that will be Adversely Impacted by Mars Transit in Leo 2023

Mars will transit in the sign of Leo from July 1st and will remain in that sign till August 18th 2023. Now we all know that Mars signifies Fire, Volatility, Virility, Courage, Accidents, War, Confrontation, Chemicals, Real Estate, Weapons, Ammunition and Surgery to name a few. Therefore, whichever sign Mars transits into or for that matter is positioned in the Janam Kundli or Natal Horoscope of a person, gets charged-up in a significant manner.

The houses and signs that come under the influence of the intense energies associated with volatile Mars bring notable changes in various areas or domains of a person’s life. Since Mars is associated with the Fire element and so is the sign of Leo, this transit of Mars in Leo 2023 will affect people belonging to certain specific signs in a manner that is more intense and quite frankly more on the negative side than the others. So, for some people, this transit of Mars in Leo is not something that can afford to ignore.


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Mangal Graha Shanti Puja: A Time-Tested Vedic Remedy 

Therefore, it is imperative for some people to pacify the highly intense energies of Mars that are otherwise likely to wreak havoc in various key domains of their life. The best way to do that is to get a “Mangal Graha Shanti Puja” being performed in your name. This immensely powerful & beneficial Vedic ritual has the potential of pacifying an aggravated Mars and thereby shielding a person from the detrimental impact of a Mars which is present or influencing troubling places in the Janam Kundli or Natal Horoscope of that person.

Saturn in Aquarius: The Recipe to a Perfect Storm

Another transitory movement that is making this transit of Mars in Leo 2023 even more troublesome, is the ongoing transit of Saturn in its own sign of Aquarius. Saturn is a naturally malefic planet which has attained a powerful state by being in its own sign currently, will cast & share a mutual 7th aspect with ‘Cruel’ Mars in Leo. Therefore, this transit of Mars in Leo will lead to a huge imbalance in celestial energies resulting in turbulence in the life of many.

3 Signs that are in Deep Trouble

Now that we have a fair idea about the troubling nature of this Mars transit in Leo 2023, let us dive into the negative impact of this transit on people born under some specific signs.

While people from all 12 Ascendant Signs are at risk in some way or the other, people belonging to 3 specific Ascendant Signs are at the highest risk of getting the worse of Mars.


Although Mars is your ascendant lord, your ascendant sign is still getting the 3rd aspect of Saturn which is sitting in Aquarius thus intensifying the volatile characteristics of transiting Mars going through the 5th house of your horoscope

Troubles will brew in your personal life and you will experience a lot of friction in dealing with those around you during the course of this transit. People will reject your point of view and will brand you as arrogant. Your relationship with your spouse will also get onto a sticky wicket. Therefore, avoid getting into heated arguments that will only lead to bickering and would vitiate the atmosphere further.

If you are looking to get married, then this is not a favourable time as chances are high that you might get a marriage proposal that will not fructify and might result in a breakup at a later stage.

Be careful if you are in a business as there could be an unintentional strategic blunder that would cost you dearly and might also ruin your relationship with your business partner.

You will be tempted to get into speculation but this is not at all a conducive time to take risky financial calls. Students are likely to find it hard to focus on their studies and would struggle to maintain a steady & positive academic trajectory during this time.


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If you are born with a Scorpio ascendant, then this sign despite being ruled by Mars, is getting the highly negative 10th aspect of a Saturn in Aquarius which in-turn is amplifying the intensity of the troubling energies associated with Mars. Therefore, this is seriously impacting the 10th house of your horoscope where this transit of Mars is taking place.

You will face obstacles in your career and might find your professional trajectory stagnating or diving. An unintentional goof-up will do seemingly irreparable damage to your image in the eyes of your seniors. Stay away from office gossip as it will land you in trouble and spoil your professional relationship with a female colleague.

Your reputation in thciety is also at risk and someone might level a false allegation against you so, watch out for any conspiracy against you. Do not get fooled by selfish praises of yourself by someone who wants to use you by getting into your good books.

Overconfidence will result in failures so understand the situation that you are in very well and proceed by exercising necessary caution. Be a good listener and avoid making decisions in haste. Perform due diligence before charting into an unknown territory. Take guidance from those whom you trust and defer plans for foraying into new career avenues during this time.


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Your ascendant sign is ruled by the Sun and this transit of Mars in the 1st house of your horoscope is bringing highly intense and turbulent energies in your life. The desire to dominate others will rise in your personality making it difficult for others to liaise with you in both professional as well as personal spheres of life. Try to approach people or situations with a calm and composed mind. While being clear on what your goals are, be accommodative to the point of view of others as well.

Your marital domain will flare up if you try to dismiss the opinions of your spouse in an outright brazen manner. You are walking a tightrope as far as ensuring harmony in your married life is concerned so be patient while encountering differences of opinions with your life-partner.

Saturn placed in the 7th house in the sign of Aquarius is casting & sharing a mutual 7th aspect with Mars present in the 1st house of your horoscope. This is making situations worse for the marriage & business domains of your life. Arguments caused by misunderstanding with your life-partner and or your business partner will lead to heightened levels of anxiety.

Your health is also at risk from external microbial invasions during this time and with this transit taking place at the onset of monsoon or seasonal rains in many parts of the world (especially India), you must strengthen your immunity before you get under the weather. The troubling and intense energies of mutually aspecting Saturn and Mars will shake up your resilience on both physical as well as mental/psychological levels. So, maintain a caution and low profile during this transit.


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This was the in-general predictive perspective on the adverse impact of the Mars transit in Leo 2023 on people having Aries, Scorpio and Leo as their Ascendant Signs.

We would like to once again urge you to take the smart & prudent route to safeguard yourself from the troubles signified by an aggravated Mars during this transit by booking the “Mangal Graha Shanti Puja” to be performed in your name by a learned brahmin priest.

Make the best use of the sacred occult knowledge of Vedic Astrology and shield yourself from the cosmic turbulence that is headed your way during the Mars Transit in Leo 2023.

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