Vedic Planetary Transits for All Zodiac Signs 2023

Planets Transit 2023

The planets in the sky have a significant role in our lives. Their movements in the sky bring a significant impact on our present lives. Sometimes, we get sudden results, and sometimes we must wait for a long time. This occurrence of events in life can be attributed to the transit of planets. How lucky will we be in 2023? The answer to this question is hidden in the planetary transits 2023. The planets, with their effects on general lives, create blissful or miserable conditions.

Every planet stays in a zodiac sign for a fixed number of days. And also, there is a fixed transit date and period for each of them as per Hindu Panchang. The best astrologer predicts your fate by taking references from the planetary transit 2023 and applying the same to your birth chart.

Hence, to know our fate, it is essential to know about the transits of planets in 2023!

Transit cycle of the planets

There are nine planets in Vedic Astrology, i.e., Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. However, Rahu and Ketu are the shadow planets with no physical existence in the sky. Yet, they exert a dominant effect on our lives. It is also essential to know that except for the Sun and the Moon, all planets get retrograde. Rahu and Ketu always move in retrograde motions.

The combustion of planets occurs due to the planet’s proximity to the Sun. However, combustion is just a state of a planet and doesn’t affect the planet’s movement as retrogression does. All planets except Rahu and Ketu move forward, and when they move backward, they are called retrograde planets.

The Sun- 30 days

The Moon- 2.25 days

Mars- 45 days

Mercury- 21 days

Jupiter- Approx one year or 12.5 months

Venus – 26 days

Saturn- 2.5 years

Rahu- 1.5 years

Ketu- 1.5 years

This duration is the general stay of the planets in a zodiac sign while transit of that planet. Now, depending upon the retrograde movement, the stay in a specific zodiac sign may increase or decrease. Talk to an astrologer to understand the system of transit and its effect on common lives.

Why one should know the transit of planets in 2023?

When the planets move from one house or zodiac sign to another, the movement is called the transit of the planets. Times in life don’t remain the same and tend to change. The changes that occur in lives are due to the transit of the planets. We all have our kundli or the birth chart in which the position of the planets is fixed at the time of our birth. If the planets showing our destiny in the birth chart are fixed, then how do we get different results every day, month, and year? This change happens with the transit of the planets.

If we look carefully at the transit cycle of the planets, some planets stay for a shorter period while others have a considerably long duration of stay. Saturn and Jupiter affect lives in a more considerate manner. Rahu and Ketu are the karmic planets and have a long stay in a zodiac sign/house. The planets with a longer stay bring permanent changes in our lives. They generally cause major events in life like marriage, death, diseases, going away from the family, etc. Rahu and Ketu lead to grahan or eclipses with their movements. Suppose the Sun or Moon comes in their proximity, Rahu and Ketu eclipse the luminaries. The state of the eclipse is not desirable.

Transit of the planets with shorter duration, like the Moon, Venus, and Mercury, affects quick changes in life. They support the yoga as created by the big planets and help the events to happen with their movements in different houses and signs. The effect of the transit 2023 always works in combination with the position and dasha of the planets in the birth chart. So, an astrologer has to combine these three to come to a precise conclusion for someone’s life.

Every planet signifies certain things called its karakatvas. For example, the Moon signifies the mind and emotions; the Sun signifies immunity and the possibility of govt. Jobs in the kundli, Venus is the karaka of romance, love, and marriage. Similarly, Mercury shows our intellect, Jupiter symbolizes wealth and fortunes, and Saturn shows hard work and discipline in life. Rahu and Ketu stand for sudden and unexpected results, events, etc. Now, the effects of all these planets are combined with the significations of the houses and the zodiac signs to conclude what a person will face or achieve in his life. Thus, it is of utmost importance to understand the transit of planets in 2023, as it is the planetary transit that makes things happen in our day-to-day lives.

The planetary transits 2023 can change your life most unexpectedly. Therefore, one must keep a strict watch on the transits of all the planets. Read to know what each transit can do in your life-

The Sun Transit 2023

In astrology, the Sun is the king of all planets and signifies the soul, health, immunity, self, arrogance, pride, personality, eyes, ego, and specific characteristics of an individual. The placement of the Sun in the horoscope indicates how powerful or influential an individual is in his life. At the time of kundli analysis, the placement of the Sun keeps of utmost importance in deciding a person’s fate. If the Sun is powerful n the birth chart and the transit is also through the good houses, the person gets something extraordinary in life. You may win a case, get a government job, or be awarded its favorable effects. The favorable transit of the Sun can take you out of the long diseases or illnesses. Based on the position and lordship of the Sun in the birth chart, the transit of the Sun in 2023 can bring the most awaiting news in your life.

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The Moon Transit 2023

The transit of the Moon through various signs, houses, and nakshatras is essential for your daily horoscope. How will your day be? It can be ascertained by monitoring the movements of the Moon for a specific day. Moreover, the Moon kundli based on the position of the natal Moon is responsible for significant life events. The transit of the Moon may keep you restless or give you headaches on a particular day.

Similarly, the same Moon can send you to cloud nine with its transit in a favorable house. The transit of the Moon is essential to know the shubh muhurta for various auspicious tasks like marriage, housewarming, mundan, and buying immovable property, etc. The Moon is the queen of the astrological cabinet and is vital for knowing the occurrence of various good and bad events.

The chaughadiya muhurat is also based on the movement of the Moon. Almost all major periods or good/bad muhurta are calculated with the help of the transit of the Moon.

Mars Transit 2023

Mars is the most energetic planet in Astrology. Mars is responsible for our energy, courage, bravery, passion, etc. Mars is a malefic planet and has fiery tendencies in it. Mars gives logical abilities to the native. Mars is bhoomiputra, which means it is a karaka of land also. The person with well-placed Mars in the birth chart benefits from land and property. Mars, with its transit, infuses energy and vitality in the significations of the house or sign it transits into. The position of Mars in the birth chart is very important. Because if Mars is not in a good position in the birth chart, it causes anger, jealousy, surgery, bloodshed, accidents, problematic marriage, etc. If the transit and the natal position of Mars are unfavorable, the person may face a significant accident, injury, or huge problems in marriage. Thus, the transit of Mars is essential to understand where you should put your energy and where you should refrain from applying it.

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Mercury Transit 2023

The transit of Mercury is vital if you wish to know the condition of your finances. Mercury is the karaka of finance and intellect. It shows all kinds of written documents and accounts. So, you may face fraud or cheating in your documents if the transit of Mercury is in unfavorable houses. In this case, Mercury’s natal position must be kept in mind. The combust and retrograde Mercury in transit is usually when people face chaos in documents and communication. Thus, one should check the transit of Mercury to understand the crucial days when you should not make any risky or other decisions involving significant investments.

The transit of Mercury is essential for students or those working in the field of accounts, finance, communication, trade or business, etc.

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Jupiter Transit 2023

Jupiter is the most benefic planet in Vedic astrology. The transit of Jupiter is essential as it helps you know the timing of your marriage, childbirth, going abroad, accumulating wealth, and getting lucky! The natal position of Jupiter is also essential as it helps to know how effectively a person will get the results of Jupiter in transit. Jupiter’s transit affects four houses simultaneously with its position and aspects. The aspect of Jupiter gives positive results related to the significations of the house it casts its aspect. Thus, the transit of Jupiter may help you gain employment, wealth, property, spouse, children, education and knowledge, etc.

The transit of Jupiter can nullify the malefic results of the planets with its position. Thus, it is the saving grace and everyone should know the transit of Jupiter to ascertain good and bad times in life.

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Venus Transit 2023

Venus is the karaka of love, luxuries, comforts, creative pursuits, etc. The person with a strong natal Venus lives a luxurious and comfortable life. If Venus transits a good house, the person gets wealth, fortunes, and comforts in that month. There are chances of buying a vehicle and clothes etc. in that month. Venus represents Goddess Lakshmi, and with its good placement in transit 2023, it ensures an abundance of wealth and prosperity to the native. The transit of Venus also helps you know about your love relationships. Which month will be good to propose to your love partner and when you can marry your partner is known through the transit of Venus.

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Saturn Transit 2023

The transit of Saturn is of the greatest importance. The planet Saturn is the karmkaraka which gives results as per the good and bad deeds of the person. It relates not just to the present life but to the past life as well. The transit of Saturn causes sadesati and dhaiyya in a person’s life. These two are the most decisive periods which bring results of the past deeds of the person. The sadesati lasts for 7.5 years, while the dhaiyya lasts for 2.5 years. This is the time that turns the life of the person upside down. Now, if your deeds have been auspicious, Saturn will enrich your life with the choicest blessings; else, be ready for disasters!

The astrologers suggest several remedies to remove the bad effects of Saturn before it arrives in a bad house or sign. Thus, knowing Saturn’s transit helps to get timely help to remove miseries and obstacles in life. Most of the business failures, divorces, separations, calamities, long illnesses, epidemics, chronic diseases, and even deaths occur during the bad transit of Saturn.

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Rahu and Ketu Transit 2023

Rahu and Ketu always stay opposite to each other in the birth chart. They are the malefic planets in astrology and are known to bring karmic results to the native. Rahu shows an obsession with the signification of the house of its placement. And Ketu shows a detachment from the signification of its placement. Rahu and Ketu make us run behind illusions or things that cease to exist throughout our lives. They bring unexpected and sudden results in life; thus, it is essential to know the transit of Rahu and Ketu in 2023 to understand what the year has in store for you!

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