Venus transit 2023

Venus transit 2023

In Vedic astrology, Venus is a benefic planet that signifies attractive looks, luxuries, pleasures, relationships, romance, and other good things like travel. Venus relates to both worldly and spiritual things. When Venus is in a good position in the horoscope, it extends to numerous qualities in the individual, such as making him attractive and loving or simply bestowing pleasing attributes. The strong position of Venus inspires one across multiple disciplines in life. Therefore it is essential to follow the transit of Venus in 2023.

Venus means attractiveness. And this is the reason why the planet Venus has also been named the deity of beauty. Venus or Shukra is the power that attracts joy and fortune to any person’s life. Also, it is a karaka of finance/wealth. In astrology, Venus rules the zodiac signs of Taurus and Libra and will affect these signs more prominently than others.

The Venus transit 2023 in different houses and signs will bring different results for different natives. The movement of Venus and its association with other zodiac signs and planets will narrate your future.

The Venus transit 2023

Venus transit describes the movement of planet Venus through various houses/signs in your horoscope. Venus symbolizes the Goddess of beauty and stays in one zodiac for about 23 days.

The Venus transit can get both negative and positive results for the native. The difference, however, ultimately depends upon the house of transit of Venus. It represents wealth and profoundly impacts our wealth, career growth, etc.

Venus transit dates in 2023

  • 22 January 2023, Sunday Capricorn to Aquarius
  • 15 February 2023, Wednesday Aquarius to Pisces
  • 12 March 2023, Sunday Pisces to Aries
  • 6 April 2023, Thursday Aries to Taurus
  • 2 May 2023, Tuesday Taurus to Gemini
  • 30 May 2023, Tuesday Gemini to Cancer
  • 7 July 2023, Friday Cancer to Leo
  • 7 August 2023, Monday Leo to Cancer
  • 2 October 2023, Monday Cancer to Leo
  • 3 November 2023, Friday Leo to Virgo
  • 30 November 2023, Thursday Virgo to Libra
  • 25 December 2023, Monday Libra to Scorpio

Effect of Venus transit in the 1st house

The first house of the horoscope represents the identity and personality of the native. Venus’s transit in the birth chart’s first house brings encouraging results for the native. During this time, the native may think highly of himself and gets successful in his career. The transit guarantees harmony and love in your relationships during this period. The native will attain peace of mind and probably lives a comfortable life. However, the results of Venus here will change following the conjunction of friendly or enemy planets in the first house. The friendly planets give profitable results, while the enemy planets give negative results. You will move forward in every domain of life. Venus’s transit in your first house will improve your personality and personal relations. The time will give favorable results if you are in a partnership business.

Effect of Venus transit in the 2nd house

The transit of Venus into your second house of the kundli will increase your desires. This period is when people will spend on comforts, hobbies, luxuries, and other long-due wishes. There will be an attraction toward the opposite sex. You will wish to share your emotions and opinions with other people. Even introverted guys may get out of their shells to experience love due to the presence of the strong Venus in their second house. As the second house is a finance house, there is a strong possibility of earning profits in business during this transit. The period will bring success and charisma in life. Hence, take advantage of every big opportunity to improve your career during this period.

Effect of Venus transit in the 3rd house

Effect of Venus transit in the 4th house

The transit of Venus in the fourth house of the horoscope leads to increased responsibilities, passion, and finances. During Venus’s stay in the 4th house, you will become famous and get respect in society. Also, increased responsibilities will bring you confidence and honor, especially in the workplace. Your relationships with loved ones like family, partners, and friends will strengthen. You will become more active, and your health will improve. You will enjoy a good period with your loved ones, especially your loving partner. This time will boost the warmth and energy in your relationship. Also, your lifestyle will change, and you will meet new people during this transit period.

Effect of Venus transit in the 5th house/b>

The transit of Venus in the fifth house has a direct impact on your personality. You will become more confident and will have the urge to interact with the opposite gender. When Venus is in the fifth house, there are chances of making money through the share market and betting. We advise you to invest in some new projects during this time. However, take an expert’s advice if you need more investment knowledge. You will get respect from your friends and family during this time. They will give you respect leading to your increased status. On the downside, you need to remain focused as chances of diversion are there.

Effect of Venus transit in the 6th house

Venus in the sixth house doesn’t give favorable results in transit. There is an increase in your opponents and health issues. There may be frustration or arguments with your life partner. During this point, the native has to get humiliated or experience shame. There can be emotional discomfort and turmoil inside you. It is advisable to avoid long-distance travel as there are chances of accidents. This is not a good time regarding many aspects of life. You may be undergoing several challenges and a lot of difficulties in your attempt. Your opponents will create problems for you, and there are chances of arguments with your spouse or business partner.

Effect of Venus transit in the 7th house

Venus’s transit in 2023 in the seventh house may create problems due to women in the native’s life. It is advisable to avoid women-related legal disputes and keep a sweet relationship with your wife. Further, for females, this period will bring health issues. There may be physical discomfort during this time for your wife. You may face losses due to women or wives for this period. You can also realize that you have some wicked friends who want to harm you. During this distinctive period, unnecessary involvement with women may cause despair. According to probability, you could even make new rivals due to a controversy over a female.

Effect of Venus transit in the 8th house

When Venus transits through your eighth house, there’s a possibility that social contact will grant you an incredible commercial opportunity. There are chances of ill fame or disrespect waiting for you. You may wish to get sexually engaged secretively. You may have to meet social obligations related to your business. You may have inclinations towards the occult, art, beauty, society, or love during this time. You need to remain conscious about your health as some problems in your private parts may give you stress. There are chances of extramarital affairs as well. We advise you to drive carefully and have sweet relations with your wife.

Effect of Venus transit in the 9th house

Venus in your ninth house gives inclinations toward foreign culture and long travels. You can explore other cultures through reading or traveling. There will be an increased interest in religious activities and charity work. You will spend on enhancing your skills and investing in hobbies. You may travel short distances, and your relationships with your siblings will be excellent. There are chances of falling in love with any of your friends. Venus will make you somewhat lazy, and you may not wish to work hard during this time.

Effect of Venus transit in the 10th house

Venus in the twelfth house may develop some love relations at your workplace. Venus loses directional strength here and thus only gives a few favorable results. Depending upon the favorable signs, the native will attract the praise and support of your seniors. You will co-operate with others and might get indulged in some social work. Venus in the tenth house will bring the guidance of some female, making you gain with her help. Venus may give challenges if placed in enemy sign. Some people may feel highly of themselves and wish to grab attention. You may buy a vehicle or spend on the renovation of your house.

Venus transit in the 11th house

Venus in the eleventh house gives excellent results. Your interactions become quite pleasant, and people tend to get attracted to you. There can be many friends, especially females bringing financial gains to you. You will show kind behavior with others and will get recognition for your skills at work. You may find interests in music, art, entertainment, or business also.

Effect of Venus transit in the 12th house

As Venus arrives in your twelfth house, you will start enjoying life. There will be a boost in your personality and creativity. You may possess a great sense of beauty and a classy appearance. Your intuitive capabilities will enhance, and you will show compassion for others. There will be excessive expenses and travel. You will wish to enjoy life with Venus in the twelfth house. Your secret opponents may appear to harm you. Secret relationships might have an impact if Venus is in an unfavorable sign.