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‘Marriage Line’ on Your Palm Decide the Marriage Aspect of Your Life!

By: Future Point | 20-May-2020
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‘Marriage Line’ on Your Palm Decide the Marriage Aspect of Your Life!

People are always curious to know about the kind of marriage that they will have (Love or Arranged) and the state of their marital life thereafter.

You can easily know what fate has in store for you as far as the marital aspect of your life is concerned. This can be done by getting the lines on your palm that represent both marriage as well as life after marriage with your spouse, carefully analyzed by an expert Palm Reader.

While there are many palm reading practices that are prevalent these days, the science of Palmistry revealed by the Ancient Sages of India is the only reliable palm reading technique that continues to provide highly accurate predictions.

Knowing about Marriage & Married Life Through Palmistry 

The Marriage line on the palm of an individual holds all the information about the event of marriage in one’s life and the quality of married life that the person is expected to have post his/her marriage.

Some people have a single Marriage line whereas others have more than one marriage line present on their palms. If someone has two Marriage lines present on the palm with one of them dark and the other light but extends all over the ‘Mercury Mount’, then the native is expected to marry twice in life.

In cases where there are more than one Marriage line with none of them ‘clearly’ running over the Mercury Mount, only that line is considered to actually result in marriage which is dark. Other lines merely point towards separation & breakups in relationships and the native marries only once in life.

Palmistry also decodes the innermost nature of one’s spouse and therefore helps a person to know his/her spouse better. This way post marriage, a couple can easily have absolute trust & understanding between them and have a blissful married life ahead.

Where is the Marriage Line present on the Palm?

The line that is present below the Little Finger and above the Heart line over or near the Mercury Mount is known as the Marriage line.

There can be upto four Marriage lines on a palm but only one of such lines is dark ,clear and the most lengthy of all and that line is the one that actually holds accurate information related to one’s marriage.

If the Marriage line is on the upwards of the base point of the Heart line, then the marriage of the native happens for sure in his/her life.

However, if the Marriage line is running below the base point of the Heart line, then the native more often than not remains unmarried throughout life.

Other Indicators to Evaluate Marital Bliss

In order to evaluate the level of marital bliss that a person would have post marriage, the states of the Moon, Saturn, Mars, Jupiter and Venus mounts are also deciphered in great details before making marriage related predictions about that person.

Rather than analyzing only the Marriage line, an experienced Palm Reader also takes into account many other lines that are facilitator lines to the Marriage line at large.

Thus, a complete holistic approach is followed while decoding the marital aspect of a native so that the end result in the form of predictions must be accurate.

Love Marriage and Relationships

If there is more than one Marriage line on a person’s palm then it indicates the possibility of having a physical relationship before marriage and or leading up to a love marriage.

If the Marriage line is very close to the heart line, then the native gets into a physical relationship before the age of 20. Whereas, if the Marriage line is between the Heart line and the little finger, then the native gets into a physical relationship between the age of 20 to 30 and not necessarily before marriage, rather post marriage with his/her spouse.

Appearance of the Marriage Line and Its Meaning

  • It is seen that if the Marriage line is small & light on the palm of a person, then that person is more often than bad at love relationships.
  • A weak Marriage line indicates short term relationships with frequent breakups.
  • A broad Marriage line on the palm signifies a lack of interest towards marriage in life.
  • If a person has a mark of a “cross” on the Marriage line, then this is not a good indication for his/her spouse as it at times even results in the untimely death of the spouse.
  • Marriage line getting divided into multiple sections at the end is a signal of a sad married life.
  • Bifurcation at the end of the Marriage lines signifies bickering and quarrels between the couple after their marriage.
  • A complicated marking or symbol on the Marriage line means that the spouse of the person is likely to suffer from health related problems.
  • If the Marriage line forms an island and turns downwards on the palm of a person, then it shows that the life partner of that person might have an accident or suffer from a life threatening ailment.
  • If there is a mole on the very beginning of the Marriage line, then it means that the person will not have a harmonious relationship with his/her spouse.
  • A long and dark Marriage line indicates that the person will respect his/her spouse and will have a blissful & loving married life.
  • A distorted Marriage line points out towards loneliness in the marriage.

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Marriage Line and Other Lines on the Palm

  • Any other line intersecting the Marriage line on the palm is an indicator of a troubled married life.
  • If a thin line starts from the Marriage line and goes till the Heart line, then this means that the person will enjoy a loving relationship with his/her spouse throughout life.
  • A Marriage line on the palm of a native that is heavily tilted towards the little finger indicates that the native’s spouse will die before the native.
  • Marriage line going piercing through the heart line points out towards a divorce.
  • A person that has a Marriage line below the Heart line on his/her palm, often remains unmarried.
  • If the Fortune line is slanted and the Marriage line is bent towards the upside, then the person does not want to marry in life.
  • Marriage line touching the brain line signifies domestic violence.
  • If the Marriage line cuts the Age line or the Marriage line, the Fortune line and the Brain line all meet at a point, then the native goes through a lot of disturbances in his/her married life and experiences a disharmonious relationship with his/her life partner.
  • If the Marriage line touches the Sun line and flows downwards, then this indicates a marriage match that is not suitable to attract love & bliss post marriage.
  • A line coming from or through the Mars line and touching the Marriage line points out towards mistrust between the person and his/her life partner.

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Mounts and the Marriage Line

  • If the Marriage line gets divided into multiple sub lines over the Mercury Mount, then it leads to the breaking up of engagement.
  • A person having a line coming from the Moon Mount and meeting the Marriage line on his/her palm is considered to be a person who has strong sexual desires.
  • A line emanating from the Venus Mount and touching the Marriage line indicates that the person will enjoy a loving and happy married life.
  • If the Marriage line moves towards the Sun Mount, then this is indicative of the person having a love affair with an affluent woman.
  • A line originating from the Marriage line and touching the Venus Mount on the palm means that the person will not have a trustworthy relationship with his/her spouse.

So these were the very basic and in-general pointers with respect to the marital aspect of one’s line based on the principles of Palmistry. 

However, there are a lot of permutations & combinations pertaining to different types of lines, mounts and other formations on the palm of a person that must be deeply analyzed & studied in order to make highly accurate and useful predictions for various aspects of that person’s life and not just marriage.

Therefore, we urge you to consult with the highly experienced Palmistry expert of Future Point in order to know what fate holds for you because once the root cause of a problem is known after the analysis of your palm, highly powerful remedial measures that are specific to the problem that your facing, can be suggested to you which if timely adopted can actually turn the wheel of fortune in your favour!

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