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How Vedic Astrology can solve the problem of Delay in Marriages?

By: Future Point | 30-Mar-2020
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How Vedic Astrology can solve the problem of Delay in Marriages?

Of the many aspects of a person’s life, marriage is the one that arguably holds the most significance. We are not saying that other aspects such as education, career etc. are not significant, but it is perfectly justified to put marriage above all as far as the magnitude of impact that it casts on a person’s life is concerned, in comparison to other aspects of life.

Marriage is an institution that provides humanity, the social recognition for family extension in a way that keeps the social structure well dignified.

Marriage introduces a person to a whole new set of responsibilities and brings certain changes in the psyche of the person that lays the very fundamentals of the family structure as we know it. It is marriage that inculcates a strong sense of duty towards family in people and directs them towards a very inclusive approach to the well being of all members of the family rather than just thinking about their own personal ambitions.

Also, let us not forget the privilege of welcoming a fresh lease of life into this world that couples get post their marriage. So all-in-all, marriage holds a very special & essential place in our lives!

However, there are many in this world for whom getting married and extending their family tree, seems to be a far fetched dream. Getting a life-partner on time and more importantly getting the right life-partner that would bring an essence of love in life that one has never experienced before, is not something that is guaranteed in life.

So is there any solution to problems related to marriage, both before & after?

The answer is- Absolutely!

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Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology is a solution to problems not only related to marriage but all other aspects of one’s life as well. This time-tested sacred science is known to have immense potential when it comes to bringing relief from problems in a person’s life.

Vedic Astrology provides incredibly powerful remedies that if adopted timely and under the guidance of an experienced astrologer, can very well change the very course of a person’s destiny!

How does Vedic Astrology address problems?

Well, we all carry a karmic baggage with us that holds both positive as well as negative karmas that we accumulated in our past lives and continue to do so even in this current life and the lives to follow as well, because a human cannot stop performing karmas. Such is the nature of the karmic cycle.

The planets as per the cosmic law are entrusted with providing us the results of those karmas and as per the type of karmas that are allocated to the planets, they at specific times in our lives, provide us the results of those karmas.

The planets that unfold the results of our negative karmas, bring troubles & obstacles in our lives and the planets that unfold the results of our positive karmas, bring success, wealth & prosperity in our lives.

Vedic Astrology empowers an astrologer to analyze the horoscope of a native which is a cosmic blueprint that reveals what type of results each planet is poised to provide the native at specific times in the native’s life.

This way, the planets that are positioned in a native’s horoscope to provide negative results (or astrologically speaking- ill placed) are identified by an astrologer and the astrologer then suggests remedial measures to the native that are aimed to pacify or calm down those troubling planets.

Therefore, the problems that are signified by certain ill placed planets in an individual’s horoscope can be negated or minimized very easily by adopting the divine wisdom of Vedic Astrology.

Furthermore, the remedies that are prescribed by an astrologer as per the principles of Vedic Astrology, also strengthens the planets that are well placed in an individual’s horoscope, thereby resulting in an increase in the positive results that are signified by those well positioned planets!

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Marriage in Vedic Astrology

To make an accurate marriage prediction, an astrologer carefully analyzes the horoscope of a person on the grounds of the rules laid down by Vedic Astrology pertaining to the aspect of marriage in one’s life.

Following are the houses whose results, if provided by planet/s in operation at a suitable time in the life of a person, would result in that person’s marriage:

2nd House

This house signifies “Family” and hence plays a major role in a person’s marriage for obvious reasons.

5th House

This house signifies “Love and Children”. It has to be strongly signified by planet/s in operation at the suitable time especially in case the native is planning a love marriage and in all cases at a time when the couple are expecting their child, post their marriage.

7th House

This is the prime house of “Marriage, Life-Partner and Social Acceptance”. It is the most crucial house when it comes to assessing marriage in an individual’s life.

9th House

It is a facilitator house in the event of one’s marriage.

11th House

This house signifies “Gains and Realization of One’s Desires”. For the marriage to happen successfully without hurdles right from the initial stages, it is vital that the native must get the support of the 11th house.

It must be noted that a specific house combination must be signified by a planet at the time of its operation as per the Vimshottari Dasha, for the successful fructification of an event in a person’s life. In case of marriage, a planet must give the results of the above mentioned houses.

However, it is very common that planets do not give the results of all the houses that make an event happen and they only give results of “some” of those houses. This situation creates hurdles in the fructification of that event in life.

Further if the planet/s in operation do not give results of the houses that promote a particular event “at all” or rather give the results of more such houses that negate that particular event, then it becomes very difficult for that event to happen in life.

In case of a delay in marriage in a person’s life, it is seen that the planet/s in operation as per his/her Vimshottari Dasha, are not giving the desired/favorable house results.

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This is where remedies come into picture.

In order to make something happen that is not signified by the planet/s in operation, an astrologer after performing an in-depth analysis of a person’s horoscope, suggests the remedies that are “specific” to the problem being faced and “relevant” to the planetary state in that person’s horoscope.

This simply leads to infusing the results of the houses that are needed for any event to happen, into the planet/s that are currently in operation in the life of that person to make sure that the desired event successfully takes place!

Also, at the same time, these remedies pacify the planet/s in operation as well to remove the hurdles on the path to the desired event.

Once the problem of delay in marriage is solved and the native starts getting marriage proposals, the next and utmost important process of “Marriage Horoscope Matching” begins.

In this process multiple astrological permutations & combinations are applied to ascertain that whether the planets as per the individual horoscopes of the boy & girl are signifying a blissful & successful marriage or there would be constant bickering, mistrust and bitterness among them, post their marriage.

This helps in making invaluable and highly informed decisions well in advance, to avoid getting into a match that is not supported by the planets when it comes to having a successful marital union!

So for all those who are wondering about when will i get married astrology by date of birth and other birth details can analyze their horoscopes and reveal what the planets have in store for them along with suggesting incredibly powerful remedies that can change the course of their lives for good!

People who are looking for an astrological solution for love marriage problems, should consult with our highly experienced astrologers and make love, bliss & harmony, an integral part of their lives!

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